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Feedback Comments on Character by Ron Kurtus - Character Rules in Business and in Life. Key words: honesty, courage, responsibility, honor, reliability, service, stealing, cheating, School for Champions. Copyright © Restrictions

Feedback Comments on Character

by Ron Kurtus

A total of 158 comments and questions have been sent in. They are listed according to date.

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Franklin's Virtues Virtues are a mold to live by USA
Stealing Do people caught stealing go to jail? USA
Stealing My friend got caught stealing USA
Traits How many character traits can a person have? USA
General How do I develop good character? South Sudan
Responsible What does being responsible mean? Malaysia
Stealing I used to steal UK
Honesty What is a trustworthy marriage? Zimbabwe
Determination Family is against person's dreams Nigeria
Stealing Thinking of stealing since husband has poor job USA

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Virtues are a mold to live by

Topic: Franklin's Virtues


February 26, 2012

the virtues and the ten commandments are a mold to live our live's by. Being a good, just and charitable person will give all a life very close to the mold we have set to live our live's by. Being of moral character and a patriot to the republic makes the U.S.A. a great country to live , we should all contribute to the priviledge of being a citizen, free and given the chance to prosper.

Bob - USA



Thank you for your views on the subject. I believe that most people will agree with you. It is also the philosophy of the School for Champions website.

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Do people caught stealing go to jail?

Topic: Stealing


December 12, 2011

The people that get caught do they go to jail or do they have tobe on house arres?.....

Stacey - USA



Some stores like Wal-Mart are cracking down on shoplifters and will call the police if they catch one. After checking if the person is a repeat offender, the police will usually take the person's name and perhaps give a ticket. Sometimes they just give a warning. Other times the shoplifter will have to go to court and get a fine to pay. Seldom is a person put in jail for a first offense.

Other type of stealing, like breaking into a house or robbing a person, is handled much more seriously. Still, the person is required to go to court and may get a fine or even be sent to jail.

House arrest is only used as a special form of punishment instead of jail.

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My friend got caught stealing

Topic: Stealing


October 12, 2011

Hi , yesterday one of my friend who lives in pennsylvania , caught while shoplifting and she got arrested and police has taken her photo id and her fingerprint and then they released...stating she will get a letter from the court ...she stole ear rings of worth $140 , actually she is in phone and she is not paying attention to the things she is buying and she has already bought one ear rings from the macys and she stayed there for another 30 minutes if she want to steal one more ear rings , she would have already be out of the store earlier but she did not have any intention of stealing..can you give me the best possible solution .....and she is an international student and she is on F-1 status....

xxx - USA



Unfortunately, we have received a number of letters from international students who were caught shoplifting. It is not a good situation for anyone, especially someone in a foreign country.

If it truly was a careless mistake, it was extremely careless to examine something in a store and then walk out with it, not realizing she did not pay for the ear rings.

Her best course of action is to hire a lawyer and try to plead her case that it was an accident and that she would pay for the ear rings. Her counselor at school is a good place to start for getting advice in this situation.

It is unlikely she would be put in jail, although she may get a fine. But the big problem is the possibility of having her visa taken away and having to leave the country.

I hope everything works out for your friend and that this will be a lesson learned for her.

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How many character traits can a person have?

Topic: Traits


August 22, 2011

how many character traits can 1 peron have my teacher told me to pull up this site and see what character of traits i posses what does that mean.

robyn - USA



There are long lists of possible character traits. However, we've tried to narrow the list down. The lesson Three Character Trait Classifications gives and overview of some of the possible character traits.

Examples of personal character traits are whether you are hard working or lazy, conscientious or careless, and courageous or cowardly. Social character traits include whether you are honest or dishonest and whether you are harmful or helpful to other people.

There are many character traits that are in between the extremes. For example, a person might act lazy about something she doesn't like to do but be ambition for things she likes.

It is good to study your own behavior to know more about yourself.

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How do I develop good character?

Topic: General


August 13, 2011

Please, outline for me ways of developing good character? Thanks

- South Sudan



There are a number of character traits that will help your individual performance. Some of these are working hard, doing a good job, being conscientious, and being courageous.

There are also positive character traits for dealing with other people. Some are to be honest, do not harm others, and to be helpful.

Finally, there are rules to follow to be a good member of your society and religion.

Realizing what is good behavior in each of those areas and following those values will help you be considered as a person with good character. And that will lead to success in what you do.

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What does being responsible mean?

Topic: Responsible


April 27, 2011

I am doing a paper that relates to this topic and I would like to know further about being responsible means. Is being responsible can bring one to be success? Is being responsible person is more important than being successful person? How do you think that success is related to responsibility of a person?
I hope that I can get an acknowledgement from you soon. Thank you for your help.

Cindy - Malaysia



A person who is responsible acknowledges his or her role in doing things. If something goes wrong, it means not making excuses. It is also feeling like you are in control of a situation as opposed to feeling you are a victim.

