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Feedback Q&A on Science Projects

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 162 comments and questions on Science Project issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Proejct Idea Factors Want an idea for a science experiment India
General Wants help in science project India
Matter States We used a ball and a hoop for expansion Australia
Magnetism Experiment on effect of magnetism USA
Static Electricity Experiment with wool scarf USA
Basics of Static Electricity Experiment to show static electricity UK
Matter States I want an intresting experiment India
Energy How can I make working model for Geothermal Energy? India
Static Electricity How can I make paper stick to me? USA
General Wants some project ideas India

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Want an idea for a science experiment

Topic: Proejct Idea Factors


August 27, 2011

any science experiment and give ideas

Bharani - India



First of all, you have to pick an area of interest to you for an experiment.

You can try to demonstrate some phenomenon, such as showing how static electricity can affect things.

Or you can see what would happen if you changes something. Supposed you tried to bend water with a statically charged comb. Would things be different for different types of combs? What about hot water versus cold water?

Go through our lessons on Experiments for more ideas.

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Wants help in science project

Topic: General


July 13, 2011

Sir i want to contact you i want your help in making a science model please help me

- India



Pick an area in science that interests you and then decide what you want to do. A good place to start is by looking at Science Experiments.

Once you have an idea of what you want to do, feel free to contact me.

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We used a ball and a hoop for expansion

Topic: Matter States


June 2, 2011

we used a ball and a hoop for expansion

- Australia



What did you do? Did you heat the ball to see if it expanded and couldn't get through the hoop?

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Experiment on effect of magnetism

Topic: Magnetism


May 4, 2011

My daughter has conducted a 4th grade science project about magnetism and how cardboard, plastic and glass affects its force when placed between magnets. We found that when we kept each of the materials very thin, the magnetism was not affected. However, when we changed the thickness equally, the cardboard affected the magnetism first, followed by the glass, while the thicker plastic hardly affected the magnetism. While we can prove the results via the experiment, we cant explain it. Do you have any explanation we can offer as to why the cardboard affected the magnetism first? Again, to keep the experiment controlled, we kept the same thickness in both sets of materials. Ive searched the net and have not come up with any answers. Im going to say that it has to do with the density of molecules in each of the materials? Any explanation would be welcome.




That sounds like a good experiment.

The approximate densities of the materials in kg per cubic m are:

Cardboard = 700
Glass = 260
Plastic = 3

So, my guess is that the density of the molecules is a big factor. Also, cardboard is made of compressed fibers, glass is somewhat of a crystalline material, while plastic usually consists of long molecules. That may be a factor too, but I think density is the greatest factor in the reduction of the magnetic effect.

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Experiment with wool scarf

Topic: Static Electricity


March 8, 2011

what is the name of the website where u can use a wool scarf punch in holes with a hole puncher out of paper and use four balloons and that has to be the same size. but yeah will u try it out? i think its pretty interesting.

crystal - USA



I'm not sure what the experiment you describe is supposed to do. What do the four balloons do? Do they separate after being rubbed with the wool scarf?

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Experiment to show static electricity

Topic: Basics of Static Electricity


March 3, 2011

What is the best experiment to show static electricity ?
Can static electricity be dangerous ?

Joanna - UK



Rubbing a balloon on a sweater to get it charged with static electricity is a good experiment. You can put the balloon near someone's head to cause the hair to stand on end, you can pick up small prices of paper with the balloon, and you can stick the balloon to the wall.

See Experiments with Static Electricity for more.

Static electricity can cause explosions. See Controlling Static Electricity.

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I want an intresting experiment

Topic: Matter States


January 1, 2011

i want a intresting experiment in science.

uzumaki - India



You want to pick something that is interesting to you. Is there something about the states of matter that arouses your curiosity? For example, how much does the volume of water change when it turns to ice? Does it increase or decrease?

that might be a good experiment.

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How can I make working model for Geothermal Energy?

Topic: Energy


October 12, 2010

How can I make working model for Geothermal Energy, Nuclear Energy and Hydel Power?

Anubhav - India



You could use a pot of boiling water to simulate the geothermal effect underground and then have that heated water rise up a tube to heat a toy building.

Nuclear energy is not practical as a working model.

Hydel Power or Mico-hydro power can be demonstrated with a water container and a vane that turns a small generator.

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How can I make paper stick to me?

Topic: Static Electricity


September 19, 2010

how can i make plain stock paper being blown around me stick to me (is there a "tibelectric series" potential)?

brian - USA



Either you or the paper must have a static electricity charge. It is preferred that both of you are charged with opposite charges.

Often paper that is blown around will pick up and electrical charge. However, it may not be sufficient to stick to you. In newspaper companies, they have rolls of paper that are moving rapidly. That paper often creates enough charge to stick to things and even cause sparks.

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Wants some project ideas

Topic: General


June 28, 2010

any project ideas in the field of electronic and communication?

joseph - India



What type of project are you considering? Is this for a science fair? Is it for students to study?

The definition of the objective of a project should be very clear. You need to state the audience or reason for the project, before you can state an idea for one.

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Hopefully, this reader feedback has helped provide information about Excellence issues.

Always do your best

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