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Feedback Q&A on Animal Health

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 364 comments and questions on Animal Health issues. They are listed according to date.

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Giving Your Dog Aspirin What is best for dog pain? USA
Giving Your Dog Aspirin Is a tablespoon of organic coconut oil sufficient? USA
General What kind of aspirin for my dog? USA
Giving Your Dog Aspirin Giving Benadry; and aspirin to dog Canada
General Where do fish behind a dam come from? South Africa
Resources Resource on Animal Health USA
Giving Your Dog Aspirin Minature shanauze has strained muscle USA
Giving Your Dog Aspirin How long should I give my dog aspirins? USA
Giving dog aspirin Dog has arthritis but Rimadyl made her sick USA
Animal Ages Taking older dog on airplane USA

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What is best for dog pain?

Topic: Giving Your Dog Aspirin


December 2, 2014

Wat is the best for dog pain I muscle ?

Edgar - USA



In many cases of muscle strain in a dog, it is better to let it rest, as opposed to giving pain relief. Otherwise the dog may strain the muscle even more.

However, if you dog is crying when trying to walk, you can give baby aspirin with food to see if it helps. Also, it is good to check with a vet to make sure the problem is not serious.

Best wishes for good health for your dog.

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Is a tablespoon of organic coconut oil sufficient?

Topic: Giving Your Dog Aspirin


May 20, 2014

Is there a preferred am't of food that protects the dog's stomach from irritation from aspirin? I like to give my dog her aspirin in a tablespoon of organic coconut oil, supposedly coats the stomach and actually kills H. Pylori. Is the coconut oil enough to coat the stomach?

Thanks for any help

Barb - USA



Why not give the aspirin with your dog's meal? If you give aspirin more than once a day, give it with a dog biscuit or two. I don't think the tablespoon is enough.

Also, note that it is preferable to give aspiring only on occasion when your dog is showing discomfort.

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What kind of aspirin for my dog?

Topic: General


May 17, 2014

What kind of aspirin can I get for my dog for his arthritis.he is arott and masstiff mix and weighs 110 lbs

brenda - USA



Plain aspirin that is not coated can be used. For a large dog, you can used regular sized aspirin of 320 mg.

Note that you should always give aspirin with food. And it should not be given in a regular basis. It is best to save it for days of extreme discomfort.

See Giving Your Dog Aspirin for more information.

Note that trimming down the weight of your dog will help relief on joint pain.

Best wishes or a healthy and happy dog.

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Giving Benadry; and aspirin to dog

Topic: Giving Your Dog Aspirin


April 26, 2014

I m giving Benadryl to my pitbull for ichy skin, her weight is 80 lbs. since she has problem walking, cud I give her an aspirin a day?

anna - Canada



I've tried Benadryl to relieve my dog's itching, but it didn't seem to do much. Oatmeal-based dog shampoo is supposed to give relief.

I wouldn't give both Benadryl and aspirin to your dog. There may be a reaction to the combination.

Either medicine should be used when really needed. Giving aspirin every day can cause stomach problems after a while.

Feeding your dog less could help with the walking problems. Extra weight can affect the joints.

Best wishes for good health for your dog.

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Where do fish behind a dam come from?

Topic: General


April 21, 2014

Where is the fish came from couse we found fish even in dams?

Zwelihle - South Africa



Over the years fish swim upstream in a river to find places to eat and breed. Most will stay in a good area. Some fish--like salmon--go upstream to breed and then go back down to where they came from.

Once a dam is built, the fish that are upstream stay there, because they had found a good area. Fish that need to go downstream may die if stopped by a dam.

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Resource on Animal Health

Topic: Resources


January 27, 2014

Hi there,
Just wanted to let you know about another great pet health resource that isn’t on your resources list. It’s a website that has tons of pet health information and tips. Here’s the link if you want to check it out: Hope you find this helpful!

Paige - USA



Thanks for the resource. I added the link to several Animal Health pages.

