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Feedback Q&A on Careers

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 79 comments and questions on Career issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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General Have problems speaking to customers India
General Not good at arithmetic but want to be a software engineer South Africa
General What careers are available for a History major? Nigeria
Top Mistakes Does vocation have to do with talent? Nigeria
Where Companies Look Mistake on numbering USA
General Is it necessary to attend school to succeed? India
Fear in Job Interview Get nervous during job interview UK
General Don't know what type of job to get RSA
General What grades needed to be a paramedic? UK
General Wants to be an aerospace engineer France

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Have problems speaking to customers

Topic: General


June 11, 2012

I am Prakash. I have been working with a Top software organisation as a Manager. I recently joined this organisation.
In my previous oranisation i dis not attend any calls or talking to customers. Now I have to attend Phone calls daily. I have to talk and listen more. I am not able to talk more than 2 minutes in a call. I feel humiliated and losing my confidence. I have a thought in my mind that better to got the previous job for less salary. I am in a Manager level. I have reportees. They talk very fluently. I could not able to answer them fluently. I feel disappointed.
Please help me out.

Prakash - India



Such a situation sounds difficult. However, they would not have hired you if upper management did not think you had needed skills and potential.

Although difficult, it can be an opportunity to improve yourself and expand your horizons.

If customers are calling about problems or for technical information, you could act as a filter and then transfer the call to an "expert" on your team. As a manager, you should manage and the workers should perform the detailed tasks.

It would be good to check with your supervisor to verify exactly what you are expected to do. Often a detailed job description is available to use.

Show appreciation to your reportees for the fact they are more fluent than you. They will not think less of you if you praise them for their efforts.

Note that in your career, it is often better to be doing what you like to do, as opposed to doing something that makes you uncomfortable, even though you are making more money.

Try to improve your skills such that you can do a good job. But also make sure you are doing what you love and are good at.

Best wishes in where your career is taking you. I am sure that things will get better for you.

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Not good at arithmetic but want to be a software engineer

Topic: General


September 16, 2011

Hello there ! I'm recently looking for information, i'm not good in using my head for calculation in arithmetics but i know how to use rules and calculate it using the calculator so i want to know i can succeed in computer softwer engineer ? And what is the minimum marks required so that i can qualify to this course , my grade is 10 . So please can you please rejoin in details about that cos i am a passion person and enjoy your day .

Arnold - South Africa



A computer software engineer needs to know various programming languages and be able to apply them to solve problems or create applications. Being good in making calculations in arithmetic is not essential for that job.

A big problem today is that many students do not learn to perform calculations. Instead, they use a calculator. However, it is good to be able to do the calculations in your head, because it is faster and shows an understanding of the problems.

Do not think of only getting the minimum grades. Instead apply yourself to do the best that you can in all subjects.

Learning how a computer and the operating system works is a good start in becoming a software engineer. There are many clubs and groups where students gather to discuss writing software code. Try to find such groups in your school of community. That is a good way to start.

Best wishes in becoming a top software engineer.

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What careers are available for a History major?

Topic: General


May 25, 2011

hi! Am just been admited to school recently and i was giving history & international studies as a cause in univesity, my question is that what can i do with it even without working under anybody .

omotoso - Nigeria



Students who major in History and International Studies can get a job teaching the subjects, provided they get advanced degrees. Often people going into national politics are versed in those subjects. Also, experts can be hired as consultants to the government.

One problem with those subjects as majors in college is that they are many more students taking such course as there are jobs or careers available. Your school should have a career counselor who could tell you what types of jobs there are.

Although you may be very interested in History and International Studies, it might be better to put those subjects as a minor area in school and look for a major area that has good job potential, plus is something you are also interested in.

Combining job potential with your areas of interest can have the best results.

Best wishes for you in school and in your career after you graduate.

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Does vocation have to do with talent?

Topic: Top Mistakes


May 22, 2011

Running a vocation, does it have any connection with talent?

Dennis - Nigeria



A vocation is the same as an occupation to which a person is specially drawn or that they are suited, trained or qualified to do.

Usually, if you are talented in an area, you enjoy doing that type of work and may turn it into a vocation.

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Mistake on numbering

Topic: Where Companies Look


April 26, 2011

On #3 of the mini-quiz, there is an (a), but two (c) responses -- no (b)! You might want to change that on-line. Enjoyed the quiz!




Thanks for pointing that out to me. I corrected the quiz answer numbering.

Best wishes in your career.

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Is it necessary to attend school to succeed?

Topic: General


April 8, 2011

is it necessary to attend schools/colleges regularly to do good result.

