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Feedback Q&A on Animal Health

by Ron Kurtus

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Boarding Older Pet Leaving my 14-year-old dog in a kennel USA
Giving Your Dog Aspirin Can I give my dog Advil or Motrin? USA
Giving Your Dog Aspirin How much aspirin for a 23 lb dog? Canada
Giving Your Dog Aspirin Should not give coated aspirin to dog USA
Animal Ages May have been duped in buying a puppy USA
Giving Your Dog Aspirin Dachshund twisted her back and in pain USA
Giving Your Dog Aspirin My dog is in pain on some days USA
Giving Your Dog Aspirin My dog Crissy has an ear infecton USA
Giving Your Dog Aspirin Old dog hurt her leg and we can't afford a vet USA
Giving Your Dog Aspirin Can I give my Boston Terrier a baby aspirin? USA

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Leaving my 14-year-old dog in a kennel

Topic: Boarding Older Pet


June 7, 2010

I am having a hard time leaving my 14 year old yorkie at a kennel
this Friday. Everything I have read is that she will have a hard time
and may get sick from the stress. I have talked to the kennel and they have assured me they will take care of her but I stil don't know what to do. We really don't have any other option except to leave her
here and hope my 85 year old mother in law will do. My dog also doesn't hold it very long so there will be a mess to clean when I get
home. Any suggestins?

Linda - USA



Yes, it is stressful for a dog to be in a kennel, especially an older one. On the other hand, an older dog will usually sleep most of the time. It is good to bring some familiar items, like toy and bedding.

A good kennel should take care of your dog. Often they have a feature where they exercise the dog each day. If your dog need special care, they can keep an eye on her.

However, it is important to make sure it is a good kennel. It is good to talk to others who have used the kennel.

Also, give them an emergency number so they can get hold of you in case of any problem or emergency.

Best wishes on your dog doing OK in the kennel.

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Can I give my dog Advil or Motrin?

Topic: Giving Your Dog Aspirin


June 5, 2010

My 15lb 14year old dog has arthritis in his hind legs. Can I give him Advil or Motrin?




You should not give your dog Advil or Motrin, because either one could be harmful to him. In fact, with such a small dog, you even need to be careful giving aspirin, to make sure you don't give too much for his body weight.

It is best to only give aspirin on bad days when he is having a lot of trouble. And then make sure it is given with food. Once he starts walking a little bit probably will limber up and not have as much discomfort.

It is tough being an old. Best wishes on the good health of your dog.

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How much aspirin for a 23 lb dog?

Topic: Giving Your Dog Aspirin


April 16, 2010

My 23lb hound dog appears to have a tooth ache in his front tooth and I can't get a vet app. until next Thurs . The vet said to give him 1 325mg aspirin twice a day but all I could get was the 81 mg aspirin that seniors take everyday for heart health , should I still give him 1 or 2 every 12 hours . Thank You

Louanne - Canada



Our chart shows it is safe to give a 23 lb dog about 160 mg aspirin every 12 hours with food. You should start small with one 81 mg aspirin to see how effective it is. If the dog is still in pain, give another and two the next time. 325 mg may be too much for a small dog.

If the tooth is just sensitive and you dog is not in real pain, you can just hold off with the aspirin all together.

Best wishes on getting your dog better.

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Should not give coated aspirin to dog

Topic: Giving Your Dog Aspirin


April 4, 2010

It is my understanding only buffered (not coated) aspirin should be given to canine. ?

Ed - USA



You can give buffered or regular aspirin to a dog but not a coated one. Aspirin should always be given with food. Use the chart according to the weight of your dog.

It is preferred not to give aspirin for temporary relief until you check with your vet.

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May have been duped in buying a puppy

Topic: Animal Ages


April 1, 2010

I purchased a dog registered w/American Canine Assoc. as a french bull dog. The puppy was born in OK and I got her from a kennel in NY. I live in Fl. I paid 2200.00 for her and not one person I tell she is a french bull dog believes me they say she's really a Boston. She is mostly black with some white, large stand up ears and slight brindle on her back. One trainer said her conformation, long straight legs is that of a boston. She is mine for life but I feel duped if she is in fact a boston. What should I do???? Many thanks,

Carole - USA



Unfortunately, the American Canine Association does not have a good reputation for qualifying the breed of dogs it registers. They have been know to register a mixed-breed dog as pure-bred. The AKC is the reliable agency.

Compare the look of the French Bulldog with the Boston Terrier at:

It is possible that your dog is a mix.

In any case, the big thing is that you love your dog and that it is healthy. Unless you want to show your dog, being a purebred french bulldog or a Boston terrier or a mixed-breed doesn't matter. In fact, a mixed breed is usually less prone to the ailments of a purebred.

However, I think it is worthwhile to complain to the American Canine Association, as well as to the breeder or person you bought the dog from. Ask them, "What is going on?"

You hate to pay more than you should, as well not to get what you paid for. But as long as you have a good pet, she may be worth even more to you.

