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Feedback Q&A on Science Projects

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 162 comments and questions on Science Project issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Electromagnetism Electromagnetic infusion project USA
Electrical Attraction of a Comb Static electricity from a comb USA
Friction Friction hypothesis UK
Fluids How to measure pressure drop India
General Find Q Nigeria
General First year chemistry lessons Namibia
Fluids Finding volume of irregular objects Ghana
Friction What are the different variables? South Africa
Electroscope Using plastic strips in an electroscope India
Electroscope Aluminum versus plastic strips in electroscope India

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Electromagnetic infusion project

Topic: Electromagnetism


December 7, 2015

I am trying to get the understanding of how to even start a project. I would like to make a electromagnetic wand with an infusion to cause heat as well. But to even understand how to start this project is confusing.

I would like to make this using a battery source verses having to use 110.

If I could just get the basic understanding of what is needed to control the amount of magnetism and infusion I could work with making it stronger as I go.
I hope this makes sense.
Thank you.

Charles - USA



You can make a battery powered electromagnet by simply wrapping insulated wire around an iron rod and then providing DC current to the wire.

Infusion usually concerns the process of extracting chemical compounds or flavors from plant material in a solvent. The only time I've seen electromagnetic infusion in on the Superpower Wiki.

I hope that helps with your project.

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Static electricity from a comb

Topic: Electrical Attraction of a Comb


November 25, 2015

will ametal comb after I comb my hair lift paper why




A plastic comb will work much better than a metal comb in building up a static electric charge to lift the paper. However, a metal comb may be able to hold charges to lift the paper. See Causes of Static Electricity and other lessons.

A good experiment is to compare the two types of combs to see which works the best.

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Friction hypothesis

Topic: Friction


November 8, 2015

what is the hypothesis for this particular experiment.

Jeevikash - UK



An hypothesis is tentative explanation for an observation, phenomenon, or scientific problem that can be tested by further investigation or experimentation.

With measuring the coefficient of friction by some means, you are really not making a guess explanation. Instead, it is a demonstration of the experimental method.

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How to measure pressure drop

Topic: Fluids


October 31, 2015

how to measure pressure drop through depth I meter or feet

Yogesh - India



Although you can show how water pressure increases with depth, you would really need a pressure gauge to measure the different pressures.

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Find Q

Topic: General


June 20, 2015

Find Q if R = 1m

Joshua - Nigeria



You need to state what type of experiment you are talking about, as well as to define what items such as "Q" and "R" mean.

Science is about being exact and making sure there are no misunderstandings.

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First year chemistry lessons

Topic: General


February 19, 2015

how to carry out accurate and quality first year chemistry 1A ,Introduction to biology and physics practicals in the LABORATORY.

Robson - Namibia



See the lessons in Chemistry for the basics. We'll be having Chemistry experiments soon.

Likewise, lessons and experiments in Biology will be coming son.

Best wishes for success in your studies.

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Finding volume of irregular objects

Topic: Fluids


February 11, 2015

i send u question is, how is the experiment "finding the volume of an irregular objects "important 1).globally
(2).in Education (3).in the world of work.Thank you.

- Ghana



A major purpose in wanting to find the volume of an irregular object is to help determine the material that the object is made of.

For example, if you have an irregular object that is supposed to be 100% gold, you can find its volume and compare its weight with the weight of the same volume of gold. If there was some other material mixed with the gold, the weight would be different, proving that it is not 100% gold.

Knowing this method can be important in education, as well as in business.

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What are the different variables?

Topic: Friction


February 8, 2015

Dear sir/madam
What would be the dependent, independent and controlled variable for this experiment.
2)What would be the Discussion and analysis of results

Please would you respond to me as quickly as possible, It is very urgent.

Mahd - South Africa



An independent variable does not depend on other variables. It is one that you can vary. For example, in measuring the coefficient by sliding the object down a ramp, the angle of the ramp is an independent variable.

A dependent variable is one that depends on other factors. It is one that is observed or measured. For example, the force of sliding friction depends on the coefficient of friction and the normal force pushing the objects together.

Controlled variables are quantities that you want to remain constant and must observe them as carefully as the dependent variables. For example, you can see if changing the weight will change the coefficient of friction.

I hope that helps. best wishes for success in your experiment.

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Using plastic strips in an electroscope

Topic: Electroscope


January 29, 2015

sir would you please clear my doubt that whether plastic strip do show repulsion in case of aluminium strip in an electroscope
kindly help me

isha - India



The strips or leaves in an electroscope should be thin enough to move from the opposing electrical charges. But also, they must conduct the electrons, so that the charges can collect on the leaves. That is why very thin aluminum or gold foil is used.

The problem with something like plastic is that it does not conduct the electrons, so that they cannot collect on the surfaces.

It is a good experiment to compare an electroscope with aluminum foil versus one with thin plastic strips. You will probably see the plastic strips do a poor job of repelling.

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Aluminum versus plastic strips in electroscope

Topic: Electroscope


January 27, 2015

hlo sir plz hlp me
i want to know that when the aluminium strips of electroscope replaced by plastic strip then what will happen?

isha - India



If the aluminum strips are very thin, they should work much better than plastic strips. Why don't you try an experiment using aluminum and plastic strips to compare them? That would be a good experiment.

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Hopefully, this reader feedback has helped provide information about Excellence issues.

Always do your best

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