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by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 117 comments and questions on Education issues. They are listed according to date.

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Teaching Hyperactive Son acts up when playing with others UK
Philosophies Goverment programs and educational philosophy Philippines
Teaching Hyperactive Four-year-old doesn't behave in British school Egypt
Teaching Hyperactive Daughter has many physical special needs USA
Teaching Hyperactive Son has been going the wrong direction India
Teaching Hyperactive Homeschooling my hyperactive son works well Bahrain
Teaching Hyperactive My 6-year-old son may have ADHD Egypt
Teaching Hyperactive Sone may have hyperthyroidism KSA
As a Business I say that Education is NOT a business USA
Teaching Hyperactive I think one student is ADHD Greece

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Son acts up when playing with others

Topic: Teaching Hyperactive


June 22, 2009

Hi there,
My son is hyper but with more them one friend only one to one he is bright as gold. He is four years old has a fantastic vocabulary and imagination and all this is very much stimulated by us parents, but learning in group starting the big issue. I really want to know exercise to help my son to be prepared to Pre School.
Do we have kind of exercise / as briefing or something else?
He is very good in all games for this age but as I sad one to one as soon we have more them one friend around bye bye his behaviour change completed. I though was toilet time and he holds to play more and not loose anything but my wife starts thinking can not be.
Please if you have any kind of advice send to me as I searching and I have not found any direction to my case.
I appreciate your time
Thanks a lot

Alex - UK



Many young boys are very active and full of energy. So that does not mean your son is hyperactive. It sounds like he is good at playing with another friend, but when there are several children involved, he starts to act up.

One thing to do is to watch him when he plays with just one friend. Does he seem to be in charge and controlling the games with suggestions and such? If he usually is the "boss" when playing with one friend, he may feel threatened when playing with several others, especially if one of the other boys seems more assertive. You son is just trying to be in charge. He has to learn to cooperate with the other children in playing.

Sometimes children who want to be the best among others will have problems in school, because they can't wait their turn or will act silly to get extra attention.

At four-years-old, a child is still very self-centered. It takes a while to learn social skills and how to get along with others.

Don't scold him if he acts up when playing with others, because he may like the extra attention. Instead, tell him it is nice to cooperate with others and praise him when he does get along with others, even if just one friend.

He is a normal boy, and it is good that he is bright for his age. He will learn social skills in time and with encouragement from his parents.

Best wishes on enjoying your son.

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Goverment programs and educational philosophy

Topic: Philosophies


March 23, 2009

based on the philosophy of education of one Eastern country, what do you consider could be the indicators for the successful implementation of the programs, policies vital to the country's development?

che - Philippines



I am not sure which Eastern country you are referring to or what their philosophy is.

If most of the people in that country were taught with a particular philosophy of education, their method of think and logical approach would be influenced by that philosophy. For example, government officials educated with a philosophy based on strict adherence to religious laws may not be flexible to respond to an economic crisis. On the other hand, they may respond well to social unrest.

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Four-year-old doesn't behave in British school

Topic: Teaching Hyperactive


March 4, 2009

My son is in a British school , it's a very good one and teachers are from Britain so I trust them. The problem with my son is that he is 4 and 4 months , he is in kg2 but he is not sitting in the class he is always out. When teachers push him to class , he push them or sleeps. They have a lot of work to be done in the class but my son does some work then he stops working with the class. At home he is ok he does his work , maybe in an unorganized way but he can do it with some help . When I asked the teachers they said that he can't go to grade one because he is weak . I'm asking is it a solution to let him repeat the same year or put him in grade one next year. Is to change of school will have a good result . Some say that he is still young and his teacher can't exactly tell me is he weak in the subject or the school is not suitable for his age? Can I say that he has ADHD?

sherien - Egypt



Children mature at different rates. Boys mature slower than girls. They are also more physically active and a little harder to get to do school work, especially when only 4 years old.

Also, some children do not do well in strict schools. It is too much pressure, especially at a young age. Although the British education is good, you might try him with Egyptian teachers or an Egyptian tutor to see how he responds.

Do not expect too much or pressure your son too much at his age. Note that some very successful people were slow starters. If he is a good boy at home, he will be acting better in school in the future.

By the way, he does not sound like he is ADHD.

Best wishes on having a happy son, who will soon be a good student.

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Daughter has many physical special needs

Topic: Teaching Hyperactive


February 28, 2009

I have an 8 year old daughter with many physical special needs. She does very well in school and reads at a 6th grade level. She loves to watch movies, draw, write, read, play on the computer, and will work on any one of these activities for hours. The problem is, if she doesn't have an activity, she acts out with impulsive noises and inappropriate laughing. She seems to try to control herself but can't. It is much worse at school than at home. It has been implied that she may have ADHD but her symptoms don't really match. Strangely, the onset of the spring season seems to always make it worse too. We are really struggling and would love some input.
Thank you, Hope

Hope - USA



It seems some school officials say that any child who doesn't fit their mold is ADHD. Your daughter certainly doesn't sound like she is ADHD.