Best wishes in enjoying your dog.

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Dachshund twisted her back and in pain

Topic: Giving Your Dog Aspirin


February 14, 2010

I have a dachund. She is 8 years old and somehow twisted her back when I was at work. Although shes not crying. She moves really slowly going up and down her doggie steps to the couch and bed. I can tell shes in pain but I dont know what is safe to give her. She has no other medical problems other than being overweight (19 lbs). Can I giver her a quarter section of a baby asprin? It breaks my heart to see her in pain. Please help my lil Boo Boo Baby "Molly"! Thank You!!!

Annie - USA



You could give her a small amount of aspirin with your meal to relieve the pain and prevent inflammation. If it is just a sprain, she should get back to normal soon.

However, it is a good idea to cut back the food and treats so that she will lose some weight. Being overweight can put strain on her back and hip joints, ultimately causing pain or arthritis.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery and the good health of your dog.

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My dog is in pain on some days

Topic: Giving Your Dog Aspirin


January 12, 2010

Thank you for your help, I have a chesapeek bay retr-austrailian blue heeler mix, she is about 12 and I can see the pain on some days.

mrsz - USA



Just like an old person, older dogs get their aches and pains. Often it will be on a cold, damp day, although sometimes it just happens.

The best treatment is mild exercise every day. A slow walk can do wonders for an older dog to loosen up the joints. Sometimes the dogs acts stiff, but after a few steps the joints will warm up and the walking is easier.

If your dog is in such pain that she cries on movement, then you can give aspirin along with food to help relieve her pain. Your vet can prescribe a better pain relief.

Best wishes with the health of your dog.

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My dog Crissy has an ear infecton

Topic: Giving Your Dog Aspirin


December 24, 2009

It's Christmas eve and my dog Crissy (44 lbs.)has another ear infecton, we have mix # 5 the vet gave her before. Can't reach any vet. She is shaking her head and in pain. What can I do!

Elaine - USA



Check her ear to make sure there isn't anything stuck in there. You can carefully try to clean out the gunk in her ear with warm water and a cue tip.

She probably is not in pain as much as having her inner ear irritated. Some aspirin may help any real pain, but getting her to your vet is the best route. the vet can look into the ear to see the source of the problem.

Best wishes in a speedy recover for Crissy.

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Old dog hurt her leg and we can't afford a vet

Topic: Giving Your Dog Aspirin


December 22, 2009

My about 20lb poodle mix is 10 yrs old. In the past she has had problems with hair balls (a large one was surgically removed from her stomach about 4 years ago) and also with bladder stones (which is how they found the gigantic hair ball). She is currently on a strict diet because of her bladder stones. She is only allowed to eat a few types of dog food and no dog treats at all. The brand she has been eating for the last few years is beneful. About 2 days ago she fell into a heating vent on the floor in my son's bedroom and ever since has been limping. At first she seemed to be getting better and walking around more without limping so much and I thought she was getting better but tonight my husband heard her crying and thought maybe she fell into the vent hole again. He put put a screen on it so it wont happen again but when i got home from work tonight she didn't even come to greet me. She wouldn't even go out to pee. Now with a 3 year old son I absolutely can't afford another vet trip. Her surgery was $600 the first time and I don't know what to do. Is it okay to give her aspirin until I find out if she really needs to go to the vet? If her leg is broken I'll find some way to pay for her vet but I'd like to keep her out of pain until then and I don't know if aspirin is okay to give her with her past stomach problems? When I call the vet they just say to take her in but my husband isn't employed right now and we can't afford to do that. Please help! If it's serious we'll find a way but I just want to see if it gets better in the next day or two without her being in pain.

Jennifer - USA



I'm sorry to hear that your dog is having such problems. Hopefully, after several days, she has gotten better.

The main caution about giving aspirin is that it can cause stomach bleeding if given without food. However, with her various stomach problems, I would really hesitate about giving her aspirin.

Going to the vet can be expensive. You might try explaining that you are having financial difficulties right now, so you want to keep the cost to a minimum. Some vets will try to help with that.

Your dog is equivalent to a 70-year-old person who has a number of health issues. Of course she doesn't need a sprained leg to add to her woes. (Hopefully, it is not more severe than that.)

I hope your dog is able to recover on her own and that it is nothing more than a sprain. Best wishes on her good health.

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Can I give my Boston Terrier a baby aspirin?

Topic: Giving Your Dog Aspirin


December 13, 2009

I have a Boston Terrier, weighs 20 pounds. Can I give her one baby aspirin a day, 81 mg or what amount should I give her?

Ron - USA



For 20 pound dog, a baby aspirin or 81 mg is a safe amount given with food.

However, you need a good reason to give the dog aspirin, such as temporary pain relief. Aspirin should not be given to a dog on a regular basis.

If a dog is in extreme discomfort, it is a reason to give it aspirin. However, it is good to check whether that to find out the reason for the discomfort.

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