Samrat - India



Getting a degree or diploma in high school, as well as college is very helpful in getting a good job. The knowledge you gain will allow you to advance.

If you are going to school but do not attend regularly, you will probably be missing important information required to pass the tests.

However, many students are now learning through online courses, where they study at home or other place on a computer.

Although a good education is important, there still are some who have not received a degree or diploma and are still very successful. Usually, they are hard workers who have gained skills through other means.

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Get nervous during job interview

Topic: Fear in Job Interview


February 7, 2011

I have a real serious problems with interviews I dont know what to do, I am breaking point. When I arrive at an interiew I start sweating, get nervious, when I get into the interview room I dont know what to say, this has being going on for about 20 yrs now. Please help.


Janet - UK



One of the most important things to do before an interview is preparation and practice.

Find out about the company and what they consider valuable traits in an employee.

Go through some practice interviews with a friend acting as the interviewing manager. Have you friend ask some tough questions like, "Why do you want this job?", "Why did you leave your last job?" and "Tell us why we should hire you." Think of some other questions like that. You need to have your answers ready.

Another thing to do is to memorize a few mini-stories related to your experience and background. For example, if asked, "Do you know about Accounting?" you could respond with a story like, "When I was working at XYZ company, the accountant became ill, so I filled in the position for several days. It really helped out."

When you go on your interview, bring your resume that you can refer to during the interview.

Finally, before you go into the interview room, visualize the others as friendly people who are interested in what you have to offer.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes in doing well in you interviews. (I know you will do a great job.)

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Don't know what type of job to get

Topic: General


February 1, 2011

Im doing physcs, life science, mathematics and business studies at school. But my problem is that i don't know what kind of job i want to do when i finish school and what caurses i must do when i get to university. I'd like you to give me option of subjects that i can find. I'd also love to do something that is based on science.(e.g discovering new things about the world). I am currently doing grade 11. Hopefully i will finish school next year




First of all, consider what is your favorite subject and which one are you best at? Usually -- but not always -- they are the same. This gives you an idea of the direction you might want to go.

In college, you typically major in one subject and minor in another, such that the combination would work well with the type of job you want. For example, an inventor may major in one of the sciences and minor in business, so that he can invent and then sell his invention.

The big thing in grade 11 is to start looking at possible colleges to attend. In the first year in college, you usually take general courses and then pick major courses in your second year. They do have career counselors in colleges to help to guide in what courses and what jobs are available.

Look in newspapers and magazines to see about exciting new fields. Also look at the want ads in a major city newspaper to see a listing of interesting jobs. Often they give requirements of courses that should have been taken.

Take a look at "Jobs Using Physical Science" at:

It is an exciting time to be considering a great career. Start looking now to get some good ideas. Best wishes in your efforts.

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What grades needed to be a paramedic?

Topic: General


January 19, 2011

could you please tell me what grades i need to start training to become a paramedic

ryan - UK



A main requirement for being a paramedic is to have at least a high school diploma. There doesn't seem to be any grade pint average requirements. However, after high school, you will need to take Emergency Medical Technician training to get certified. Good grades in school will help you pass that training.

For information on becoming a paramedic see:

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Wants to be an aerospace engineer

Topic: General


November 24, 2010

I've been consulting yr website for the past months, and it has been of great help in my final exams revisions,THANK YOU.
However, now that I'm done with exams, i've started applying for colleges. i would like to ask some advice/help in deciding about the field of study which is best according to what i want.
OK, I am a science student,greatly interested in physics but also good at math and chemistry.I want to have a career in aeronautics or aerospace engineering. While applying,I'm asked to choose fields btn physical sciences and engineering, what is the best option? i find choosing just engineering a broad option(not specific) and physical sciences appears vague option(not clear what the future career ought to be).Let me know yr opinion on this.Thanks.

- France



A career in aeronautics or aerospace engineering are great choices for someone interested in the sciences. Typically, in your first years in college, you will be required to take physics, advanced mathematics and mechanical engineering courses. You'll probably need to take a year of chemistry, too.

Some advanced study areas in Aerospace engineering include:

* Aerodynamics/Fluid Dynamics
* Aerospace Control
* Aerospace Design
* Aerospace Structures
* Computational Fluid Dynamics
* Hypersonics/Kinetics of Gases and Plasmas
* Propulsion
* Space Science

Ideally, it would be good to find a school that gives a degree in Aerospace engineering. However, you can take appropriate sites in engineering courses that you can later apply for an advanced degree in Aerospace engineering.

The big thing is to find a good school that you can afford and where you will be comfortable. Start getting your education. You may change directions or find something that you really like, once you get started.

Best wishes for success in school and in your career.

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