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Feedback Q&A on Education

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 117 comments and questions on Education issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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General Send me lesson plans India
General How can xenophobia affect a child's learning? South Africa
General Poverty as a barrier to learning South Africa
As a Business How is a school like a business? USA
Process Interested in education process Tanzania
Teaching Skills How can I improve my teaching skill? Afghanistan
Philosophies Science, philosophy and knowledge Afghanistan
Philosophies Existentialism and education South Africa
General Looking for free home study UK
Process Education is the best way to life Ghana

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Send me lesson plans

Topic: General


October 18, 2011


navjeet - India



Sorry, we do not have lesson plans to send. Feel free to use our material to supplement your studies.

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How can xenophobia affect a child's learning?

Topic: General


September 11, 2011

How can incidences of xenophobia affect children's development and learning.

Salmina Mampa - South Africa



Xenophobia is the fear or dislike of foreign people or those who have difference cultures.

If those around a child exhibit xenophobia toward others they feel are different, the child will learn that attitude. This can limit how much the child will learn, since different cultures can introduce new ideas and expand learning.

If a child is from a different country or culture and experiences xenophobia from teachers and others in school, it will limit opportunities and how much the child can learn. It can also affect the child's self-esteem and confidence in learning.

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Poverty as a barrier to learning

Topic: General


September 7, 2011

how poverty can be a barrier to learning in South Africa?

SALMINA - South Africa



Poverty is a barrier to education in all countries. If a nation has a high rate of poverty, they often cannot afford to educate all of the students. Often the country does not have the money for teachers.

Even if a country has good schools, people living in poverty often do not have access to the schools. Also, not having enough to eat can hurt a child's ability to learn.

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How is a school like a business?

Topic: As a Business


May 13, 2011

I am a public school board member. I am trying to understand better the relationship between public schools and business or whether or not there is a relationship. If so, to what level should I be looking at what we do as a business decision?

Victoria - USA



A private school is a form of for-profit business that provides education for students in exchange for tuition from the parents. If the school does not provide what the parents want for their children, they can go elsewhere and the school loses its "customers."

Also, with a private school, business decisions can affect the profits and bottom line of the school.

On the other hand, a public school is a form of non-profit business where payment or funding comes from taxpayers, including parents of the children in school. This greatly reduces the accountability, as well as motivation for good results. Political factions, unions, etc. often are self-serving, as opposed to looking out for the education of the students.

I guess that the main business decisions are whether various projects fit within the school budget.

Note that many businesses have a statement of their values. This would be important for the school board to have. The fist value could be: "The education of the children is the most important."

I hope these ideas help.

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Interested in education process

Topic: Process


April 3, 2011

I'm very interested with this explanation.

Which books can be used as a reference and how can I receive such reference?

IDD - Tanzania



It may be easier for you to get your information through the Internet, as opposed to trying to purchase books on the subject of the Educational Process.

One good source of information is at Education - Process.

You can also find information on Curriculum Theory.

I hope that helps.

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How can I improve my teaching skill?

Topic: Teaching Skills


March 31, 2011

yesterday i sent you a question that unfortunately i didn't receive the answer yet
so i am going to ask next question that how can i improve my teaching skill?
please answer my question as soon as possible.

Ali - Afghanistan



The fact that you want to improve your teaching skill is important in actually becoming a better teacher.

Young people today often lose interest quickly. A way to keep their interest and attention is to explain things clearly and then use real-world examples, so the students will see the usefulness of the information. You can even use personal examples.

Never assume the students understand the material. Ask them if they understand or have questions. Some are shy about asking, so you need patience. Besides explaining the material, using illustrations or even writing important words on the board helps the students understand and learn.

Boys often get restless sitting in a class, so it is good to add some activities where they must get up. Sometimes allowing students to work in groups of 3 - 5 to solve problems keeps them active, as well as helps in working together.

I hope these idea help. Best wishes in successful teaching in your classes.

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Science, philosophy and knowledge

Topic: Philosophies


March 30, 2011

what is the deference between science and philosophy?
what has taken science and philosophy from?
what is the deference between science and knowledge?

Ali - Afghanistan



Science is the systematic study of the natural world.

Philosophy is the study of problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge and values.

Knowledge is expertise and skills acquired by a person through experience or education.

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Existentialism and education

Topic: Philosophies


March 23, 2011

i want to what is the existentialism and its educational ideas?

ziphezinhle - South Africa



Some good articles on the subject can be seen at: Existentialism in Education.

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Looking for free home study

Topic: General


March 2, 2011

hi im interested in doing a home study course but im on benefits can u suggest any such course that i can do for free at home many thanks with your help

natasha - UK



Doing a home study course takes discipline, since you do not have to go to a classroom. However, you can pick the times when you study. Online courses are becoming more popular, since it gives people flexibility. But it is not easy to ask questions or seek help if you have a problem with some material.

Although you can find some free online classes on the Internet, most charge money for them. I good thing to do is to check with your local adult education, colleges and school system to see what home study course they have available. Some may be free. Also, you may be able to quality for a grant to pay for the courses.

Best wishes on improving your knowledge and education.

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Education is the best way to life

Topic: Process


February 6, 2011

education is the best way to life...

ametsikor - Ghana



It is very true that education is very important in having a good life.

See Importance of Intellect in Life

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