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Feedback Q&A on Getting Good Grades

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 599 comments and questions on Getting Good Grades issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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General Want to understand and assimilate material Nigeria
General I have 5 Cs and need some help USA
General Daughter wants to change school because of grades USA
General Hates teacher but wants good grades USA
General Wants good grades and fun Brazil
General I find it difficult to remember what I learned Ghana
General I forget things after studying Tanzania
General How can I keep my mind from forgetting things? USA
General Online Phd programs USA
Purpose of Tricks for Good Grades Wants tips on getting good grades Nigeria

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Want to understand and assimilate material

Topic: General


October 2, 2013

i tried 2 read and understand nd also to assimilate but it did nt so wat do i do

wunmi - Nigeria



In many books, the first sentence in each paragraph is the most important. The rest of the paragraph explains the first sentence. This can help you understand the material.

Also, it is good to take notes while you read or mark important items in your book. This can help the thought process and help to remember what you read.

After reading, review your notes or what you read.

I hope these ideas help.

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I have 5 Cs and need some help

Topic: General


September 25, 2013

Can you help me? Please I have 5 Cs. In prealgebra, Spanish, English, social studies! Please help

Kiki - USA



First, evaluate why you are getting lower grades than you want. Do you have problems understanding the material? Are you getting sidetracked when doing your homework? Do you have problems remembering things when taking a test or exam? Do you sit in the back of the classroom and not pay attention? These are common problems many students have.

Going through the various lessons on Getting Good Grades can give you pointers on overcome such problems.

Also, it is a good idea to ask your teachers for advice on how you can improve your grades. They may be able to give some advice, but also it will indicate to the teachers that you are serious about doing well in class.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes on getting top grades.

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Daughter wants to change school because of grades

Topic: General


September 23, 2013

I am seeking a good advice. Because my daugther wants to transfer to another school. Because of low grades. What should I do? The right thing thing to do.




It is a good sign that your daughter is concerned about her grades and wants to do well in school.

Some schools can have higher standards than others and are more difficult. However, there may be other reasons your daughter wants to transfer. It could be that there are bad influences at the present school that are preventing her from getting good grades. Or maybe she thinks a change would improve her grades.

It would be good to talk with her to find out her reasons and logic. Also check with her counselor at the present school to get some opinions.

The change may be good for her, provided the reasons make sense.

Best wishes in making the right decision.

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Hates teacher but wants good grades

Topic: General


September 12, 2013

How to be nice to a teacher who u hate and they hate u




An important thing is to never say bad things about your teacher, even to your good friends. Word gets around and the teacher may find out and then act differently toward you.

One way to get on the better side of a teacher is to try to sit closer to the front in class. You can even ask for permission to sit up front. This gives the impression that you are anxious to learn, and teachers like that. Also, it has been shown that kids who sit near the front get better grades than those who sit in the back.

Try to think of good things about your teacher. People can read another's body language and attitude and often react accordingly.

These little things can help you get better relations with your teacher and hopefully better grades.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes in getting good grades.

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Wants good grades and fun

Topic: General


July 17, 2013

Hi, im Rebecca from Brasil!
I really need help,because i want better grades,but i also want fun!!
Help me!

Rebecca - Brazil



The best thing to do is to set aside a time to concentrate on your homework so that you will get it done. Distractions like talking on the phone or texting can cause you to spend more time trying to finish the work.

Taking notes in class is good, because you can review the important things the teachers say. This also will result in more time for fun.

Look over our other lessons for more tips.

Best wishes on top grades and having a time for fun.

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I find it difficult to remember what I learned

Topic: General


July 15, 2013

please i finds it difficult to remember what i've learnt what do i do

Modesta - Ghana



Many good students take notes of about what the teacher says in class in a notebook. It doesn't have to be word-for-word, but just putting down key words will help you remember.

Later, when you are studying for a test, you can review your notes. It helps you to remember what you have learned.

See Taking Notes in Class for more information.

I hope this helps you. Best wishes in getting top grades in school.

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I forget things after studying

Topic: General


July 13, 2013

I got a problem of forgeting things easily after studying what should i do?

Emmanuel - Tanzania



It is a good idea to write down the important points that you are studying.

Writing reinforces the material in your memory. Also, when you review your notes later, it helps you to remember and is a good tool for taking tests.

I hope this helps you. Best wishes in getting good grades in school.

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How can I keep my mind from forgetting things?

Topic: General


June 11, 2013

I'm out of school now and I was wondering how can I keep my mind from forgetting things I learned in school, or how to just keep it active.

Abe - USA



It is good to review materials to keep your mind sharp. You can also look into subjects you will be taking next Fall.

The Khan Academy is a good source. They have free video lessons on various subjects.

You can also check your local library for books of interest. Simply reading something interesting can keep your mind active, as opposed to watching television.

Best wishes on a good summer.

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Online Phd programs

Topic: General


May 21, 2013

My name is Amy Hubbard and I head up the content department at My team has recently posted a resource for Ph.D. students on our site titled: Top 100 Thesis & Dissertation References on the Web. To view our resource follow the link provided:

Our mission at is pretty straight forward. We want to help those seeking their doctorate with the resources and references they need to make their journey as simple as possible. That is why we crafted our Top 100 list. The sites on our list offer assistance to those looking for a little extra help in their quest for academic ascension.

We are excited about our resource and we want to help spread it beyond our site's readership. To that end, if you feel that our Top 100 list would be of assistance to your site's readers please feel free to share it. Also, if you know of any other resources that we should keep in mind let me know. Thank you.

Amy - USA



I added a link to the website at School Resources.

Best wishes with your programs.

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Wants tips on getting good grades

Topic: Purpose of Tricks for Good Grades


May 21, 2013

I need all the tips to be a campion in scoring good grades at school

Obinna - Nigeria



I am glad you want to be a champion in school. Go through the lesson on getting good grades, especially learning in class, dealing with teachers, and learning to do well in tests.

Best wishes on becoming a top student. I know you can do it.

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