Being responsible means you are accountable. In a business or a job, the person in charge is responsible for what is done.

Taking responsibility means that you grow from what you do, as well as mistakes you make. It is a good character trait to have to help you become successful.

Successful people are usually responsible for their success.

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I used to steal

Topic: Stealing


April 7, 2011

used to steal and now everyone in my class acuse me for missing propeties. What can I do?

- UK



One of the biggest problems with stealing is that you can get a reputation of being a thief. Even if you no longer steal and are very honest, there still will be people who suspect you of being a thief, especially if something is missing.

You need to go out of your way to show you are honest. If something is missing, you may even offer to help find it or find who stole it.

It will take a long time to get your reputation back. But after a while others will forget, especially if he really show you are honest.

Best wishes on getting others to trust you again.

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What is a trustworthy marriage?

Topic: Honesty


March 26, 2011

What is a trustworthy marriage or family spiritualy?

victor - Zimbabwe



A trustworthy marriage is when each person trusts the other to be honest and honorable. When one person does not tell the truth or violates the marriage vow, the marriage is not trustworthy. However, if one asks for forgiveness, the trust can build over time.

Family spirituality can relate to good religious values, as well a good character and cooperation. You have a good spiritual family relationship when you are all at peace with each other, as well as yourself. There is the spirit of cooperation between husband and wife, as well as the children. You are all together for the good of the family.

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Family is against person's dreams

Topic: Determination


February 19, 2011

if someone is determined to do one particular thing in life and that is not in support with all the members of his/her family and all his/her focus is on that particular thing to do in life what will he/she do.

Chisa - Nigeria



Determination is often needed to achieve a specific goal. However, if that goal is not supported by members of the family, it presents a dilemma.

You have to understand their rationale and reasoning for not supporting the goal. Although in some cultures, the family has much influence on the direction a person should take, in these modern times young people like to try new things.

The best things is to ask the family members to have trust and allow you to try something different. Promise that if things do not work out, you can always change to their ideas.

In this way, it is a compromise instead of rebellion.

I assume that you have something you really want to do, so best wishes in achieving your dreams.

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Thinking of stealing since husband has poor job

Topic: Stealing


December 14, 2010

I am angry at my husband and have contemplated stealing what I need. I have religious convictions that tell me its wrong, though. I only thought about it because I'm so angry at my husband. He works in a certain trade where he can start his own business and earn a lot of money, yet he makes every excuse not to bother. Instead he keeps working for this jerk that teakes advantage of him and although he's worked there for 15 years and has been the best worker the company has ever had, his boss took away his personal and sick days and holiday pay. I'm very angry. He has enough talent to work for himself. I know he can't just quit his job, but he makes excuses for not naming his business so that he can't get business cards and can't advertise in the better papers that reach more people. Us and our four kids are going without. I don't even have sheets on my bed, I go to the salvation army for my kids clothes, who are growing like weeks. I pick garbage from the side of the road to try to sell it. I'm so angry. He could do better, but it seems his loyalty is to his horrible boss then to his family! I've really thought about leaving him, maybe then he'd get his act together. I'm really sad. This isn't even me to think about such things as stealing. :(

nobody - USA



I think the big problem is that your husband doesn't realize his skills and can't picture himself in business for himself. Starting up your own business is a scary proposition, and it is probably easier to go through the same old routine at work.

Since his boss takes advantage of him, it is apparent that he is not getting any recognition or praise for the work he does. That just keeps his self-image down.

Here is an exercise you can try, if you can get some quiet time together. Get out a couple of pieces of paper and a pencil. Ask him what are some of the things he has really enjoyed doing in the past 10 years or so. Write them down. On another paper, tell him enjoyable times you have had and write them down. It doesn't have to be many.

Then under that list, ask him to tell some of the things he has done that he was proud of, especially at work. You can make a list of your accomplishments too. It doesn't have to be anything sensational. But it makes you think of things each of you has done.

Finally, ask him to tell you things he'd like to do in the next 5 years. You do the same.

Now, the whole idea of this is that when he looks at his list, he can realize, "Hey! I've got something going for myself!" It also points out where you two want to go in your lives.

Hopefully, this will get him thinking and perhaps give him some incentive.

As far as starting up his own business goes, it is not easy unless there is outside work available. Usually, you need some back-up money to get by until work comes in. But at the very least, your husband should look for another job where he will be appreciated.

For information on starting a business, see:

As far as stealing to get what you want goes, you know that it is not only wrong, but it is stupid. If you would get caught, it would be bad for your family.

But you shouldn't have to be be skimping and collecting garbage when your husband has a solid job. Hopefully, he is not drinking or gambling the money away.

Try the exercise I suggested. If your husband doesn't want to cooperate and doesn't seem to care about the condition of his family, then I don't know what to say.

Best wishes in improving your life and that of your family. Let me know how things turn out.

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