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Feedback Q&A on Business

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 109 comments and questions on Business issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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General Help me organize my business Luxembourg
General Business Topics Lack finance for course in business management South Africa
Starting Business How do I get partners to start a business? Zimbabwe
Starting Business I want to start a new business India
Starting Business I want to start my own firm Nigeria
General Expanding the business of a restaurant Malaysia
Improvement Steps Starting a manufacturing business India
Champion Workers Agrees with champion metthods Scotland
General Business Topics Want a free business course South Africa
General Business Topics Wants to own a photo lab business Ghana

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Help me organize my business

Topic: General


November 8, 2010

I need this material to help me organize my business.
Thank you in advance!

kristina - Luxembourg



Feel free to go through our lessons on ISO 9000, Business and TQM. They are meant to help you organize your business.

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Lack finance for course in business management

Topic: General Business Topics


July 7, 2010

I want to do a course in business management but lack finance as i have been retrenched. can u assist me?


Shireena - South Africa



for a list of free business management courses. You can learn the subject, but no credit or degree is offered. The only way to get credit is to pay the tuition, although you might try to get a scholarship or a grant.

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How do I get partners to start a business?

Topic: Starting Business


July 4, 2010

I need to start a cleaning & maintenance company and i do not have the capital,equipment,chemicals etc. I have the knowledge of the business and all the requirements , so if i am to look for partners , how do i go about it ? If i find them how do you split the shares or fairly distributed ? As the brains behind it how many shares am i supposed to get as well as the partner(s)?

Victor - Zimbabwe



If you want to start up a business, you first need to know that there are customers who want your service and a way to attract them. If you have been in the cleaning and maintenance business, working for someone else, you should know of people or companies needing your service.

To start a business and get funding or partners, you need to have a Business Plan where you show that there are potential customers that need your service. If you have a plan in writing of how you expect your business to succeed, you can convince others to invest in your idea. They have to see that the business would give them a profit.

For information on business plans, see:

There are people who will invest in a new business. However, it is better to get someone who would be a working partner, as opposed to someone who only invest money. The investors often want a quick profit and not to grow the business.

Checking with local business organizations or the Chamber of Commerce is a good way to find others in business and perhaps get leads on possible partners.

See: for information on Chamber of Commerce organizations in Zimbabwe.

Also see our section on Entrepreneurship at:

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes for success in starting your business.

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I want to start a new business

Topic: Starting Business


May 18, 2010

i want to start a new business (don't know whether i can mention the name of the business) so i need to know the procedure to start and what are all the things a person has to do for it (like whom he should contact, how he has to gather information regarding that, license, funds etc.)

- India



If you plan to provide a product or service, you need to know who would be interested in such a thing. You also need to know how you will allow people to buy what you are trying to sell. Do you need a store? Do you want to sell online? Are you selling to people or to businesses? Also, see if any other businesses are offering something similar.

Write up all the details you can think of about your business idea.

One important thing in starting a business is to know how much money you need to get started. You not only need money to live on (unless you start doing this part-time), but you also need money to get or make your product or supplies.

If your idea is good enough, others may be willing to invest in the business. Otherwise you need your own money.

Look at our section on Entrepreneurship at:

This should give you a start on understanding about the subject. Also, check into the listed Resources on the subject.

Also check into local organizations and groups that deal will starting businesses. Most communities have such groups, and you can get valuable information and contacts from them.

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I want to start my own firm

Topic: Starting Business


March 9, 2010

Please I want to start my own firm, will like to be an agent for clearing and forwarding of goods, contract executions, and lands & properties,

Tamunotonye - Nigeria



In starting a business, it is always good to have experience in the type of work your would do by working for a company that does that work. Besides getting the experience, you will find out what other companies are the competition.

You can also make personal contacts for future work. Getting the first contracts are often the most difficult. Sometimes, after working for a company, they can become your first customer.

Write out a plan of action of exactly what you will offer, why it is better than the competition, who will be your customers and how you will get your first contracts. You need to have an idea of how much money you need to get started and how long it will take to make a profit.

Starting up a firm is not easy, but it can be very lucrative if done correctly.

Also, see our section on Entrepreneurship at:

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Expanding the business of a restaurant

Topic: General


February 19, 2010

i need to know about expanding a business of food restaurant?

saidatul - Malaysia



You need to provide good food and service, such that people eating at your restaurant will come back again, as well as to tell their friends about your restaurant.

The service must be polite and prompt, such that the customer feels good about the experience.

Beside word-of-mouth advertising, it is good to do other advertising to get people to come to your restaurant. Perhaps have special prices on certain days to attract people.

Caution must be taken in expanding, because if you expand too fast, the service will suffer. Often the quality of the food suffers too. Expansion must be controlled.

I hope those ideas help. Best wishes for success in your business.

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Starting a manufacturing business

Topic: Improvement Steps


February 10, 2010

i am started a company like manufeture weigh automation (oil filling or dhal) i don't have any back up i no the problem .
only one think don't have market how to coming market inside

babu - India



Look at our section on entrepreneurship for information on starting your own business at:

When you are starting a business, is very important to make sure that there is a demand for your product or service. Ideally, you would like to have people or companies interested in what you are offering before you even start.

It is good to do a market research, trying to find out how much demand for interest there is in your product. This can be done by going to likely customers and simply asking them.

Best wishes in starting your new business.

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Agrees with champion metthods

Topic: Champion Workers


February 3, 2010

i was promoted to supervisor one year ago straight from the shopfloor and i just want to agree with your methods and information it works completly i just wish my management would agree too the same imformation

kenny - Scotland



It is a common problem where management may believe in different or outdated methods. The big thing is that you get good results and that management will acknowledge your value to the company.

Unfortunately, the way some management treats those under them--including you--may not be the most positive way to get things done. Hopefully, you can move further up the ladder and help to change the system for the better.

Best wishes for success in your career.

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Want a free business course

Topic: General Business Topics


January 4, 2010

i will like to have a free business course if u do have one
kind regards

nelly - South Africa



You can go through our Business lessons to supplement your other education. Related to that, also see Entrepreneurship, TQM and ISO 9000.

All of our material is free. Best wishes in your studies.

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Wants to own a photo lab business

Topic: General Business Topics


December 8, 2009

i am a professional photographer,but without my own photo lab,how can i plan to have my own lab and to be able to print my own pictures as well as making profits

Eric - Ghana



You need to make some long range plans to get your own lab. Perhaps you can rent a lab or get enough equipment to start your own. In either case, you need to save up some money to get started.

But also note that many services will inexpensively print pictures taken with a digital camera. Few photographers use a photo lab any more.

You have a good skill and should look at the best way to gain a profit that will be modern and effective.

For information on starting your own business, see "Basic Steps in Starting a Business" at:
"Entrepreneurship" at:

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