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Feedback Q&A on Animal Health

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 364 comments and questions on Animal Health issues. They are listed according to date.

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Giving Your Dog Aspirin Dog has lump near his rear USA
Giving Your Dog Aspirin Can't afford vet bill USA
Giving Your Dog Aspirin 10-year old German Shepard has a lump on his leg UK
Giving Your Dog Aspirin Giving 15-year old Collie aspirin USA
Giving Your Dog Aspirin Are coated aspirins OK? USA
Giving Your Dog Aspirin Dog has Lyme disease and I can't afford treatment USA
Giving Your Dog Aspirin Vet said to use Deramaxx instead of aspirin USA
Giving Your Dog Aspirin Is it safe to combine aspirin and Rimadyl? USA
Giving Your Dog Aspirin Have been giving 325 mg aspirin to my dog USA
Giving Your Dog Aspirin Dog has a number of ailments Canada

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Dog has lump near his rear

Topic: Giving Your Dog Aspirin


January 14, 2011

My boston terrior is 8 pounds 11 yrs old He has his stomach coming out though his liner and it makes a big like ball in the back by his boop hole,and some times I can push it in but this time it seems alot harder and much biger. He is in pain he cannot poop and one leg he has trouble walking with back right leg. I brough him to a vet before and that is what he told me and he said it would be about 1000 dollars to fix it. I do not have a 1000 dollar so that is out. I do love him and I am making him comforable. Please help what can I do.
Last sunday My other boston terrior died, she got her period and was blooding all over the place I mean alot and then after a couple of days she stoped eating and drinking water. I never knew that she would died just having her period. Please give me some answers. thank you




I am sorry that your other dog passed away. That is so sad for a family.

It sounds like your other Boston Terrier has some serious health problems. The lump near his rear may be either a hernia in his intestines or a tumor. Did the vet tell you what he thought was the problem?

Depending on the ailment, even if you spent $1000 on an operation, there would be no guarantee that your dog would recover properly.

You could ask your vet if there is some alternative treatment or something that you can do to help your dog. Certainly, keeping him comfortable is a good idea.

Best wishes on finding a reasonable cure and that your dog will be able to recover.

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Can't afford vet bill

Topic: Giving Your Dog Aspirin


January 14, 2011

I just want to thank you for the information on giving my dog "aspirin" for pain, till i get him to the vet for a swollen ear. It like filled with something "soft" and is kinda' warm on his eartip where its at. I just dont know how I will be able to pay the vet of a estimate cost of two hundred dollars. I called "Lindsay Westwood Veterinary Clinic in Lindsay, CA 93247". I wish I had my job still because I have noticed that I cannot provide for my animal anymore when it comes to my animals health. I cant sleep at nite knowing he must be in pain. I hate it. What can I do? I have an appointment on Tuesday the 18th @ 5pm at the vet and dont know what to do? Will my dog be O.K?

Cerilo - USA



It sounds like an infection under the skin by his ear. I hope the vet is able to take care of it for less than $200.

The aspirin can help if you dog is in such pain that he is crying. If he is just uncomfortable, you can probably hold off on the pain-killer.

There are some free vet clinics in California that may be able to help you. See:

At the very least, they can give you some information about low-cost care.

Best wishes for good health for your dog.

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10-year old German Shepard has a lump on his leg

Topic: Giving Your Dog Aspirin


January 12, 2011

i have a nearly 10 year old german shepherd, he has a swollen back right leg, he has had arthritis since he was 2, took him to vets and he said its an infection, then examined him more and said he has a lump, he said he will give him antibiotics for a week then to take him back a week later, he said we need to have a think of what we want to do, does that mean the vet thinks it would be for the best to let him go?? or do we go for a op or whatever treatment is needed?? the dog has always been in great health except for the arthritis, what do we do for the best? also he has been on the antibiotics for 2 days and the leg looks more swollen is that normal?

fiona - UK



If the leg is swollen, it usually is an infection. Sometimes antibiotics take several weeks to completely stop the infection.

I think the vet means that if the antibiotics do not solve the problem, he may have to operate to cut out the lump, which may be some sort of tumor or growth.

At 10-years old, your dog is like a 65-year old human. He has a number of good years left, especially if he is in good health now.

Best wishes on healing the lump and continued good health for your dog.

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Giving 15-year old Collie aspirin

Topic: Giving Your Dog Aspirin


January 5, 2011

I have a 15 year old Collie. He has arthritis. For 7 days I had taken Bean off of all his other Supplements. He weighs around 62 pounds. My Collie is now on (as of 1/4/11)Holistic Joint Supplements (right now 1500 mg of Glucosamine; 750mg of Chrondroitin; 750mg MGM (?) and Vitamin C), Salmon Omega Fish Oil, Clay and an Autoimmue Supplement. All of these Supplements will help his arthritis. It all contains ingredients that will help his joints. Until Bean gets all these Supplements built back up in his system, he is still having pain/inflammation. Can I give him a 81 mg buffered aspirin once a day for pain/inflammation? Will help. Thanks so much for responding. Have a blessed day!

Jo - USA



If you give your dog aspirin, it should be with food to prevent stomach problems. The best use for aspirin or other pain remedy is to use it as needed, like when your dog feels more uncomfortable, such as on a cold, damp day.

The mentioned supplements are often helpful in relieving joint pain. However, at 15-years old, your Collie is an old guy. He is like a human in his 90s. So, you can expect some aches and pains.

Best wishes on your dog's good health.

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Are coated aspirins OK?

