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Feedback Q&A on Astronomy

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 303 comments and questions on Astronomy issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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General What heavenly bodies can I see from Ahmedabad? India
General What are the constellations seen from India? India
Our Solar System I just love to learn this subject Zimbabwe
General Topics How can radiation escape a Black Hole? India
The Earth The Sun moves round the Earth Bangladesh
Moon What metals are on the surface of the Moon? India
The Earth Exploration into the Earth USA
Constellations Can I see the Big Dipper in the Philippines? Philippines
Our Solar System Information of orbit of Jupiter USA
The Earth Intense radiation at sunset and sunrise Pakistan

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What heavenly bodies can I see from Ahmedabad?

Topic: General


October 11, 2011

I want to explore more and more
What all heavenly bodies can I see from Ahmadabad, Gujarat, in India?

Priyam - India



You should be able to see most of the galaxies and constellations in the Northern Hemisphere, as well as some of those in the Southern Hemisphere from Ahmadabad.

However, many cities have what is called "light pollution" where the city lights and humidity in the air block out the view of many stars. Observing the sky from away from the cities and even in the mountains is the best way to get a good view of all the stars.

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What are the constellations seen from India?

Topic: General


October 10, 2011

Which all constellations can we see from India?

Priyam - India



Some websites giving information about constellations seen from India include:
Circumpolar Constellations, India Constellations and Astronomy in Ancient India.

I hope that helps.

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I just love to learn this subject

Topic: Our Solar System


July 23, 2011

I am a homeboy but i just love to learn this subject, can you teach me?

Godfrey - Zimbabwe



I am glad you love to learn about Astronomy. Go through our free lessons to learn more about the subject. This will give you a good start.

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How can radiation escape a Black Hole?

Topic: General Topics


June 18, 2011

if black hole has a high gravity and attracts even light, then how can radiations known as black hole radiations can get out from there?

Shourya - India



Although a Black Body has such high gravity that particles or even light inside cannot escape, they still give off some radiation calling Hawking Radiation.

A Black Hole can have energy fluctuations, which cause the generation of particle-antiparticle pairs near the event horizon of the Black Hole. The event horizon is the edge where particles inside cannot escape, but particles outside the event horizon can escape.

If the particle-antiparticle pair is right at the event horizon, one of the particles falls into the Black Hole while the other escapes before they have an opportunity to annihilate each other.

It is s surprising phenomenon.

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The Sun moves round the Earth

Topic: The Earth


May 25, 2011

The Sun moves round the Earth is practical and the Earth moves round the sun is imaginative.

Because, To science day and night in crease and decrease mainly for annual motion of the world and the seasons change. on ellipse at the of rotating. The sun, The earth is changing its position always leaning against corner. The above information of the Science is not correct. Because water is always down fall. That is why, the surface of the leaning earth that is the north zone will remain canal, river and ocean less IE water less.

From 22 December to 21 June As soon as the earth leans. There would be continuous flow tide in the north zone. Again from 21 June to 22 December as soon as the earth leans, in the same way there would be Continuous ebb tide in the north zone and water will go down to the south. That is there will be flow tide and ebb tide in six months instead of six hours. On the other hand of leaning, The sun is visible in The north in summer that is 21 June and in winter it is visible in the south that 22 December.

On the other hand, the Venus, the planet mercury, the mars along with any planet or star are visible on the 21 June that is in Summer because of leaning the earth on the 22 December. That is in winter it is not visible very far to the south. All the planets and the stars in the Sky stay along side but not the Sun. Even in summer The moon is seen to the south. Because of leaning of The earth, as The sun is seen to the south in winter.

So The moon is supposed to be visible very far to the south. But The sun is seen very far to the north. That is because of leaning of The earth, all the planets, The star, The sun without The moon become visible to us in winter and summer to the north and the south is a hood with us. Actually the orbit of The sun is to the north in summer and to the south in winter, not the inclination of the earth.

To science during rotation the distance of earth from Sun does not remain same. From 4th July its distance is the15crore 20lac km and 3rd January 14crore 70 km. It distance in creases area decreases. That is why that The sun looks small in July that is The summer and it looks large in December that is in winter. Only 50lac km (15crore 20lac-14crore 70lac) near or distant for this the size of the sun from the earth look small or large yet because of annual motion, The earth stays at different distance at different time from every planet and star. But all the year round there is no change among the planets and the stars. During annual motion of the earth almost planets and the stars stay sometimes about 30crore km far again sometimes 30crore km near. As the mars stands 22.8crore km away from the sun and the earth stands 15.0crore km away from the sun.

The mars circumambulates the sun with in 687 day and the earth with in day onetime a day. So during rotation the earth stays sometimes (22.8-15.0)=7.8crore km far away from the mars again sometimes 22.8+15.0=37.8crore km. only for half a crore km the sun looks small or large but the size of the mars which is 30crore km near or far not seen small or large. Actually it the earth , on oval figure that is sometimes far or near in one word rotates/moves round the sun. So a ghostly affair will occur at night in the sky. Because whenever The earth approaches to planet or Star, that planet or star would be seen big gradually and the planet and the star from which the earth begins to move, that planet or star would be seen so much small. Since all the year round there is no change among planets and stars, every planet, Star and the Sun move round the earth.
To science `All stars are moving'.

The sun is also a Star and it is rotating in the firmament at speed 69,187 km per hour. Actually this rotation of The sun and stars is not for unknown target, rather moving having centered the earth. Some times at night in the sky the stars are seen to move from north to south again from south to north, again from west to east. They are called orbit deviated stars. Only with in 5/10 minutes these stars cross from one side to another. As these orbit deviated stars are much bigger than The sun and at a distance of crore km, It is easy for them to cross from one side to another side only with in 10 minutes. So in 24 hours the sun, the moon, the planets and the stars move round the earth and easy for them.

