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Feedback Q&A on Algebra

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 66 comments and questions on Algebra issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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General Graphing an equation Zambia
General Significant figures Zambia
Purpose Would like more tests for grade 12 South Africa
General Algebra Topics How can I be very good in algebra? Nigeria
General Am I too old to learn Algebra? USA
General Solve this problem Ghana
General Spending money problem Ghana
General Solve problem Ghana
General Need help to understand basic Algebra USA
Terminology Why are letters used in algebra? USA

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Graphing an equation

Topic: General


September 13, 2011

Thanx for u have been gvin me.
I have a question again.
Draw the graph of
h(x) = 2x + 2/x + 2
for the domain
-1 < x< 3.
By drawing the appropriate straight line on the graph,obtain a solution of the eguation
State the domain of h(interse)(x).
Draw the graph of h(inverse)(x) on the same axis as for h(inverse)(x)

Collins - Zambia



You can call h(x) the y (vertical) axis of a graph. Substitute values in for x and y:

When x = 1, y or H(x) = 2 + 2 + 2 = 6
When x = 2, y = 4 + 1 + 2 = 7
When x = 1/2, y = 1 + 4 + 2 = 7

Continue for several more points and then draw the graph. Note that x cannot equal zero.

For the inverse curve: the inverse of x = 1 is 1. The inverse of x = 2 is 1/2. the inverse of x = 1/2 is 2, and so on.

See Algebra

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Significant figures

Topic: General


September 6, 2011

Estimate the following to 1 significant figure, 249.526 x 0.040357 and 34123/79.7

Collins - Zambia



There are several definitions of significant figures. I am not sure which one your teacher is referring to, but here is one way to do it:

If you round off 249.526 to 250 and 0.040357 to 0.04, then the answer would be 10.

Round 34123 to 30000 and 79.7 to 80, and the answer is 30000/80 = 375, rounded to 400.

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Would like more tests for grade 12

Topic: Purpose


August 16, 2011

i really enjoy this test on algebra n i thank school of champions is doing just fine, i'm really glad ur bringing a difference in my life n plz test me with grade 12 exercises my subjects (mathematics, physical sciences, life sciences, geography, english, life orientation). God be wth the school of champions.

Chenepe letlhogonolo - South Africa



I am glad you have found the material useful to you. We need more champions in the world.

You can check our Graded Tests in some of the subjects mentioned. We plan to add many more tests in the future.

Best wishes for success in your studies.

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How can I be very good in algebra?

Topic: General Algebra Topics


July 17, 2011

How can be very good in algebraic in maths and instructions to be good in maths.

Pires - Nigeria



You can use our Algebra lessons to give you a start on the subject. We plan to add more lessons soon.

See: Purpose of Algebra is Solving Equations as a place to start.

Best wishes in learning and understanding Algebra.

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Am I too old to learn Algebra?

Topic: General


March 29, 2011

I read what I guess would be referred to as your "mission statement" on the home page. I am an older person that was taught Algebra in grade school for one year. Got A+ in the class all that year. Our curriculum switched me out into another math to me that was totally unrelated. I saw Algebra again in the 10th grade and tried to take the course. I could not understand it and the teacher I had was burned out at 30 something and could only resite the book which I did not understand. I had to get out of the class. I again came across Algebra in my 1st year of college. For 4 months I spent maybe 4 hours a night doing 20 pages of a lesson. Needless to say I gave up as stupid as one is at 18. But I loved Algebra and have never stop thinking about it. How can I get back to actually learning Algebra and enroll for a complete course so that I could one day go onto Algebra II and Calculus and so on. They say you are never to old to learn and I would like to better my life and get into a job I really love. I haven't said how old I am but does age really have to a factor in bettering one's self?




Unfortunately, some math subjects can be taught in such a way to turn students off from the subject. If you are interested and enjoy subjects, such as Algebra, don't get discouraged because of poor instruction or overbearing textbooks.

You can go through our lessons to give you the basics of Algebra. It might be good to look at something like Algebra for Dummies as a starter.

You are never too old to learn. In fact, mature students often do better, because they have greater desire and interest than the young students.

Best wishes on delving into Algebra, Calculus and other subjects of interest.

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Solve this problem

Topic: General


March 25, 2011






I'm sorry, but we do not solve homework problems.

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Spending money problem

Topic: General


March 16, 2011

A Girl spent 3/5 of her pocket money and was left with 1,800. How much must be her pocket money.




Look in our section on Algebra to learn how to do such problems.

She was left with 1 - 3/5 = 2/5 of her money.
If M is her original money, then 2/5 x M = 1800
Her pocket money was 4500.

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Solve problem

Topic: General


February 18, 2011

SOLVE: 3X^3+2X-10=0




Sorry, there is no easy solution for that problem. It is beyond our scope.

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Need help to understand basic Algebra

Topic: General


February 10, 2011

I am 65 years old and i need some help on understanding the basic algebra easy things to remember since i have never taken algebra before. I am going to college and i have to have this course. i hope you can help an old lady.

linda - USA



Feel free to go through our Algebra lessons. They will give you a good background to help you understand the subject. Also, look at some of our resources. Some include practice exercises.

Algebra can be complex, so try to be methodical and do one step at a time. It is better to write down each step instead of trying to do things in your head, as some teachers demonstrate.

Best wishes doing well in school.

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Why are letters used in algebra?

Topic: Terminology


January 21, 2011

I still say that no letters or something is not valid in Algebra. All it does is confuse you.It is not easier.So,do letters take place of numbers? How do you add and subtract letters. Why put more letters in Algebra? Leave 1+1=2 alone. Do this need letters? To much figuring.




A letter in an Algebra expression or equation represents something that does not have a number assigned to it yet. It is an unknown quantity. You could use the name of something instead of a letter. For example: 3 apples + 5 apples = ?? But it is easier to write this as 3a + 5a + ?? Then the equation will also work if a = bananas or something else.

You do not have to use letters. You can use symbols, such as a smiley face if you want, as long as you are consistent. However, the teachers may not like using a smiley face.

I hope that helps.

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Hopefully, this reader feedback has helped provide information about Algebra issues.

Always do your best

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