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Feedback Q&A on Chemistry

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 545 comments and questions on Chemistry issues. They are listed according to date.

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General I need Chemistry notes South Africa
General What is oxidation reduction process Philippines
Polar Molecules List decreasing order of polar solvents India
Uses for Hydrogen Can we get hydrogen from air? India
General What is a simple strategy to understand chemistry? South Africa
Polar Molecules How does oxygen dissolve in water? Australia
Uses for Hydrogen I though helium caused balloon to float Australia
Acids Meanings of acide prefixes Nigeria
Acids Significance of acid prefixes Nigeria
General Empirical formula of a chemical compound Zambia

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I need Chemistry notes

Topic: General


September 20, 2013

i need some notes of chemistry

Siyabonga - South Africa



You can read our lessons on Chemistry. Also check the Resources. This should help your understanding of the subject.

Best wishes for good grades.

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What is oxidation reduction process

Topic: General


September 20, 2013

can you answer me what is oxidation reduction process????

xiander - Philippines



The oxidation-reduction process is used in chemistry. Oxidation is adding oxygen to form an oxide. Reduction is removing oxygen from a compound. They always occur together.

A simple example is the burning of hydrogen to form water. Hydrogen is oxidized, while the oxygen molecule loses an oxygen atom to the hydrogen.

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List decreasing order of polar solvents

Topic: Polar Molecules


September 3, 2013

decreasing order of polar solvents.

anu - India



See Polarity Index for a list of polar solvents in increasing order.

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Can we get hydrogen from air?

Topic: Uses for Hydrogen


August 25, 2013

How can we take original hydogen from air?

Manpreet - India



There is a very small amount of hydrogen in the atmosphere, and it is difficult to isolate. Instead, water (H20) is broken down by electrolysis to separate out the hydrogen. Water vapor from the air or from rain could be collected for this purpose.

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What is a simple strategy to understand chemistry?

Topic: General


August 24, 2013

what is the simple strategy of how to understand chemistry

SAMSON - South Africa



Chemistry concerns how atoms of different elements combine to form molecules. It is all based on how many electrons of the element are in its outer shell, as compared to the maximum for that shell. This determined which elements will combine with others.

Two or more atoms combined as a molecule results in a material with different properties than the individual atoms.

Much of chemistry concerns knowing which elements combine. Chemistry isn't difficult, but to an extent, it requires a good memory.

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How does oxygen dissolve in water?

Topic: Polar Molecules


August 15, 2013

Hi I love your work Ron as a grade 11 student. I appreciate what you're doing. I read your article about polar molecules but one thing still baffles me. why does oxygen dissolve in water yet it non-polar? Or is it not really dissolving into the water but has more to do with london dispersion forces between H20 and Oxygen?

thanks in Advance Mr. Kurtis, are there also any websites where I can read on this further?

Thanks in advance!

Guy - Australia



That is a tough question. I'm not sure of the answer and wasn't able to find much on it. A possible answer is How does the polarity of a substance affect its solubility in water? in Yahoo Answers.

I hope that helps

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I though helium caused balloon to float

Topic: Uses for Hydrogen


August 5, 2013

Hi :)
I found this very useful except i couldn't get my brain wrapped around this:
Isn't it helium that causes balloons to float...?
Just wondering,
Thanks :)

- Australia



Hydrogen is the lightest weight molecule and is ideal for making balloons float. However, it is very inflammable, such that a spark could cause the balloon explode.

In 1937, a huge German blimp--the Hindenburg--filled with hydrogen exploded, killing many people. After that, they started using helium for floating air vessels.

Although helium is twice as heavy as a hydrogen molecule, it does not burn and is thus much safer to use in balloons.

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Meanings of acide prefixes

Topic: Acids


July 17, 2013

Please! Clarify to me the meanings of the prefixes; R, H, and G in R-acid, H-acid, and G-acid respectively.

Muhammad - Nigeria



I am not sure of the meanings of those prefixes. You might look at:
Nucleotide Codes, Amino Acid Codes, and Genetic Codes to see if they apply to your studies.

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Significance of acid prefixes

Topic: Acids


July 6, 2013

Please! I need some clarification on the meaning and significance of the prefixes; R, C, H and G in R-acid, C-acid, H-acid, G-acid respectively.
Thank you for your swift response.

Abu - Nigeria



Naming of those acids by the prefixes is not standard. An R-acid is crystalline sulfonic acid. I know of no clear definitions of C-acid, H-acid, G-acid.

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Empirical formula of a chemical compound

Topic: General


June 15, 2013

can you explain more on the emperical formula of compounds? i would really appriciate.

israel - Zambia



A molecular formula identifies the number of each type of atom in a molecule. For example glucose is C6-H12-O6.

An empirical formula of a chemical compound is the simplest positive integer ratio of atoms present in a compound. For glucose the empirical formula is C-H2-O.

Another example is the empirical formula of hydrogen peroxide (H2-O2) is simply HO.

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