Topic: Giving Your Dog Aspirin


November 16, 2010

My dog was told by his Dr to take an aspirin twice a day for a week and I forgot to ask him if it was aright to give him the coated aspirin. Are they just as good?

Janet - USA



Coated aspirins don't work well in dogs. Baby aspirins are the best, because they are pure and a smaller size. Use our chart for the correct dosage for your dog's weight.

Be sure to always give the aspirin with food.

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Dog has Lyme disease and I can't afford treatment

Topic: Giving Your Dog Aspirin


October 17, 2010

my dog had lymes disease and was on antibiotics and Rimadyl and i give him joint medicine his legs collapse and I cannot afford to get him back to the vet for about 2 months due to a divorce. I am thinking i should put him down. He drags himself and cannot walk. They said it was a stage 3 lyme disease. I had him on frontline all year round. What can I do?

Donna - USA



I'm sorry to hear that you dog has a severe case of Lyme disease. The treatment for stage 3 Lyme disease is difficult and can take a while for the dog to be cured.

Perhaps you can call your vet and ask for his opinion on whether your dog can be cured, especially if you have to wait until you can afford to see the vet again. That will help you make this difficult decision. I know you hate to see your dog suffer but also hate to lose a good friend. Hopefully, the vet will give an idea of the best course of action to take.

Best wishes for you and your dog. I hope things will work out for him.

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Vet said to use Deramaxx instead of aspirin

Topic: Giving Your Dog Aspirin


September 11, 2010

I have been given my dog a 65 lbs 14 years old Sherman Shepperd mix for 6 months aspirin 325 mg once a day for arthritis.I took him to a new Vet and he told me to immediately stop the aspirin because it can cause stomach bleeding, of course I use to give to him with food and after eating, he advise me to change to Deramaxx, but now that I read your column, I realize that probably I did not give him any because they are COATED aspirin and according to what I read it just go through to the waste, may be that's how he never got an upset stomach, please give me your advise regarding Deramaxx, years ago he had in both back legs TPLO surgery. We found Tommy running on a very busy street he was three month old, I have three other dogs. Thank You very much, Sincerely,

Gladys - USA



A 14-year old dog is like a 90-year old human, so he certainly will have aches and pains. Often a slow walk will warm-up the joints.

I've always felt that medications like aspirin should be used for temporary relief on damp days or when the arthritis is especially bad. I don't advise it on an every-day basis because of the risk of stomach problems, even if you give it with food.

Deramaxx seems to be a good product for pain relief in dogs, but it also seems somewhat expensive and is not without possible side-effects. For information on the product, see:

You could give Deramaxx on an as-needed basis. Any type of medicine given every day can cause problems.

Best withing on keeping your dog healthy and happy.

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Is it safe to combine aspirin and Rimadyl?

Topic: Giving Your Dog Aspirin


July 30, 2010

grateful for the information. will start slowly and hope that it helps my 11 year old yellow lab. i do wonder if it is safe to combine with Rimadyl (?) probably less is better...thanks appreciate the site and have stored in favorites

katy - USA



Rimadyl should be effective in reducing pain in older dog. It is never good to mix medications. If you have some Rimadyl, use it. Otherwise, you can use aspirin for temporary relief with your dog.

Best wishes with keeping your yellow lab happy and healthy.

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Have been giving 325 mg aspirin to my dog

Topic: Giving Your Dog Aspirin


July 15, 2010

for the last 2 days i gave my dachshund i aspirine 2x aday - thats 325mg. i didnt know - i jsut wanted him not to hurt so much.
have i done any damage to him already. ? thank you.

renate - USA



I don't think you've done any harm, but I wouldn't continue giving so much. 325 mg is too much for his weight.

The best thing is to start small with a baby aspirin or 1/4 adult aspirin to see how he feels. Always give it with food.

Just like with humans, aspirin does not stop all pain, but it could make him feel a better.

Best wishes for good health of your dog.

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Dog has a number of ailments

Topic: Giving Your Dog Aspirin


June 20, 2010

Hi: I hope you can help me. My 11 year old Labrador, 46 kg, has been diagnosed with arthritis in both shoulders, due to OCD surgery 10 years ago, rear left leg as well, plus a heart murmer, plus a possible abcess in his canine tooth, due to it being broken off. Poor old guy must be in considerabe pain. The Vet wants to do a blood panel, tooth extraction, EKG, ultra sound, etc, etc, oh, and biopsy of a lipoma, and history, all totalling about $1500 not including hospitalization, etc. At this point in time, we feel that we would first and primarily, like to give him a pain killer to make him more comfortable. The Vet prescribed Deramaxx, which is about $40 for 7 tablets. Seems rich, to me, which we are not! We are in our 70's, retired, and living below poverty level. I wanted to give Tylenol to the dog, but after reading your website, I guess I shouldn't. Is aspirin the best, or you mentioned Rimidyl. Please advise. I thank you for you help, and attention, and look forward to hearing from you...

Heather - Canada



I'm sorry to hear that your dog is having so many ailments. It probably would be a good idea to have the tooth extracted, but I am sure that would be expensive. You might keep an eye on the area to make sure the gums aren't inflamed, indicating an infection.
Rimidyl requires a prescription from the vet, so you probably could get by by giving him aspirin to relieve some of his discomfort. Giving him 1 1/2 aspirin (480 mg) with his meal may help him feel better.

Although Labs often get over 45 kg, it might be good to cut back on his food and try to reduce his weight. Extra weight can aggravate the arthritis. A little massage and some slow walks would help keep his joints loose. It is also good for you too.

Best wishes for good health for the old fellow.

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