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Feedback Q&A on Health

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 1019 comments and questions on Health issues. They are listed according to date.

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Resources Breast cancer resource USA
Resources Mesothelioma USA
Cookware Companies Looking for 1970 cookware handles USA
Resources Alcohol addiction health resource USA
Resources Suggested mesothelioma health resource USA
Resources Suggested CPR health resource USA
Vertigo Cases Can certain jobs contribute to vertigo? Canada
Resources Suggested insect bite health resource USA
Resources Suggested hair loss and cancer resource USA
General Ultra violet rays harming her skin USA

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Breast cancer resource

Topic: Resources


January 29, 2016

I was just cruising through your list of breast cancer resources, and wanted to know if you would like to include Healthline? We have over 200 clinical, informational, and lifestyle articles that will give your readers a comprehensive overview of the condition. You can see our breast cancer topic center here: "". is the fastest growing health information website, with over 40 million monthly users. All of our content goes through a rigorous editorial process and medical review, so you can ensure our topic center will be of the upmost standards. You can read more about us here: "".

Thanks for the consideration, looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Kind Regards,

Cindy - USA



Thanks for the resource. I added a link to your site at Health Resources

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Topic: Resources


December 31, 2015

Hello friends at School for Champions,

While I was searching through several health related websites I came across the School for Champions website and was very impressed with the information provided. I can't say thank you enough for all that you are doing to provide such excellent resources for your visitors. As a Senior Awareness Coordinator for it is my job to contact those who I believe would be interested in our information to help raise awareness for Mesothelioma, a deadly cancer caused by asbestos. Many hardworking people were exposed to asbestos in the past, and some are still being exposed to asbestos today. This could lead to Mesothelioma and other lung diseases, so the need for awareness is imperative.

I'm delighted to see that you provide some great health related resources

Like you, we also do our best to provide great quality resources to our viewers. Our supportive staff is dedicated to keeping the public aware of the dangers of asbestos while providing the necessary resources for those who are suffering from an asbestos related disease. I think your visitors will appreciate our information, would you mind including our educational resource to your page?

I appreciate your time in reviewing our resources and look forward to hearing from you, have a great day!

Christopher Hall

Senior Awareness Coordinator
Mesothelioma Symptoms

Christopher - USA



Thanks for the comments. I added a link to your information website at Health Resources.

Best wishes for success in your efforts.

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Looking for 1970 cookware handles

Topic: Cookware Companies


December 10, 2015

I am looking for replacement handles for ekco prudential waterless cookwear sold at home parties in the 70s . Do you have any idea where they may be purchased from. Thanks

Cindy - USA



The company is no longer in business and does not support its products. I've seen Ekco cookware sets being sold on eBay, but you just want some handles.

Try a local repair shop or cookware store to see if you can use some generic handles.

Best wishes in getting your cookware fixed.

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Alcohol addiction health resource

Topic: Resources


November 16, 2015


I came across School for Champions while searching for organizations to reach out to about alcoholism awareness. I am the Community Outreach Director for Alcohol Rehab Guide. We are an online resource that helps individuals and their loved ones who have been affected by alcoholism by providing information on the warning signs of an alcohol addiction, effects it can have and support options for those in need.

I noticed you had resources regarding substance abuse and addiction here, Our organization would love to be included on this list, do you mind adding us?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Sara James Community Outreach Director
Alcohol Rehab Guide : 1-844-500-2558
2014 Edgewater Dr. | #165 | Orlando, FL 32804

Sara - USA



Thanks for the suggested resource. I added it to Health Resources - Addictions and Mental Health Resources - Substance Abuse.

Best wishes for your organization.

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Suggested mesothelioma health resource

Topic: Resources


October 23, 2015


I came across your School For Champions page while searching for veteran's organizations to reach out to about mesothelioma awareness. Thanks so much for all that you and your hard-working organization are offering for those who are in need of the resources. My grandfather served in Korea, and I know that if he were still alive today, how appreciative he would be of a site like yours. I am a history buff and I can tell you that I love how many resources you have, the personalization of the stories, and the detail/facts you are providing. Sometimes dubbed as the “forgotten war” I can assure you that it was not forgotten for all those whose lives it touched.

