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Feedback Q&A on Getting Good Grades

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 599 comments and questions on Getting Good Grades issues. They are listed according to date.

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General How do we learn? Ethiopia
General Maintain good grades Phillippines
General What does course teach me? USA
Being Bullied in School Writing article on bullying New Zealand
General Wants to get all A's in core subjects Malaysia
Cheating Student kicked out of school for cheating Canada
Speak with Confidence How to start a speech in class India
General Do methods to get good grades really work? USA
General I want to get good grades in high school South Africa
General Want to become a doctor Pakistan

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How do we learn?

Topic: General


September 23, 2014

How we learn? I don't understand it.

Aliya - Ethiopia



There are many ways that you learn things. Often a parent, teacher or even friend will explain something that you can apply and remember. Doing what is taught is the best way to remember. But also, writing things down helps to remember and learn.

Sometimes, simply experimenting and trying something is a way to learn.

In school, it is good to listen to what the teacher says, as well as to watch. Taking notes helps your understanding.

I hope this helps your understanding.

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Maintain good grades

Topic: General


September 9, 2014

how to maintain good grades

honey jell - Phillippines



If you have received good grades in previous classes, consider how you got those grades. Was it because you were more interested in the class or perhaps more skilled? Did you have a teacher you liked? These are various factors.

Each class is different, so you have to make an effort to relate with your teacher and set a good schedule for doing your homework.

If you got good grades before, you can get good grades again. You can even get better grades with some good strategy and effort.

Best wishes on getting good grades. I know you can do it.

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What does course teach me?

Topic: General


August 20, 2014

what exactly will this course be teaching me because i don`t want to give anyone my email address and not be taking a course?

serena - USA



You do not have to give your email address to use the Getting Good Grades lessons. It is not a course. Instead put subjects of interest that will help you succeed in school.

Best wishes on good grades.

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Writing article on bullying

Topic: Being Bullied in School


July 19, 2014

Hello, I am Claudia Bowman a year 13 student at Tauhara College in Taupo, New Zealand. I am very passionate about standing up for those who get bullied and have seen the damage it has done to many people over the years. I have read through your webpage 'School for Champions' it has all caught my attention. I am doing a feature article for Media Studies on bullying and the huge effects it has on people especially students at school (Mainly High Schools). I was wondering if I could interview you via email, phone or Skype as i have a few questions that Id like to ask and add to my article I am writing. I am looking forward to receiving your reply.

Kind regards

Claudia - New Zealand



It is great that you are writing an article on the effects of bullying. I'd be glad to answer your questions. The best way probably would be via email.

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Wants to get all A's in core subjects

Topic: General


June 12, 2014

How to get all A's in my core subjects

LESHANA - Malaysia



It is good that you want to get all A's in your core subjects. To make that goal more real, make a list of the subjects and state the grade that you want to get in them. It does list handy so that you can see it as a reminder.

Not only must you be able to understand the subject matter, but you also need to be good in taking tests. Give yourself practice tests and the various subjects.

If you find your grades slipping in a subject, ask your teacher what you could do to improve your grade. Often, they will give useful hints or tips.

You know that you have the potential for excellence. Best wishes and getting top grades.

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Student kicked out of school for cheating

Topic: Cheating


June 11, 2014

if someone cheated homework or test and kicked out the program high school?
and want to finish high school any other school

fa - Canada



If a student was attending a special program high school, was caught stealing, and then was kicked out or expelled from the school, there still are options available.

First of all, the student could try to be readmitted into the program high school. Sometimes an apology will be enough to be readmitted. If that does not work, then the student should seek admission to some other high school. They cannot prevent a student from getting his or her education because of a mistake in judgment.

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How to start a speech in class

Topic: Speak with Confidence


May 30, 2014

I want to ask that how to start a speech i.e what should I have to say in starting with good mrng respected sir after this what should i speak that should attract everyone presnt there.

sourav - India



When giving a speech or presentation to a class in school, it is nice to make a formal introduction, such as: "Miss Teacher, fellow students..."

Then you can tell your topic: "Today, I'm going to tell you" Or instead, you can ask a question concerning your subkect that will get others curious. For example, if talking about space travel, you could ask: "Did you know how the astronauts drink liquids in space? Let me tell you..."

I hope this helps. Best wishes in giving your speeches.

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Do methods to get good grades really work?

Topic: General


May 19, 2014

does this really work

aya - USA



If you improve your study habits, ability to take tests, and relationship with your teachers, you should be getting much better grades.

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I want to get good grades in high school

Topic: General


April 29, 2014

I want to get good grades at School .. I'm in high school .. I'm not actually good in maths .. And I'd like advises from you guys .. Thanks

Tharbow - South Africa



The fact that you want to get good grades in school shows that you have the potential to succeed. Go through our lessons on getting good grades for tips. Learning to do well in tests is an important item.

Check our lessons on Arithmetic and Algebra to get some pointers on those subjects. We'll be adding more on them and other math subjects soon.

Best wishes on getting top grades in school. I know you can do it.

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Want to become a doctor

Topic: General


April 29, 2014

how can i hardwork if i want to be a doctor

Ahmed - Pakistan



It is wonderful that you want to be a doctor. Since you have set that goal, you are already on your way.

Good grades in school are important in getting your medical degree. You need to have good study habits and learn to do well in tests. Test-taking is a skill in itself.

Chemistry and Biology are important areas to study before getting into the medical-related classes.

When you get a chance, tell your local physician that you want to be a doctor and ask for advice. You may get some helpful pointers.

It is a long path to become a doctor. I am sure you can do it. Best wishes on success in your grades and your career.

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