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Minature shanauze has strained muscle

Topic: Giving Your Dog Aspirin


January 20, 2014

Hello ! i own a minature shanauzer 10 1/2 lbs . she has always been very healthy she is 5 yrs old, and yesterday i notice she is having trouble getting up or jumping to the couch. seems like she has a strain muscle on the back, how she got it i don't know only she is always been very active and today all she do is lay down. what can i give her ? thank you I was told to give her aspirin 325 mg coated but i am thinking thats alot of aspirin pls help.

Juany - USA



I'm sorry to hear that you dog is not feeling well. If it is s strained muscle, rest is probably the best for a few days. Giving aspirin may not be necessary.

Coated aspirins are not recommended for dogs. Also, if you are going to give an aspirin, 325 mg is way too much. You could give 1/2 baby aspirin (40 mg) every 12 hours for a dog of her size. Be sure to give the aspirin with food.

I hope your dog gets better soon.

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How long should I give my dog aspirins?

Topic: Giving Your Dog Aspirin


December 24, 2013

Hi. dog has back problems, inflamed disc vet says. I tried him on low dose coated aspirins and large improvement overnight. With no side effects. how long may i continue with this treatment?? 22 lb ,7 year old


patrick - USA



I'm glad the aspirins improved you dog's condition. You need to make sure you give the aspirins with food. Also, coated aspirins are not the best for a dog. Plain baby aspirins would be better.

Your vet should be able to give an idea of how long to give the aspirins until the inflammation heals. Giving aspirins over a period of time can create the rick of stomach bleeding.

Best wishes on the recovery of your dog.

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Dog has arthritis but Rimadyl made her sick

Topic: Giving dog aspirin


October 5, 2013

I was researching giving my lab aspirin for her arthritis and lucked up and found your website with a lot of good information. She is almost 12yo and the arthritis has really gotten painful for her lately. I cannot afford to take her to the vet is why I was researching aspirin. I will try this and by the way she is approx. 95lbs. A comment about the Rimadyl. Approx. 3yrs ago my lab had HUGE bladder stones (two of them) and had to have them surgically removed. She was given Rimadyl, we gave them to her as prescribed and she threw up, big time. I still have the remainder and thought of trying them, but will not after reviewing this information. Thank you for your article.

Fran - USA



I'm sorry to hear that your dog has painful arthritis. Certainly, if she had a bad reaction from Rimadyl, you shouldn't use it any more.

On bad days, aspirin should help her, as long as it is given with food. Also, reducing her weight could help stress on her joints.

Best wishes on keeping your dog healthy and minimizing her pain.

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Taking older dog on airplane

Topic: Animal Ages


June 16, 2013

Hi! Good Evening! Im having a difficult time deciding how smart is to fly my 11 year old pound puppy! I saved her from the pound 9 years ago and now I am relocating from Puerto Rico to DC. She is a little fat, she has arthritis, she broke her knee 3 years ago even though I never operated she started walking and running almost normally about a year latter. Sometimes she limped a little, but not much, I think she feels that I have to leave and is upset, but she is walking with lots of difficulty. Im researching flying dogs and its a horrible idea! I dont know what to do! My dog doesnt even like it to ride in the car. I have nobody in my family to take her in! I only have at the most 4 hours to prepare her to fly what do I d o. I think she will be needing heavily sedation to be able to stay for up to 4 hours in a moving plain in a cage! Please Im desperate, need to know what to do! She is my old baby and dont want to leave her with strangers that don't know she likes to sleep in the bed. thanks again, Bea

Beatriz - USA



I am sure you would rather bring your dog with you to your new home than to give her up to others. A four hour flight can be distressing on an older dog, but as long as her health is not affected, she probably will be OK. A big concern is making sure she does not get overheated in the cargo area during the flight.

A good list of things to consider is at: How to Fly a Dog Safely in an Airplane's Cargo Section.

For a small dog, Traveling with Your Dog by Airplane gives ideas about using a carrier to take the dog on board.

Also see: How to Travel With My Dog on an Airplane.

I hope this helps you make plans for taking your dog. Best wishes to you in your new location and to your dog's health.

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