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Feedback Q&A on Health

by Ron Kurtus

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Cookware Companies Thank you for posting about healthy cooking USA
X-ray Risks Daughter must get 30 x-rays Sri Lanka
Cookware Companies Praise for Homemaker's Guild cookware USA
Resources Suggested sleep resource USA
General Suggested health resources USA
Doctors Smelled Diseases Do they still teach diagnosing disease by smell? USA
Cookware Companies Bought cookware in 1973 and wants it replaced USA
X-ray Risks Are seven CT scans harmful? USA
Cookware Companies Golden West stainless steel cookware USA
Vomiting What can you do after vomiting? South Africa

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Thank you for posting about healthy cooking

Topic: Cookware Companies


December 2, 2013

I enjoyed reading on your web page. Thank you for posting. I went to my first demo but I could not reason the price.




Thanks for the feedback. Yes, the cost of the cookware is expensive, but some people feel it is worth it.

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Daughter must get 30 x-rays

Topic: X-ray Risks


November 3, 2013

Dear Sir,
My 13 years old daughter is found with her spinal code deformed call Scoliosis. At present we are taking treatment from Singapore. During one session (Two weeks time) they taken about 30 spinal code X- rays. That x-ray were taken during September 2013. Again she have to go for follow up treatment during December 2013. They will take at lest another 20 or more x-rays during December. Is it safe to take x-ray like this?

Keminda - Sri Lanka



I am sorry to hear that your daughter has Scoliosis, but it is good that she is getting treatment for the problem.

Although 30 x-rays seems like a lot, the risk of your daughter getting cancer from those x-rays is extremely small. It is always wish to ask the doctor for reassurance, but I think it is the best and safest course of action to take.

Best wishes on your daughter's good health.

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Praise for Homemaker's Guild cookware

Topic: Cookware Companies


October 26, 2013

I am so thrilled with my Homemaker's Guild cookware. My husband and I bought it right after we were married in 1965 - so my cookware is around 48 years old and still going strong. My daughter is now using it and it continues to perform well. What a product!!




It is fantastic that your cookware has lasted so long and so well. Not many products will last as long.

Also, congratulations on 48 years of marriage.

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Suggested sleep resource

Topic: Resources


October 19, 2013


On the School for Champions website page with Health Resources, in the section on Sleep Disorders,

You may wish to add


This is a non-profit website about sleep patterns, physiology, insomnia and other disorders. We have no ads and no connections to any drug companies or treatment centers.

Thank you.

Ashley - USA



I added the Sleepdex resource to the Health Resources page.

Best wishes for your organization.

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Suggested health resources

Topic: General


October 16, 2013


My name is Hope, and I'm currently putting together a resource guide for seniors interested in practicing natural remedies for ailments, anxiety and stress. Such ideology is very important to me, because one of my relatives has seen a big improvement in her own health since she stopped taking her prescription drugs and started practicing yoga! I know it won’t work for everybody, but if it can help some, then it's definitely worth it!

While doing reading for my article, I came across your website. I found some useful resources, so wanted to thank you for providing it! I did also found an outdated, dead link, though, that I wanted to call your attention to.

You are currently linking to the old iVillage site: The site has been moved (without a redirect) to: I was on this page when I found that old link: .

Speaking from a visitor’s standpoint, I know others will value being able to easily click through to the website.

When you make the change, I thought it would be the perfect time to consider adding some additional resources to your page. I’ve put together a short list of resources that I believe would be a good fit on your website:

If you agree, they are yours to put on your page:

Senior Resource Guide to Healthy Living

Managing Your Anxiety Through Yoga Therapy

Holistic Seniors

Seniors Guide to Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Thanks for your time!

Hope - USA



Thanks for pointing out the broken link and for providing suggested resources. I corrected the link and added your suggestions to Resources - Senior citizen health issues.

I plan to add a section on senior health in the near future.

Best wishes with your guide. I'd be glad to see it when you finish.

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Do they still teach diagnosing disease by smell?

Topic: Doctors Smelled Diseases


September 28, 2013

This was very fascinating! I imagine there would have been rigorous training in medical schools regarding diagnosing by smell. When did the practice end? Are there schools still teaching it and textbooks describing it?

Best regards,

Ben - USA



I think the practice of diagnosing diseases by smell stopped when doctors no longer did house calls or dealt with patients on a more personal basis. I think that was in the 1950's.

These days diagnosing is usually done through various tests. However, there is a movement to diagnose diseases through odors, using dogs and certain devices.

Note that mothers often can tell if their infants are sick by the smell of the child.

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Bought cookware in 1973 and wants it replaced

Topic: Cookware Companies


August 28, 2013

I bought waterless cookware, china and crystal in 1973 at an In Home Sales Party. The company is no longer. A company replaced my cookware but not the waterless variety. I paid for waterless technology in 1973. I want waterless technology today. How do I get them to replace it with a comparable product? How do I replace my china that has an open stock guarantee if the company no longer exists?

becky - USA



1973 was 40 years ago. Unfortunately, many companies from then no longer exist or no longer make the same products. The same is true with a 1973 television set.

You are very fortunate to get use out of the cookware for so many years. You may need to purchase new cookware and new china.

Best wishes on getting the goods you desire.

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Are seven CT scans harmful?

Topic: X-ray Risks


August 8, 2013

I had seven Ct scans this year and am quite worried about the amount of radiation I have received. I have refused any more since then. The scans were all of my head and upper body. Does this radiation ever leave the body or is the damage done to cells immediately.




Seven CT scans in one area seems excessive. You should tell your doctor of your concerns and ask if they are really necessary and about the potential risks.

Modern CT scans use low dosages of radiation, so the risk of damaging cells and causing cancer is small. The benefits usually outweighs the risks. However, scans around reproductive organs CT scans of pregnant women should usually be avoided.

I hope this information helps you. Best wishes for good health.

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Golden West stainless steel cookware

Topic: Cookware Companies


August 5, 2013

Do you have any idea who manufactured Golden West stainless steel cookware? Made in USA 18-8 stainless

Doreen - USA



I'm sorry but I don't have that information.

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What can you do after vomiting?

Topic: Vomiting


July 14, 2013

What can u do after vomiting because u feel weak most of the is it posible to get a. Strong headache after drinking a pull we out eating can also cause u to vomit?

mia - South Africa



Your body causes you to vomit to get rid of toxic or poisonous material. Sometimes it can be food that is spoiled or disagrees with you. Also, if you are ill, bacteria and viruses may be causing toxins in your system.

Vomiting is very stressful and can make you feel weak. If you vomit too much, you may need to drink water to get more liquid in your system. If you vomit often, it is good to see a doctor to make sure there is nothing serious wrong.

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