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Feedback on Waterless Cookware Companies

by Ron Kurtus

A total of 447 comments and questions have been sent in. They are listed according to date.

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Handles for Wonderware cookware Canada
Lids to my Seal-O-Matic pots USA
Handles for Betty Crocker waterless cookware USA
Needs Westminister Waterless Cookware handles USA
Handles for Pluramelt Flavor Seal USA
Needs Kitchen Queen handles USA
Lustre Craft and Royal Queen suppliers USA
I need instructions on how to cook USA
Which stainless steel is the best? USA

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Handles for Wonderware cookware


December 29, 2012

I have had my wonderware cookware for 55 years and it is the best cookware I have ever used but the handles are starting to break and I would like to know if anyone knows where I can purchase these handles. I do not want to have to buy the inferior products they are making today. Thanks waiting to hear an answer

Laura - Canada



After 55 years, you sure got your money's worth from your cookware. Wonderware is owned by Regal Ware. Check their parts page under Wonderware to find a list of handles available.

You can also try a local repair shop that may have generic handles.

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Lids to my Seal-O-Matic pots


December 21, 2012

The movers did not pack the lids to my Seal-O-Matic pots
Any way of purchasing these lids and possibly some handles?

Frances - USA



Seal-O-Matic is owned by Regal Ware. Check their Replacement page for Seal-O-Matic. You can also call their customer service.

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Handles for Betty Crocker waterless cookware


September 19, 2012

where do i find replacement for Betty Crocker waterless cookware handel?

Danny - USA



Check Betty Crocker Store Contact. They may be able to help.

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September 11, 2012

First, thanks for making this list. I have just started to check-out "Waterless" cookware and was wondering about all these name brands I was seeing on eBay etc.
Second, I noticed a typo you may be interested in: Townecraft spelt Towncraft on the main Cookware companies list but linked to a correct spelling.
Third, a "Waterless" cookware company that seems to be missing from your list is "Americraft" and its subsidiaries All American, Healthy Gourmet and VitaLife. They seem to be manufacturing their product in West Bend in a similar method to other West Bend "Waterless" cookware companies.
Fourth, I am wondering if these companies produce similar products or are some vastly superior; I thought you may have some opinions you could pass on.
Thanks again, Bernie

Bernie - Canada


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Needs Westminister Waterless Cookware handles


September 1, 2012

I own a set of Westminister Waterless Cookware, 3 Ply Stainless which we purchased back in 1966, sold through the Fine Arts, Fine Sterling Company. This cookware was made in the USA but went out of business perhaps in the 1970's.

Like most, we need replacement handles.

Have you any information on this company and who might have what we need? Thanks.

Harold - USA



The only thing I could suggest is to try a local repair shop or cookware shop that may have generic handles that might fit.

Best wishes in getting your handles replaced.

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Handles for Pluramelt Flavor Seal


July 30, 2012

I am looking for handles for Pluramelt Flavor Seal. Is there a brand that's compatible with this? Thanks.

Connie - USA



I'm sorry but I don't have that information. You might try some repair shop. Often generic handles will work.

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Needs Kitchen Queen handles


June 10, 2012

I need handles for my Kitchen Queen Cookware.

I purchased Kitchen Queen 5-ply cookware in 1973. True to their marketing, my cookware is in excellent condition. Yes, almost 40-years of consistent use!

Over the years the plastic handles have been broken. I need handles 10 handles for the pot and skillet. They are all the same size. The handles for the lids are in good condition, however, I would like to purchase 5 handles for the lids as well. Thank You, Joan

Joan - USA



I believe Kitchen Queen and Royal Queen are the same brand.

Try Regal Ware replacement parts or call Customer Service: (262) 306-7054

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Lustre Craft and Royal Queen suppliers


May 21, 2012

I am in need of an on-site address or phone number for a supplier of Lustre Craft and Royal Queen parts in the state of Alabama. At one time there was a business is Montgomery, Alabama, on the Eastern Boulevard. Unfortunately I do not remember the name of the business. Appreciate your assistance with this.

Geri - USA



Check West Bend Support or call (866)290-1851

Call Royal Queen customer service at: (262) 306-7054

They should be able to give you the information.

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I need instructions on how to cook


May 1, 2012

I bought a set of seal o matic pots second hand. I need instructions on how to cook in them. Thanks

Doris - USA



Seal-o-Matic no longer provides instructions. The best thing to do is to check a bookstore or for waterless cooking books. There are a number of them that can show you how to use the product, as well as to give good recipes.

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Which stainless steel is the best?


April 27, 2012

Hi Is 316 waterless cookware really any safer than 304 for everyday cooking?

read a test at dr mercolas site showing that stainless steel leaches metal into the food so am concerned about that.


tim - USA



316 stainless steel is less apt to corrode when boiling concentrated salt solutions. However, it also has more chromium, which can leach if the pan has been scoured and scratched. In either case, they are extreme conditions.

With normal cooking, both 316 and 304 stainless steel should be safe. They certainly are much better than cooking with pans made of soft metals like aluminum.

Dr. Mercolas sells cookware, among other products. Although I am sure he has some good information, there are a number of websites that call him a quack or a fraud.

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