To science It takes 24 hours for the earth to move on its own axis. For this reason rotation of the earth is called diurnal rotation. In equator the speed of diurnal rotation of the earth is more than 1700km per hour. On the other hand it is not possible to enter in to orbit of the moon from the earth as a result moon exploration resulted in failure ten times. It needs 2.4km per second to enter in to orbit of the moon. Accident or what ever might happen if the orbit of the earth is dynamic, It would be possible to earth at any normal speed. The orbit of the moon is moving dynamic.

To science the Moon is only Satellite of the earth and the moon rotates the earth one time in days. The moon looks big because of staying near. It has no light . It gets light from the sun. If this idea of Science is correct, the blank part of the moon is expected to become visible up ward before full moon at night in east sky and after full moon at dawn in west sky but actually at that time the blank part of the moon is seen down ward. That is the moon rotates the earth one time in about 25 hours, on the contrary it is moving on its own axis one time in 29days. According to science as every planet is rotating the sun serially for because of distance so it is normal for every planet to move on its own axis serially for distance but in practical field it is not moving As the earth is moving on its axis in 23 hours 56 minutes but the planet mercury is moving on its axis in 59 day though it is very near to the sun Again though Jupiter planet stays for from the sun. It is moving on its axis one time in 9 hours 55 minutes. To science the moon rotates the earth one time in day but Science has not mentioned its opposite reaction.

Science has also mentioned that the sun rotates on its own axis one time 25 days but Science has not mentioned its own reaction. Be sides every planet is bright It the earth is planet, it is expected to be bright . But the earth is light less and dark that the earth is different from all the planets. It takes 365 days 6 hours for the earth to rotate the sun along own axis at speed of 29.76km per second or about 1lac 7thousand km per hour that is diurnal rotation of the earth and keeping the sun front, standing on its own axis in 24 hours the earth is moving west to east onetime in 24 hours that diurnal rotation is wrong. Rather the sun is moving round the Earth on time in 24 hours and its opposite reaction the sun is moving on its axis one time in the 25 days.
Yours faithfully,
Muhammad Robiul Islam Rony
Scientific Researcher

MUHAMMAD - Bangladesh



Thank you for your comments and views that the Sun orbits the Earth.

Unfortunately, you are misinformed about astronomical laws. The idea that the Sun moves around the Earth was shown to be incorrect over 500 years ago. Thousands of scientists and astronomers have verified that the Earth orbits the Sun. It has also been proven through pictures taken from space vehicles.

The Earth is tilted on its axis such that the seasons change during its orbit around the Sun. See Motion of the Earth for illustrations of the Earth's motion and the cause of the seasons.

However, it is good that you are studying about astronomy and questioning he various theories. It looks like you have done some intense evaluation. It is good to read much of the material on how things in space work to get a better viewpoint.

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What metals are on the surface of the Moon?

Topic: Moon


May 21, 2011

Kindly tell which metals and ingredients are mainly seen on surface of moon and other planets and also in the core of planets.

FALGUN - India



Information can be found on Surface Properties of the Moon.

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Exploration into the Earth

Topic: The Earth


April 8, 2011

Most information about space exploration is about what is outward...some upward towards infinity. Has anyone studied what is downward underneath earth? Southward towards infinity? We see information about rotating around the sun and orbits in relation to our sun but nothing about our idea of the southern most point of earth and traveling downwards.

justin - USA



There have been explorations of very deep caves beneath the surface of the Earth. Scientists have also drilled to great depths beneath the surface. However, at certain depths, the heat is so great that it melts metal. This can be seen from volcanoes, which throw out molten rocks.

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Can I see the Big Dipper in the Philippines?

Topic: Constellations


January 23, 2011

can i see the contellation of the big dipper here in the phillipines?

Khriztina - Philippines



Yes, you should be able to see the Big Dipper in the Philippines. It will be near the horizon at night, and the best times are between December and June. The Big Dipper can be see all the way down to northern Australia.

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Information of orbit of Jupiter

Topic: Our Solar System


January 1, 2011

Further to the Jupiter question. For example, very 12 years Jupiter travels directly behind the Sun for 12 to 16 hours. The remainder of the 12 year cycle takes Jupiter to 30 million miles above the Plane of the Sun half way through its cycle. Jupiter is in a position in the sky to be seen everyday of the year and is traveling in a Great Circle. These facts imply (to some) Jupiter is not circling around the equator of the Sun, but instead, Jupiter is circling above the plane of the Sun at slower speeds and over shorter distances. In order for A to go around (orbit) B, A must cross Bs equator twice. Jupiter does not cross the equator of the Sun twice. Do you agree? All proof, dates, references and formulas are available upon request.


Angelo - USA



Thanks for your interesting facts. Your website also includes some delightful pictures.

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Intense radiation at sunset and sunrise

Topic: The Earth


December 13, 2010

I really appreciate your work. Please answer my fol question:-
"Are some intense or extra radiations (harmful for humans) emitted from earth at the time of sunset or sunrise? If yes,why and how to avoid them?"

Mahmood - Pakistan



Except for some radioactive elements, such as Uranium and Radon, the Earth does not really emit any harmful radiation. Most come from the Sun. People in high-flying aircraft get an extra dose of radiation. Studies show that those who fly a lot may get a harmful amount.

As far as I know, there is no extra radiation at sunset and sunrise. If there is, it is not harmful.

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