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Feedback Q&A on Careers

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 79 comments and questions on Career issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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General Boss won't give him a raise Africa
General Wants to be a professional athlete Kuwait
General Wants job as freelancer Saudi Arabia
General Wants to be a doctor Bangladesh
General Having trouble getting a job Nigeria
General Definitions of career terms USA
General Wants to be a ship builder Nigeria
General Wants to know which career path to take Bangladesh
General Family against career choice India
General Wants job in Indiia India

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Boss won't give him a raise

Topic: General


September 11, 2004

My boss of two years says that my work is excellent. So how come this does not translate into more pay? What, apart from axcellent work output, is required for him to be willing to try to obtain more pay for me? Others who do similar work in different "divisions" of the very very large international "organization" that I work for are paid very much much more. Numerous technical "explanations" have been given. Am I right in thinking that the decision really lies with the boss? How do I tackle this issue successfully?

- Africa



This is a complex subject. Your work may be excellent, but is it valuable or important to your boss? For example, if you would quit, could you be easily replaced? If so, you need to seek tasks that increase your value.

Note that some bosses put more value on personality than on excellent work. It is hard to believe, but they will pay someone they like more than someone who does good work. You need to know what attitudes your boss has.

I once had a boss who gave a very small raise my first year with him. He said he did that so I will be motivated to work even harder the next year. I said to myself, "There won't be a next year of me working for you."

What you need to do is to do a little analysis of the type of person your boss is and how he treats his workers. Also look at how valuable you are in this job. Build up your value to the company. Then start checking around to see about a possible transfer. You have to be very discrete not to jeopardize your job.

You want to be in a position where you have some options and perhaps have others interested in hiring you. This is being very proactive about your career.

I hope these ideas help. Let me know how things turn out.

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Wants to be a professional athlete

Topic: General


August 26, 2004

I have finished my secondary school and preparing for college. I am having a problem in choosing Business management or sport for my career. Could you please tell me which is better for me, which has more value and will give me more salaries.

I really love to play sport because I have the talent and interest, and in the last 2 years I have won atleast 19 trophies and 2 medals.

I have always had a dream of coming to America and becoming good at sports because only America seem to be having all the great champions of sport(Men and Women).

You see I am an Indian, but I was born in Kuwait and I am still studing there and I have played in good sports club and won lot of trophies, but unfortunately I seemed to be going nowhere and I am stuck here. I do love the place, but there are no oppurtunities of becoming a world class champion in sports.

Thank you,

Tracy - Kuwait



As a career, it is always good to look into business. But that is not to say you should give up your dream of a career in sports. In fact, they make a good combination. Plus, realize that after a sports career is over, you still may have to earn a living.

Check into colleges that offer sports scholarships or that have a good program in the sports you play. You want to be able to play in a highly competitive league, but still be able to make the first team before you graduate.

Also, make sure your sport has a professional league where that pay the athletes good wages. In some sports there is little money to be made. But even Olympic winners in such sports can receive bonuses and contracts.

It is an exciting time in your life. Try to get into a college that will give you the opportunities you seek.

Best wishes in your career.

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Wants job as freelancer

Topic: General


August 18, 2004

Dear Sir
I am an international visitor to your site & have been searching for many days for a site like yours; I really am impressed with your site & its options and really unique services. I really want to work for you as freelancer, any writer or any kind of writing job.
Since I have just graduated and planning to go for further studies, I think I can really offer you best of my education.
I have been writing (long & short) stories, articles, essays & reports for past few years for my school & collage, plus I have done a little of computers which includes computers basics, Microsoft power point presentation, Microsoft word, visual basics, basics of java & C++ and have quite good research skills.
I will try to be very punctual, creative, friendly and natural. Please respond positively.
I have a little request that when my salary is paid please see that its NOT paid by PAYPAL as those services are not available here.
I am eagerly waiting for your reply.
Yours truly
Anjum Tahsin

anjum - Saudi Arabia



Thank you for your interest. The School for Champions is a nonprofit organization, and thus funding is an issue, such that we cannot hire workers or freelancers at this time.

People who do contribute lessons or material do so for the exposure. We provide a short statement about the person, a link to their website and contact information.

The value to the writer is that others interested in the subject matter may write and even seek to hire the person. Also, when looking for a job, the person can point to the published articles as a way to show skill and knowledge in the area.

The articles should be as lessons and fairly short. If you would like to contribute, you can send a sample article for consideration.

In the meanwhile, best wishes in your career.

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Wants to be a doctor

Topic: General


August 7, 2004

I am college going student (GPA4.75). I would like to be a doctor. I am willing to study in UK. For that cause I would like to get importent sugetion from you. I will be highly pleased if you kindly send me an email

yours ever

joynal - Bangladesh



It is good that you wish to be a doctor, since there is a great need for physicians. There is great competition for enrollment in medical schools in any country. You will need to do much research to find an appropriate school in the UK, as well as to determine requirements you need to fill.

Although you can do a search on medical schools on the Internet, a better place to start is in your own school. There should be counselors that can give you information about going to Graduate School and applying to schools overseas.

Do not be discouraged, becausing information is often not easy to obtain. One other thing to do is to ask for advice from local physicians. They may be able to tell you the best route to take.

Best wishes in your efforts.

