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Feedback Q&A on Biographies

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 193 comments and questions on Behavior issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Gillette When did Gillette invent shaving cream? USA
Churchill Question if Churchill went senile USA
Aristotle Did Aristotle teach Alexander the Great? USA
Edison Doing a research on Thomas Edison Singapore
Edison Award Edison received Australia
Ben Franklin Questions on biographies USA
Nobel Was Nobel the inventor of death? Turkey
Nobel How many people have been awarded Nobel Prize? Philippines
Ben Franklin Device used to store static electricty USA
Archimedes Is this stuff all true? Australia

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When did Gillette invent shaving cream?

Topic: Gillette


September 28, 2010

when gillette started shaving cream?

rahul - USA



Shaving cream was used with straight razors many years before Gillette invented the safety razor. No one is sure who started the idea.

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Question if Churchill went senile

Topic: Churchill


May 12, 2010

Good article about Churchill's later years. But I question the use of the expression "he went senile". The word 'senile' means no more than 'old', but the implocation is that he suffered from dementia. It is not for us retrospectively to diagnose the late Winston Churchill's mental state, but it seems to me more likely that his depression returned as he became less able to enjoy life. In either case, I think it's speculation.

David - USA



Thanks for the feedback. I've added the note to the article, along with references:

"There have been claims that Churchill had Alzheimer's Disease. However, the Churchill Museum disputes that claim and says that he had mild dementia, as a result of the hardening of his arteries and his strokes."

I appreciate that you brought the item to my attention.

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Did Aristotle teach Alexander the Great?

Topic: Aristotle


April 30, 2010

I really enjoyed this detailed biography, but I had one question. It stated that some believe that it was fiction that Aristotle taught Alexander as a child. Who says that it is fiction? I have always believed it as fact, it makes sense to me that a great teacher makes a great ruler. Do you believe it was fact or fiction?

Carl - USA



Thanks for the feedback.

I added two references where historians do not believe Aristotle taught Alexander the Great to the biography. The books are: "Aristotle: Fundamentals of the History of His Development" by Werner Jaeger and "Aristotle and his School" by Felix Grayeff.

Their views are in the minority, but their research may prove them correct.

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Doing a research on Thomas Edison

Topic: Edison


March 31, 2010

I am doing a research on Thomas Edison and I would like to know more about the day he succeeded in remaking the light bulb. When did he succeed? How did he succeed? What did he feel?
Also, I would like to know about the description of the place where Thomas Edison stayed in.

Thank you in advance!

HuayYi - Singapore



Edison patented the light bulb in 1879. He was in his laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey, USA. He kept notes on his work in his Menlo Park Notebooks.

I don't think there was anything written about how he felt.

See: for information about his work and records of his papers.

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Award Edison received

Topic: Edison


March 10, 2010

umm i nedda know more awards or prizes thomas edison was given
soon plese thanx

- Australia



Some major awards Edison received are:

Chevalier of the Legion of Honor of France (1878)
Commander of the Legion of Honor of France (1889)
The Albert Medal of the Society of Arts of Great Britain (1892)
American Academy of Arts & Sciences - Rumford Prize (1895)
The Adelshald Medal of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences (1909)
The Congressional Gold Medal (May 29, 1928)

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Questions on biographies

Topic: Ben Franklin


January 9, 2010

I want to know a kind of biography's question.and what kind of question can you ask if I'm looking for a job in summer?I'm asking you these question because I have French's project and is due on monday.please help me with these question.

gislene - USA



You really need to be clear and specific when asking questions. Do you want to know about Ben Franklin's biography or some question on biographies in general?

If you are looking for a summer job, you need to know where to look. You can ask people if they know of any jobs available. Usually, the employer asks you questions.

What does this all have to do with a French project? You have to focus on one thing at a time.

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Was Nobel the inventor of death?

Topic: Nobel


January 4, 2010

hi. i'm a college student in Marmara University,Turkey in the department of English translating and interpreting. i was given a homework which is writing an essay on a famous people whose life stories are strange. i knew Nobel has one since 4 years ago we were using the book "what a life!" by longman. as much as I remember, there is something awkward about Nobel. After his brother died, there was written "the inventor of death died" as they thought Alfred Nobel died and that changes his point of view, he regrets what he has done and wants to be remembered with the term "peace".

is this wrong???

bugra - Turkey



As with many great people, there are some who will voice unfair criticisms. Alfred Nobel invented dynamite, which has been used in numerous peaceful endeavors, such as the construction of highways and dams. It proved much safer than using nitroglycerin for those projects.

However, because some people used dynamite in warfare, Nobel was given the blame for it. Note that gunpowder have been used for the same purposes for many years previous to Nobel. Thus, I am not sure why he should be blamed for the destruction that other people had caused.

Nobel felt that dynamite would be used to much more for constructive and peaceful things then for destructive. Unfortunately, he had to live with the unfair criticism coming from a nameless writer.

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How many people have been awarded Nobel Prize?

Topic: Nobel


January 3, 2010

after nobel prize was established how many persons already granted a nobel prize?

joe - Philippines



Since 1901, including 2009, there have been 822 Nobel Laureates

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Device used to store static electricty

Topic: Ben Franklin


December 18, 2009

what was the device that ben had that was a glass globe with foil in it and it would build up electrical charges and then would release it




Benjamin Franklin experimented with a Leyden Jar, which is used to store static electricity. See:

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Is this stuff all true?

Topic: Archimedes


November 17, 2009

heyy is all of this stuff true??

ashleigh - Australia



Archimedes came up with some amazing ideas, especially considering he lived such a long time ago. As far as the records show, events in his biography are true.

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