The activities you mention are all solitary activities. Doesn't she have friends to play with? Social interaction is important, even if she has physical special needs. Since school is structured, she probably doesn't get much social interaction there.

Even finding someone she could talk with on the phone would be good for her.

If she is smart, she may also become bored in school. Try to find things at home that will challenge her mind. Also see if the teachers can give her something extra or more difficult to do. It is worth a try to see if boredom is an issue.

It sounds like she is an only child. Often they need to learn to use their imagination and be creative to find things to amuse themselves when there is no one to play with.

Also, I'm not sure what her physical special needs are, but it is good to be as active as possible. With spring coming, kids like to be outdoors, even if they are only watching others play.

I hope these ideas help. Best withes with your daughter, and let me know how things turn out.

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Son has been going the wrong direction

Topic: Teaching Hyperactive


February 6, 2009

Dear Sir,
My son is going to take class ten cbsc board exam in march 2009 at Delhi. He has very less concentration.lot of inertia. with a lot of difficulty we have to make him get up in the morning.once he is up then he will never sleep again even after a lot of studies but always with the force of his mother. He finds extremely difficult to do on his own choice.He is flamboyant, loves to dress, move around, talk to girls on phone, mail, music etc,

Difficult for him to play in groups. Last night he came home after 3 hrs. of tuition but after realizing we were away he left home came after 2 hours after lot of smoking only cigarettes. when scolded he cried,became hysteric,said he cant do well. He can never excel in studies etc. etc. Became quite nervous. I am myself in govt sector. mother is lawyer in Delhi. Brilliant, very hard working. Very moralistic. Always more than ready to teach him.

Sometimes she teaches and pushes him through the night till 3 am. No doubt he fully cooperates and studies most of the time happily. But something wrong somewhere. He has started smoking and she is not at all accepting it. Last night when we found him come home after smoking, She had beaten him badly and he reacted by saying and crying that he is not able to study despite maximum try. and because of all this he smokes, etc, etc,

Pl offer us guidance, I am ready to come wherever for 1. our counseling 2. child's if need be.

cp - India



I assume your son is a teenager. The problem with hyperactive children (ADHD) usually started when they are very young. It sounds more like you son is going through the transitions of a boy in his teens.

Sometimes parents put too much pressure on their children to do well in school, such that the boys will rebel or get anxious. This is especially true when the parents are educated and learn easily. Sometimes educated parents don't realize their children may not have the same skills or interests that they have.

One thing to do is to have some calm talks with your son concerning the things he likes to do and what he would like to do in the future. In this way, you can get a better understanding of what motivates him. Also, parents sometimes know nothing about the interests of their children or judge them poorly. Also, in your conversations, find out what his friends like to do and what their plans are.

It is important that your son has good friends. At his age, friend are often more influential than the parents are.

No matter what your son says he would like to be when he gets older, do not judge him. Accept it and give him support. He will find his way without pressure from his parents.

Many teen boys have no idea of what they want to do or have any thoughts of college and a future. Discussing it will help put the seeds in his mind.

Have him look at our section on "Tricks for Good Grades" at:

The lessons encourage good study habits, but also allowing for time to have fun with friends. Also tell him to read the Answers to Readers' Questions in each article. They are from other students his age, concerning their issues and problems.

I hope these ideas help. With good parents as you are, I am sure he will find the right direction. He is a good boy but just needs understanding and guidance. Best wishes on his success.

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Homeschooling my hyperactive son works well

Topic: Teaching Hyperactive


January 25, 2009

I started homeschooling my son who is 7 years old. He is hyperactive he had so much trouble in school now is fine and he is learning very fast The most important thing to remember is that no one knows your child the way you do. And no one realizes just how important it is to mix learning with fun, love and humor like you do.
There are many advantanges to homeschooling. With more personal attention. Homeschooling is a great to build a family. It allow for great flexibility and security.

Wilma - Bahrain



Thank you for your comments.

It is almost a fad for teacher to judge some students as hyperactive and uncontrollable. It is good that you were able to get your son on the right track and that he is doing well in learning.

It is true that know one knows their children like their mother. Also, no one has the patience and shows the love to their children like a mother.

But unfortunately, there are also so mothers who want others to take care of managing their children or who blame others for the child's behavior. That is unfortunate for both the child and the mother.