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Having trouble getting a job

Topic: General


July 22, 2004

I'm a graduate of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering in Nigeria,I finished my youth service last at abuja with the Fed.Min of water resources,I've written several applications to several company I considered good enough for me but till now, nothing has come so far.At this stage of life, I think of going into a self business but the capital to start is a problem.Please see to my joblessness and give me an idea of how to cope with the ups and down of life.
Massage from job seeker

Geoffery - Nigeria



It is more difficult to get a job than to do the job. You must do research on companies that interest you. Find out who is the manager in the area where you want to work. Or even someone who works there. Then contact that person to see what employment prospects are with the company. If you can do this by telephone, it is the best. That will get your foot in the door.

Remember that the resume is just to get their interest and get an interview. Filling out an application or sending in a resume does not get you the job.

Ask friends if they know of any companies in need of a metallurgical engineer. Sometimes you may be able to get a lead. Getting a job is a long slow process, even for jobs in demand. You must work on it methodically every day.

There are two major factors in starting your own business: (1) Having enough money to last until you get some contracts and (2) Knowing enough people in the business. For that reason, it is good to get a job and join some professional associations in order to get to know the right people. With experience and contacts, you can then start your business.

Best wishes in your efforts.

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Definitions of career terms

Topic: General


July 22, 2004

what are the relationships and differences between occupation, specialization, profession and career.

tari - USA



Occupation is what you do for a job, specialization is a distinct skill in which you specialize, profession is an occupation where you have a college degree, and career is a long-term profession.

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Wants to be a ship builder

Topic: General


June 30, 2004

I will like to become one of your Engineering student. I am interested in this course. I will be very happy if your can please send me details about how someone can become a ship builder.

Thanks for your favourably consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Hameed - Nigeria



The School for Champions only provides lessons to help students. We do not have degreed courses. The Rivers State University in Nigeria offers courses in Marine Engineering. See Checking with them would be the best first step.

Best wishes in your career as a ship builder.

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Wants to know which career path to take

Topic: General


June 28, 2004

Dear sir,

I am student of Information Systems. I want to develop my career in ICT sector.
In fact I am so much confuse in which particular field of ICT (software development, networking, database, web, e-commerce) should I emphasize in order to build my career.

If there any book, reference, journal, web side that can help me to make a decision regarding my career. In fact I need a proper guidance.

I would be very much glade if you sincere give me suggestion.

May GOD bless you.

- Bangladesh



The selection of a career path should be a combination of what you really like to do, what you are good at, and what job is in demand for workers and pays well.

One of the best methods to use is to start a search on the various jobs of interest through the online job search sites. and are two sites for the U.S. There are also sites for other countries.

With this method, you can see which skills are in the highest demand. You can also see what other requirements they have.

Another good method is to check with local companies that may hire people in your field. Try to find a worker or manager who would be willing to tell you about promise in the field.

Finally, all areas you mentioned have a good future. Which one do you really enjoy doing? That is a very important factor in success.

Best wishes in your studies and your career.

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Family against career choice

Topic: General


June 24, 2004

I am a 21 year old girl from India. I have finished my Engineering course in the discipline of Electronics and Instrumentation.I have a strong liking for the subject Biotechnology and am very much interseted in Research.I could have chosen this as my Graduation discipline but I had to opt out because of a strong opposition from my family. The reason that I wanted to something else had made me become depressed and unlikingly I finished my graduation in Instrumentation.I passed in second class(59%).I still have a great liking for the subject of Biotechnology and would want to make a career out of it. I am really in a dilemna as I do not know what are my chances to get into my fauvorite field. I will be really very much grateful to you if you can show me a way.
Thanking you
Your's Sincerely

Aguduri - India



Your family's preference for Electronics and Instrumentation is most likely because they feel there are more available jobs in that field. Biotechnology is more of a new field, and many people aren't familiar with the area. What you must do is to show your family the value and potential of work in this field. If they can see you getting a good job, they will be more apt to agree.

See: for some sites to give you ideas. Check some other areas to be able to show them it is a good field.

Since you have graduated in Instrumentation, perhaps you can get a job where the company may help you with further schooling or where you can save enough to go on in the field of your choice.

Although you must be respectful of your family, you must also follow your heart. It is much better to be working in a field that you enjoy and are interested in. Also, you usually are more skilled in such a field.

Best wishes in your career and in getting into the field of your choice. Let me know how things turn out.

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Wants job in Indiia

Topic: General


May 30, 2004


I am a BE in Mech Engg,and have graduated out in June 2002. I am 23 years of age and, am currently employed in a leading IT Consultancy firm.

I have received an admit from the University of Maryland College Park,USA for a Masters in Mechanical Engineering for Fall 2004. I have also received an offer of a Research Assistantship at the same university,and will be specializing in Electronic Products and Systems.

I intend to pursue a doctoral program(PhD) on completion of the 2 year Masters program,and wish to undertake research work in Mechatronics/Automation/Robotics.

I however,wish to return to India on completion of my studies.I would ideally prefer getting involved with research work within the industry, though I am open to academics too.

Could you please guide me on the career options I will have open before me,in India,on my return?What are the kind of companies/concerns/research organizations/institutions that I could apply to for a suitable position after completion of such higher education ?

Please also let me know,the web addresses of any links that I might find useful in researching my career plans on completion of my higher studies as stated above.

Do you think a PhD degree will dimish my chances of getting into hardcore industrial work?How much different will the job context in India be, between a Masters and a Doctoral Graduate?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Shirsho - India



Your field is one that should have many jobs available, both in the U.S. and India. With a PhD, there is always the option of doing research for a university. But there probably are more jobs available at the master degree level. Some students get a masters, work for a few years and then get their doctor's degree.

You might contact the following companies, just to see their future interest:

Also resource to check is: They have a listing of many job and career sites in India. You can look through the jobs of interest and see if many desire someone with a PhD.

Best wishes in your career.

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