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Feedback Q&A on Business

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 109 comments and questions on Business issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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General Business Topics Carrying out contracting and tendering UK
General How can cocoa industry by competitive? Ghana
Character The School for Champions is an excellent tool South Africa
Improvement Steps How can I improve my concentration? India
General Production and consumption Nigeria
General Basic commercial terms use in business USA
More Business Ideas about getting more business Cameroon
General Business Topics Intrested to enroll in this prestigious institution Cameroon
Starting Business Starting a commercial recording studio Ghana
Mission Resource went direct to the point USA

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Carrying out contracting and tendering

Topic: General Business Topics


November 17, 2011

Describe how an engineering organisation carries out contracting and tendering.

thank you

lucks - UK



I'm sorry, but that is too big of a topic to explain in an email. Also, various organizations have different methods to carry out those tasks.

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How can cocoa industry by competitive?

Topic: General


October 31, 2011


David - Ghana



In a business competition, you need to know who your competitors are, as well as their strategies.

In the cocoa industry, you want to gain a competitive advantage by using TQM to make your operations more efficient, gain good alliances with your distributors, and publicize the value of the company or industry.

For more information, see: Business Competition.

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The School for Champions is an excellent tool

Topic: Character


October 24, 2011

The school for champions is an excellent tool to refine my business and ethical skills. I have learnt that self development and taking care of my health is one of the precious cornerstone of business.

Vusi - South Africa



I am glad that the material is helping you advance in your business, as well as in life. You are on the way to becoming a success in your endeavors.

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How can I improve my concentration?

Topic: Improvement Steps


October 17, 2011

i am new business man started new organisation actualy i want to put 100% effort but i cant concentrate on my work please give me some hints to improve my concentration and 1 attitude

Raju - India



Being very interested in the business area should give you enthusiasm about getting things done. You need to enjoy the area of work, or else you are in the wrong area.

Think of your goals and long range plans for your career and business. Write down what you want to achieve in the next year and what reward that will give you.

Each night before going to bed, write down three things you want to accomplish the next day. This should help you to be anxious to get those things done when you get up in the morning.

Celebrate completion of tasks. Even telling yourself, "Good job!" motivates you to do more.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes in your career and business.

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Production and consumption

Topic: General


July 26, 2011

Which country in the world is more ideological in product production for the consumpation of the masses & what are those kind of product.

Dennis - Nigeria



The United States and many European countries have philosophies and beliefs that encourage production, as well as consumption. Emphasis on education encourages production. Unfortunately, excessive consumption by the people of a country can be wasteful and have a negative effect.

China's move from Communism has resulting in a great increase in production and consumption by the population or masses.

Once people have enough food, they can start to look to purchasing other types of goods. Once many people in a country become affluent, they start to spend and consume more and more items.

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Basic commercial terms use in business

Topic: General


July 15, 2011

Basic commercial terms use in business

Suma - USA



See Definitions of Basic Business Terms for a listing that should help you.

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Ideas about getting more business

Topic: More Business


December 12, 2010

in order to encourage my expand my business it is very important to always give bonus and some product incentives and organize meetings with customers and keep them close and even give them discount.

Tambe - Cameroon



Although it is important to provide quality products and services to your customers, doing things like giving product incentives helps to satisfy them and keep them coming back to your business. But even more important is having meetings with the customers to show that you care about them. They then will show that they care about you and your business.

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Intrested to enroll in this prestigious institution

Topic: General Business Topics


December 12, 2010

I am interested to enroll in this prestigious institution I am a graduate in law and political science wanting to professional discourses in business organization

Tambe - Cameroon



Thank you for your interest. The School for Champions provides free lessons and helpful tips to assist you in your area of interest.

We do not have a formal curriculum, and it is not necessary to join. However, we do hope that you will pay back for the lessons you learned by becoming successful and by helping others to improve their lives.

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Starting a commercial recording studio

Topic: Starting Business


November 29, 2010

after reading the steps i have get a good understanding about somethings i was not sure but i see that its the right now,
am in ghana and i want to open a commercial recording studio where people will come and hire the time and i also think with this i will need a few works to help me with the administration , is there any step i need or any idea on how to shear the money based on the activities and how to even keep records,
hope to hear from you thank you

A - Ghana



Before you start your business, it is good to do some market research to see how many musicians would be interested in using such a studio. This will also allow you to have some clients to use your studio immediately after you get started.

You can also check to see if there is much competition in your location, as well as to find out how much they charge.

You will need enough initial money to be able to purchase equipment and rent a location for your studio. If you need to hire someone to help with administration and keep records, you will also need enough money to pay the people until your business makes a profit.

Normally, you pay people by the hour, although some may agree to work on a basis of sharing your profits. But that typically is not a good idea.

You can get partners to join in your business or perhaps to get investors who will then own part of the business.

Most entrepreneurs who start their own business will do much of the work themselves until they get the business off the ground. It is always good to do research and start off small so that you will not spend too much money in the beginning.

For more on starting a business, see:

Best wishes for success in your recording studio business.

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Resource went direct to the point

Topic: Mission


November 13, 2010

This resource went direct to the point to address my concerns. It was really very helpful, thanks.




I'm glad the material was useful to you. Best wishes for success in your business.

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