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Feedback Q&A on Biographies

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 193 comments and questions on Behavior issues. They are listed according to date.

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Archimedes Wants the value of pi Nepal
Edison Edison inspires me with my invention South Africa
Churchill Wants to know if related to Churchill USA
Gillette Is a blade with King Gillette's picture worth anything? USA
Tesla Why does the establishment want Tesla to be forgotten? USA
Gillette Was King his real first name? USA
Edison Seeking permission to use picture USA
Churchill Great grandfather helped Churchill in Boer War Canada
Gillette What schooling did Gillete have? USA
Edison Need more info on Edison New Zealand

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Wants the value of pi

Topic: Archimedes


September 14, 2008

I got the answer that the value of pi lies between some numbers but I wanted the exact value of pi in fraction which I didn't got in your site,

Anoj - Nepal



Pi to 50 places is: 3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510.

Most people only use 3.14, which is accurate enough.

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Edison inspires me with my invention

Topic: Edison


June 8, 2008

I am also an inventor of a first invention in the world in the medical field
I learned that you cannot make it on your own Edison had to work hard to achieve his goal and what kept him going was believing in himself be honest in what your are doing. I have venture in one o0f the most difficult fields ever but I will never give up also working day and night on projects that I believe can make a difference to mankind

Petro - South Africa



I am glad to hear that you are an inventor in the medical field. It is very true that it is difficult to make it on your own in developing your inventions and in selling them to the public. Edison was very hard working, but he also a good businessman who was able to get technical and financial support to develop his ideas.

You need to be able to get others interested and excited about the possibilities of your invention. You do not need to tell how your invention works, but you can tell others about what it will do and about its potential.

By working hard to achieve your dream, you can become a champion in your field. By trying to make a difference to mankind, you become a champion to that cause.

Best wishes in your success. I am sure you will do fine.

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Wants to know if related to Churchill

Topic: Churchill


May 31, 2008

How can we find a family tree....My husband is a Churchill and he is from Canada. we have always heard that he was an ancestor but would like to know for sure.

Terrie - USA



Some websites on the genealogy of Winston Churchill include:

You still may have to do some research, but this should give you a start.

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Is a blade with King Gillette's picture worth anything?

Topic: Gillette


May 13, 2008

do you think a blade in rapping paper with King Gillette's photo on is of any value?




The problem is that, although it probably is an old blade and not in production any more, millions of such blades were produced. If it is in good shape, there may be a collector interested in purchasing it. I don't think it is of extreme value. You can check in auction and trading websites such as eBay to see what someone would offer for it.

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Why does the establishment want Tesla to be forgotten?

Topic: Tesla


May 11, 2008

Tesla has pretty much been taken out of the picture by our government and put on the 'Back Burner,' why is this? He did so much for our country and it seems that the establishment wants him to be forgotten, why?

David - USA



One reason for Tesla's ability to make discoveries and inventions is that he was very independent in his work. Unfortunately, that was also his downfall, along with a number of poor business decisions. There are a number of great inventors who have not been given much credit their work, while others who are good in self-promotion received undue credit. Tesla was one of these inventors.

The government has nothing to do with Tesla's place in science. In fact, the scientific community honored Tesla by naming a unit of magnetic fields after him. Even Edison has no scientific unit named after him. Also, there are numerous books about the life and works of Tesla.

No one wants him forgotten, and there is renewed interest in his work.

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Was King his real first name?

Topic: Gillette


January 30, 2008

Was His real first name King? or was that givin to him on the way, if so what is his first real name




Yes, King is really his first name. Some parents give their children actual names such as King, Prince, Princess or such.

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Seeking permission to use picture

Topic: Edison


November 21, 2007

I'm writing from TV production company, currently working with Fuji TV of Japan for their weekly program 'Unbelievable'. The program features amazing stories from all around the world, they would like to feature Mr. Edison's inventions for upcoming episode.
For this, Fuji TV would like to present a photo of Mr. Edison as a young boy (teenager), and during my research I came across your website. Please let me know how I can get permission to use the photo of him (when he was selling newspapers) on your website.

Program information:
TV station-Fuji Television Network
Title: Unbelievable
Air date-December 2007, one time only, only in Japan

thank you for your time reading this, looking forward to hearing from you.

Keiko - USA



You have permission from us to use the picture. This picture is in the Public Domain in the U.S. and it not copyrighted.

Best wishes in the success of your television show. Edison was a fascinating person.

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Great grandfather helped Churchill in Boer War

Topic: Churchill


October 14, 2007

My great grandfather Charles Henry Wagner, a civillian train driver during the South African Boer War was driving Winston Churchill and British troops and they were ambushed by the boers at Chieveley, near Estcourt. Three carriages were thrown off the line. Even though severely wounded in the head Charles drove Winston Churchill, together with 50 or 60 persons on the engine and its tender, to safety. For this act of bravery 10 years later Charles Henry Wagner was awarded the First Class Albert Medal from King George V. Churchill left the train before they reached Estcourt and was captured at that point but later escaped via Mozambique.

According to a newspaper report (Natal Witness January 18, 1965) Sir Winston Churchill continued to correspond with Charles Henry Wagner for many years until his death in old age. In one letter he said he hoped to visit Charles Henry Wagner in Pietermaritzburg but alas this never took place.
I am wondering if any of these letters are still around. I live in Canada now so am unable to do any more searching in South Africa.

Shirley - Canada



That certainly is an interesting story. The letters your great-grandfather sent to Churchill may be in some historical archive in the UK, provided he kept the letters. But the letters he sent to your great-grandfather should still be with someone in your family. Perhaps they were handed down to his children (your grandparents). Hopefully no one threw them away. If you haven't already, it would be good to do some detective work among your relatives.

Best wishes in finding more about your great-grandfather.

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What schooling did Gillete have?

Topic: Gillette


October 1, 2007

Just wondering, do you possibly know anything about Gillette's schooling, such as where he went to elementary school, junior high, or high school? I'm guessing he never made it to college if he began working as a salesman at the age of 17, but I'm interested to know more about his education.

Zac - USA



There isn't much information on Gillette's education. Since he started living in Chicago after he was 4, he gained his education there. When he was 16, the great Chicago fire destroyed many schools. He probably was in high school at the time but then quit to start working. His parents moved to New York, but Gillette stayed in Chicago to work as a salesman at age 17.

Much of his knowledge and ambition was picked up from observing his father trying to invent things and to run various businesses.

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Need more info on Edison

Topic: Edison


July 23, 2007

I'm doing a Oral topic study on Thomas Edison and i need more information on these questions below.

Where were his inventions made from and who helped him when things got tricky?
What are the bad effects people had when the light bulb was invented?
How is Thomas Edison remembered today?
How has the light bulb evolved from when it was first invented to now?

If possible please answer these questions in detail

I appreciate your help

Katie - New Zealand



Edison had a laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey. He had a staff of technicians and engineers to help on his experiments and to take care of tedious tasks.

The first light bulbs were not frosted and hard on the eyes. They also did not last long. Many people did not have electricity at that time, and it was expensive to install. Once there were lights, people started staying up later. The new incandescent bulbs last longer and are comfortable to use. They are being replaced by more energy efficient bulbs.

Edison is remember as the of the greatest inventors or modern times.

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