I contacted you because I’m the Director of Outreach at the Mesothelioma Veterans Center. My goal is to reach veterans and their families who have been affected by mesothelioma and connect them to our website which offers free veteran specific resources and support. 1/3 of all mesothelioma patients are veterans, since 2004 over 5,000 veterans have died from mesothelioma. The reason this cancer targets so many veterans is because of the prevalence of asbestos use in the military in the past. A large part of our mission is to help spread awareness to veterans and their families.

I noticed you have a link for health related resources, here – I think our Veteran’s Page would be a great addition and benefit to your users. Do you mind including our link as well?


Brian - USA



Thanks for the suggested resource. I added a link to your site from Health Resources - Mesothelioma.

Best wishes with your work.

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Suggested CPR health resource

Topic: Resources


October 15, 2015

Hi Kurt! I really like your site- lots of good info. I have a suggested addition for your Health Resources page ( I think an article or link to basic CPR would benefit a lot of people.
If you are interested, we published an article entitled CPR For Everyone:
I hope that you have a chance to check it out because we would love to have it linked on your site.
Thank you and have a great day!

Evelina - USA



Thanks for the suggested resource on CPR. I added a link to the site in Health Resources. Also, I plan to have some material on the subject soon.

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Can certain jobs contribute to vertigo?

Topic: Vertigo Cases


October 12, 2015

Can certain jobs contribute to vertigo? The reason why I am asking I work in a kitchen at a nursing home and 4 other employees have or had it and now I think I might be getting it.

Mary Ann - Canada



It certainly is unusual that four other employees had vertigo symptoms, as well as yourself.

Vertigo usually is caused by an inner ear problem. It could be caused by a sinus infection. You might check the others to see if there was some common thing that could point to the reason they got vertigo. Also, if you continue to have symptoms that are annoying, you might check with your doctor.

Anyways, I hope the problem passes by and that everyone in your work environment have good health.

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Suggested insect bite health resource

Topic: Resources


October 5, 2015

The Health Related Resources list is quite helpful. I find it extremely useful and also would like to make an addition to the list. Yes, am talking about mosquito bite remedies for babies.
Do take a look at this link, and make sure you let me know if you find it useful and add it to the list. Thanks

rahul - USA



Thanks for the suggested resource. I added the link to Health Resources - Insect bites.

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Suggested hair loss and cancer resource

Topic: Resources


September 7, 2015


I was looking through the resources and noticed that there aren't any resources for hair loss.

Under the cancer section, would you consider referencing

It is a resource focused on understanding hair loss during cancer treatment and how to retain as much hair as possible.

Thank you and have a wonderful labor day!

Lisa - USA



Thanks for the suggestion. I added the link to Health Resources - Cancer.

I plan to add some new material on dealing with cancer in the near future.

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Ultra violet rays harming her skin

Topic: General


July 29, 2015


My name is Carol, I've searched for years to understand harmful the harmful UV radiation that is emitted from electonic devices, like my computer screen and cell phone in particular, and i have searched for years for something to protect myself from the harmful rays but I've only found one product, "Bue Ray Sheild" which is sold on amazon, a clear film i can put over my screens, however it doesn't work very well.
I am so sensitive to the UV rays, my skin looks like i"m 100 years old after 10 minutes in front of the computer, my eyes have been damaged beyond repair now.

I would love to ask you something. If you were me, what would you concoct to protect yourself, what materials, and where would you get them? I google and google for "polymers that protect against UV light" but can't find anything specific, if I couuld know the names of the polymers I would buy them and mix them up and cost them on some plastic and then put the plastic on my screen.

Please tell me everything you can think of, thank you. Don't worry i don't think you're a doctor or antyhing and i'm not relying on you to save me, I don't hold you responsible for anything at all, i just need all your knowledge you would please give me. Thank you very much.

Carol - USA



Sorry for taking so long to answer you. I'm also sorry to hear that you seem to be photosensitive to UV light. One article that may help is Lupus Photosensitivity and UV Light.

The older televisions and computer monitors gave off low energy x-rays and UV light, which could be harmful if a person was too close to the screen. At one time they sold lead-based screens to filter the light. But with the flat screen monitors, the energy levels and radiation is much less than before. See What Your Computer Could be Doing to Your Face.

Fluorescent lights give off some UV radiation, so you might check if you are being exposed to them.

Glasses with UV protection could help your eyes, even if you don't need to wear glasses. Also, putting on sunscreen lotion could help.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes in alleviating your problem. Let me know how things work out.

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