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Feedback Q&A on Business

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 109 comments and questions on Business issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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General Define business and categorization USA
General Business Topics Want more information USA
Definitions Business terminologies Pakistan
Starting a Business Starting a business for the deaf USA
General Business Topics Wants to study business program South Africa
General Recent developments in management accounting Cameroon
General Resource for business financing USA
General Business Topics Who is eligible for this course? Zambia
General Business Topics Which business lessons are free? USA
Character How is business ethics important? Tunisia

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Define business and categorization

Topic: General


October 29, 2014


Dennis - USA



A business is a legally recognized enterprise or organized activity that obtains, creates or manufactures products or services and then sells them to customers on a continuing basis.

One form of business categorization is the way you will accept payments.You can categorize businesses as retail, mail order, or internet.

You could also categorize business by the type of products or services the business provides.

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Want more information

Topic: General Business Topics


January 4, 2014

I would like more information about the class.




You can go through our lessons to help gain knowledge in the subjects. They are not official classes and no grades are given.

Best wishes in understanding basic business concepts.

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Business terminologies

Topic: Definitions


October 30, 2013

plzzzzzzz tell me the business terminologies and their application...

Rumi - Pakistan



The main purpose of a business is to provide products or services to customers at a profit. There are many factors involved, which are listed in alphabetical order on Business Definitions.

Instead of trying to know all the terminologies, it is good to start with the basics in your area of interest.

I hope that helps you. Best wishes in business.

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Starting a business for the deaf

Topic: Starting a Business


August 23, 2013


I'm Rebecca Reed, and I wanted to compliment your page called ( My husband and I are both deaf and in the process of starting a firm for other deaf people, sort of like a life coach for the deaf. Its been our dream for the last few years, and I'm happy to say we are getting started!

I wanted to tell you that your page has been really helpful through the planning stage! We particularly appreciated the SCORE page. Although, one thing I was surprised to find missing is info for entrepreneurs with a disability (like us!)

I was finally able to find a page I was looking for. It's a great page for small business owners with disabilities, and I thought you might want to link to it to make an ultimate resource page. This is the one: ( It was so helpful for us!

Anyway, thanks again for the help! I'll be sure to let you know about our success :)
And let me know what you think of the page I sent along!

Thanks again!

Rebecca - USA



I'm glad the material was helpful to you. I added your suggested link in the Business Resources page. It looks like a valuable list of resources.

I also added the link in the Entrepreneur Resources page.

If you haven't already done so, check out the articles in Starting Your Own Business: Entrepreneurship. They may give you some ideas.

Starting a firm for other deaf people certainly seems like a worthy cause. Best wishes for success in achieving your dream. Let me know how things work out.

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Wants to study business program

Topic: General Business Topics


June 15, 2013

Please i want to study one of your business program and would like to find out the process of how i can start and how to write the exams to gain certificate after successful study the course and pass the exams.

Please get back to me asap.
Thanks a lot

Jeffrey - South Africa



We do not have a complete Business program but simply offer supplementary lessons on various business topics, including TQM and starting your own business. Feel free to go through them to increase your knowledge.

You can also go through free business lessons from the University of Pennsylvania. However, they do not give exams of certifications.

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Recent developments in management accounting

Topic: General


May 28, 2013

what are the three recent developments in management accounting to today business environment?

Omisakin - Cameroon



Management accounting developments include:

-- Looking toward the future instead of using old techniques
-- Based on abstract financial models instead of case studies
-- Designed and intended for use by managers within the organization, instead of being intended for use by shareholders, creditors, and public regulators
-- Confidential and used by management, as opposed to public
-- Uses management information systems, instead of referring to financial accounting standards

I hope that helps.

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Resource for business financing

Topic: General


April 19, 2013

Subject: about the resource

I was doing some research, and noticed that you list along with a few other great sites on:

Honestly, thank you for mentioning them. I really can't say enough positive things about what they do.

It may be worthwhile to mention either above or below them. In my experience, many entrepreneurs are looking at financing options, while most sites offering information are just looking to turn them into clients.
This way you can point visitors somewhere without having to trust a commercial site.

Thank you again, and keep up the great work.

Take care.

Jeffrey Redd
Project Outreach Director

Jeffrey - USA



Thanks for the resource. I added a link from Business Resources and Entrepreneur Resources.

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Who is eligible for this course?

Topic: General Business Topics


April 9, 2013

1. Who is eligible for this course?
2. Do you offer Diploma course?
3. Is there time limit on starting and finishing this course/
4. Kindly advise payment methods

Clifford - Zambia



The School for Champions provides free online lessons to help you understand subjects, as well as to supplement material learned in school. There is no diploma or requirements. Simply, go through lessons that you feel will be useful in your studies.

Best wishes for success in your studies.

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Which business lessons are free?

Topic: General Business Topics


March 27, 2013

Read about the online "free" business class. I'm interested in learning about starting and running my own business. I started an Etsy shop in January and was advised to take some classes on busniness. Tell me more about your free business classes and also the ones you pay for.

Rhonda Jones,
from RhondaRenay on Etsy,




Check our lessons on Starting Your Own Business: Entrepreneurship for some basics and resources on starting your business.

Our lessons are free and meant to supplement other studies you are taking.

Best wishes in getting your business on Etsy going successfully.

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How is business ethics important?

Topic: Character


March 5, 2013

I want to know how hard work done in business ethics, and how business ethics serve business?

Nabila - Tunisia



Business ethics concerns being honest and fair with customers and even workers. It is part of having good character. See: Character in Business as well as Character Important for Success of Business for information of the important of ethics and character.

Hard work is a positive character trait that can bring results. An ethical business will often get more customers than one that is not eithical or honest.

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