Homeschooling has many advantages, but it is also good for a child to go to a regular school, where they learn to get along with other children and learn to deal with teachers. Learning how to determine what a teacher feels is important and will be on a test is a skill that students need to learn before they go to college.

Best wishes in homeschooling your son. He is fortunate to have a good mother.

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My 6-year-old son may have ADHD

Topic: Teaching Hyperactive


January 10, 2009

i have 6 years son i suffer alot with him i try all the was love & hard punishments nothing succeed till now no doctors give me a right discription is he ADHDor not but all of them don't recomend medication is there any medical x rays can be done or any other medical way to be sure of his case ,he has all the symptoms of ADHD but not all the time i think it is peaks
thanks a lot
DR rabab

rabab - Egypt



Some 6-year-old boys can be very active and get into much mischief, yet they are not ADHD. A big sign for ADHD is if he cannot play with other boys or cannot keep his attention even to a television show.

Often plenty of physical activity can help to burn off the excess energy. Punishment is not a solution. But you do need to make sure he follows the rules of the home and school. Usually, boys want to obey but get distracted.

Some parents and doctors have tried stimulant medications that have helped control ADHD. Even cola drinks or mild coffee that would get a normal child active has an opposite effect on a child with ADHD.

Note that hyperactive children improve after age 7 and the symptom almost goes away by age 19. But still, the child need encouragement, because he doesn't want to be disliked or lack control.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes in improving your son's behavior.

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Sone may have hyperthyroidism

Topic: Teaching Hyperactive


December 10, 2008

pls let me know how i can change my child attitude towards studies as he is gettind worse in studies .he is having hyperthyroidism,he behaves very arrogant &stuburn

kamar - KSA



If he has hyperthyroidism, he will be acting nervous, losing weight and having difficulty remembering and paying attention. This is a serious medical problem that must be treated by a doctor.

But if your child is healthy and does not want to study and acts arrogant, you should check who his friends are. Often a boy can get the wrong friends that have a bad influence on him. Also talk to his teacher to find out the source of his problem.

Best wishes on the health and good behavior for your son.

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I say that Education is NOT a business

Topic: As a Business


December 9, 2008

Education is NOT a business. Running a business involves making choices according to what materials will be used, what products will be produced, etc. Educators do NOT get to pick and choose who they will teach. They do not get to weed out the "bad eggs" or send back any kids who do NOT want to learn. Teachers may not tell their students to come back when they know English. Teachers may not tell their mentally challenged kids to go somewhere else or stay home until they figure it out. Businesses find the best materials, weed out the "bad eggs", and turn out products the public will buy. Educators are NOT businessmen and never will be. Education is NOT a business, and it never will be.




It is difficult for a public school to be run as a business, since the schools must take in all members of society and try to do the best they can. A private school can be more selective and has a better chance to be run as a business.

In either case, teachers are employees of the school and often have little to say about what they think is the right way to teach. On the other hand, in some well-run companies, the employees have an input on what they see works best at their level. Those companies are usually successful. If the schools were run as such businesses, the teachers could give more input and the schools would usually operate more effectively in achieving their mission.

Many businesses also seek to provide excellent service to their customers, otherwise the customers will go elsewhere. Parents and taxpayers are the customers to the schools. Some school districts are looking at schools as businesses in competition for students. If the school is poorly run, parents can take their children to a different school. This seems to have worked well to improve the schools in those communities.

I agree that the education system is not all that simple, because schools must contend with the many ills of society. However, I still feel that the education systems would gain in considering themselves as businesses where they must meet the desires of the paying customers and provide the best education possible to their children.

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I think one student is ADHD

Topic: Teaching Hyperactive


November 17, 2008

I am a teacher of English teaching lots of seven-year olds. So far we have done the alphabet and are now learning this/that ,a/an, the plural etc., which is all based on grammatical theory and rules. We use the best books in the market and I also use kinaesthetic activities, which they love. One student, however, seems extremely hyperactive and displays almost all of the symptoms of ADHD that you describe. What is more, when I ask him a question, he rarely knows the answer and even after I answer for him, he forgets the answer if he is later asked the same question. Is this a symptom of ADHD?

Antonia - Greece



It certainly sounds as if he has ADHD. Not remembering the answer means he is having problems paying attention or focusing.

One suggestion is to plan the questions you will give him, such that after you give the answer for him, have him act it out or write down the answer. This will help reinforce the answer in his memory. Of course, you must not single him out with such an exercise, so you will have to do something similar on occasion with the other students.

It might be good to speak to his parents to see if they also feel he is hyperactive and can't focus on one thing. In reality, though, a physical or counselor must make the diagnosis of whether he is ADHD.

Best wishes with your class and will dealing with this student.

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