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Feedback Q&A on Competition

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 46 comments and questions on Competition issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Riggs vs King Tennis Match Where can I find out the handicaps? USA
Riggs vs King Tennis Match Feels there definitely were handicaps USA
Riggs vs King Tennis Match Did Riggs play at a disadvantage? USA
Performance Competition Entering in a beauty contest TANZANIA
Riggs vs King Tennis Match Where did you get information on handicap? USA
General Wants to be more competitive in the business world USA

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Where can I find out the handicaps?

Topic: Riggs vs King Tennis Match


May 23, 2006

Where can I find out the handicaps that Both Margaret Court and Billie Jean King had? There were several significant handicaps and all the writers tell how she beat him, but neglect to mention the handicaps. The two most important were he was allowed only 1 serve and an even more important one was that she was allowed the outside doubles lanes. That is huge She could run him amd hit thwe ball what 3 or so feet wide om either side and get the point Where is that written. I tried it with a guy I play even and I gave him that handicap and he killed me 6-0 6-0 when I ncould no longer hit a hard first serve andf his normal wide shots were winners

Jeffrey - USA



It is unfortunate, but the reporters where more interested in the battle of the sexes angle than in other aspects of the match. I know that other people seem to recall there being a handicap, but I haven't been able to find any written verification.

One big problem is that Riggs did not train for the match. He spent time promoting and partying and was in terrible shape for someone his age. Meanwhile King trained hard to be ready for the match.

I've never heard of any handicap in the match against Court. Riggs just psyched her out.

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Feels there definitely were handicaps

Topic: Riggs vs King Tennis Match


May 23, 2006

Read your comment on the handicaps You said some readers saw that match and denied the handicaps. I am an avid tennis player who watched both matches and there definately were the handicaps. Its a shame women claim that as a vicxtory That would be like me taking my 21 year old son, and having him have a boxing match with Muhammed Ali and have Ali at his age and condition now tie one hand behind his back and not allow him to puch above the shoulders and them claim ny son beat "The Greatest" champion The king Riggs was a joke and most people dont even know he beat Margaret Court worse 6-2, 6-1 earlier in the year

Jeffrey - USA



Although we can't seem to prove if there really were handicaps in the match between Riggs and King, the point I was trying to make was the effect of using psychological strategies to gain an edge in a competition. Sometimes giving a handicap will cause your opponent to relax too much, thus negating the effect of the handicap. But also being overconfident--as Riggs was after beating Court--can cause your downfall.

Needless to say, win or lose, the match made Bobby Riggs a household name, as well as giving women's tennis a shot in the arm.

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Did Riggs play at a disadvantage?

Topic: Riggs vs King Tennis Match


April 29, 2006

I have been fascinated by the Riggs-King match for years and I seem to remember that Riggs played at a disadvantage. I thought it was that one of the following:

1. He had only one serve and King had the usual 2.

2. Riggs had the regular lines and King had the doubles lines.

3. Riggs had the regular lines in the serve and King had doubles lines in the serve.

If you know the particulars on the disadvantage or handicap, I would love to know and why is it that it is never mentioned when this match is written about.


Fran - USA



I've also heard that Riggs had only 1 serve to King's 2 and that she had the doubles lines. Unfortunately, none of the news stories mention any handicap. Their emphasis is mainly on the "battle of the sexes" and not on the particulars. Also, some people who saw the match claim that there were no handicaps.

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Entering in a beauty contest

Topic: Performance Competition


February 15, 2006

My name is Rutta Evodius a second year student of University of Dar es salaam.
I would like to have your advise on strategies to win a beauty contetst which involves talent commpetetion between students.
Your advise should also involve on techniques to deliver speech.
kind regards,




One of the best things to do when competing in a beauty contest is to study the previous winners, if possible. From studying them, you can see how they looked, what they wore and what they did in the talent competition. This will give you an idea of what they judges are looking for.

The best thing is to be able to talk to the winner or even someone who has competed. You may be able to learn some valuable information on what to look for and what is important.

In the higher levels of beauty contests, participants often hire special beauty-contest coaches to guide them. You would think that it is only good looks and talent, but when the competition is strong, those that want to win will use means to give them an edge.

You might get some ideas from:

If you are going to deliver a speech, select a subject that is close to your heart and that is of interest to others. When you show you care about something dearly and want to help change the world, it can be an effective speech.

The most important thing about your speech is to practice it many times. Find out the time limit is on the speech and time yourself to make sure you don't go over the limit. Practice in front of friends, family and anywhere you can so that you are sure and confident of yourself. See our section on Speaking at:

I hope these ideas help and that you will do well in the contest. Whether you win or not, it is a great experience and should be fun.

Best wishes and let me know how it turns out.

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Where did you get information on handicap?

Topic: Riggs vs King Tennis Match


January 8, 2006

I know that Riggs had a handicap in the match, but coverage of it is almost non-existant. Even Wikipedia doesn't mention the serve disadvantage. Could you tell me where you got the information about the handicaps? Thanks.

Matt - USA



I was suprised about that too. One source was in a biography of Riggs at

I'll have to add that to the Resources on that page.

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Wants to be more competitive in the business world

Topic: General


April 4, 2004

Hi I study Management Information Systems which is a branch of Business Administration. My question is what other than an MIS degree would I need to make myself more competitive in the business world. The only thing I can think of now is that if my goal is to start my own business I will need to study entrepreneurship but what if I dont want to start my own business and work my way up? Is there any advice you think you could give me on that, thanks.

Nate - USA



The first step is to get a job with a good company. You may go through a few jobs until you find a company that shows promise for advancement. The big thing to do is to make yourself valuable to the company. That is not something that is taught in school. You must keep your eyes open for opportunities to fill in a need.

A MBA is later worthwhile, and many companies will pay for the degree.

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