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Feedback Q&A on Biographies

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 193 comments and questions on Behavior issues. They are listed according to date.

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Aristotle How did Aristotle die? New Zealand
Edison Questions about Thomas Alva Edison Canada
Ben Franklin How come Franklin didn't die when shocked? USA
Gillette Did King Gillette kill himself? USA
Churchill Who were Winston Churchill's mentors? Australia
Ben Franklin How did Franklin make his bifocals? Nigeria
Edison Where did Edison get his ideas? USA
Westinghouse Did George Westinghouse have a will? USA
Ben Franklin Why did Ben Franklin decide to invent bifocals? USA
Archimedes How did Archimedes change the way people thought? Australia

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How did Aristotle die?

Topic: Aristotle


June 19, 2007

How di Aristotle actually die? I am not sure and I really need to know for my project.

Jess - New Zealand



Aristotle died in 322 BC of a disease of the digestive organs.

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Questions about Thomas Alva Edison

Topic: Edison


June 12, 2007

Dear Writer,

Im doing a Oral Report on Thomas Edison. I have found a lot out of your website but.... Here is somethings that I would like to find out about Thomas Alva Edison.

~His sisters and brothers names and interest(all ready knowing that Thomas was the youngest of seven children)

~The most important invention that he ever invented.

~What connection he had with Alexander Graham Bell

~Some of his other interests other than poetry and reading.

Thanking You In Advanved

Leighton - Canada



We have no information on Edison's brothers and sisters. He is most famous for developing the light bulb, so that probably is the most important. Our lesson explains the connection with Bell. They both were developing the telephone. We don't have information on his other interests.

Best wishes in your report.

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How come Franklin didn't die when shocked?

Topic: Ben Franklin


May 18, 2007

how come ben franklin was still alive after he got seizures.PLus how come ben was so famous

jackel - USA



If a person gets an electric shock where the electricity passes through the heart, the shock will kill the person. Apparently, Ben Franklin got an electric shock that caused his muscles to twitch violently as a seizure, but the current did not go through his heart. So he wasn't killed.

Franklin was very observant and curious. So he was always trying new things. His inventions made him famous, but he also started many other projects that made him popular.

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Did King Gillette kill himself?

Topic: Gillette


May 4, 2007

Did King Gillette kill himself ?




Gillette died at age 77 in 1932. There is no mention of suicide in his obituary.

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Who were Winston Churchill's mentors?

Topic: Churchill


April 16, 2007

who were Winston Churchill mentors

Nick - Australia



His family was well-connected in British politics. His father was Lord Randolph Churchill. Winston also went to the best schools, so he made many useful connections.

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How did Franklin make his bifocals?

Topic: Ben Franklin


April 11, 2007

thanks for you answer so far, I am very happy about it.I want to ask one more question,the question is how did Fraklin benjamin constructed catheter and bifocal glass(ie what He used as raw in construction and process he under gone).
PLS can I ask qustion in other aspect like chemistry, biology and mathermatic.
thanks for you copration.

Attama - Nigeria



There really are no written descriptions of the methods Franklin used to build his inventions. It is assumed he used common methods in his workshop.

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Where did Edison get his ideas?

Topic: Edison


April 4, 2007

I'm doing a report on Thomas Edison. I was wondering, do you know were Edison got his beliefs and ideas in inventing? Like where, when, how, and why Edison got them.

Anthony - USA



Edison was very curious and always thinking of a better way to do something. Like his "invention" of the electric lightbulb came when he heard someone else had made one, but it didn't really work well. So, Edison experimented to make a better lightbulb that people could use.

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Did George Westinghouse have a will?

Topic: Westinghouse


February 26, 2007

Did George Westinghouse have a will? If so where can I obtain a copy?

Did Westinghouse hold a patent for a train car coupler? If so was this invented by someone in his employ or did he purchase the patent rights and if so from whom?

Is the name Heinrich Sommerfied of Canton Kansas connected in any way to any train car coupler manufactured by Westinghouse? Reference US Patent 468,311 dated Feb 2, 1892. Also reference US Patent 447,375 dated March 3, 1891.




I'm sure that the Westinghouse did have a will, but I do not know where you can obtain a copy.

In 1868, Eli H. Janney patented the automatic rail car coupler, which began to replace the dangerous link-and-pin coupler. Westinghouse invented the air brake in 1869 at age 23.

Sorry I have no information on Heinrich Sommerfied.

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Why did Ben Franklin decide to invent bifocals?

Topic: Ben Franklin


December 20, 2006

Why did Ben Franklin decide to invent bifocals?

Victoria - USA



He was having trouble reading with his regular glasses and had to have two pairs--one for seeing distance and one for seeing close. You see people today who are over 50 with the same problem.

So he thought of the clever idea of changing two sets of glasses into one, especially since you look down to read.

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How did Archimedes change the way people thought?

Topic: Archimedes


September 28, 2006

wat would the world be without archimedes?
how did archimedes's discoveries change the way people of his time saw the world?

bhavz - Australia



Although Archimedes's inventions were clever, only the highly educated in the area knew about them. Some of them--like his water pump screw--helped people but in my opinion, they did not really change the common person's views

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