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Feedback Q&A on History

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 295 comments and questions on History issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Start the Fire Facts Scientist who developed the H-Bomb USA
Start the Fire Facts Correction needed in history page USA
Failures of Lincoln What was the job that he lost in 1831? USA
Lincoln and Kennedy Thinks Kennedy was killed on a Thursday USA
Lincoln and Kennedy Need to link Lincoln-Kennedy coincidences with solutions USA
Start the Fire Facts Thoughts on "Nixon's back" USA
Lincoln and Kennedy Booth and Oswald were both Masons USA
Start the Fire Facts Thinks "cola wars" about drug use USA
Lincoln and Kennedy Review the facts on similarities USA
Japanese Attack SB Met Eunice Kennedy while on the train to SB USA

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Scientist who developed the H-Bomb

Topic: Start the Fire Facts


April 24, 2014

The scientist who developed the H-Bomb is Edward Teller, not "William Teller". He was from Hungarian descent.




Goodness, what a silly mistake. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I changed the information.

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Correction needed in history page

Topic: Start the Fire Facts


February 3, 2014

Really enjoyed site. Good information but a one inaccuracy that bugs me - insignificant as it may seem. The citation for Harry Truman states the headline read "Dewey Wins!" The headline in the early edition of the Chicago Tribune actually read "Dewey Defeats Truman!" not "Dewey Wins!"

Great site and I really enjoyed it.




Thanks for pointing that out to me. I updated the page with the correction.

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What was the job that he lost in 1831?

Topic: Failures of Lincoln


December 10, 2013

What was the job that he lost in 1831?

Camille - USA



In 1831, 22-year-old Lincoln had moved to New Salem, Illinois and worked doing odd jobs in a general store owned by Denton Offutt. Unfortunately, the business soon failed, and Lincoln lost his job. However, it really happened in the Spring of 1832. That year he also ran for office for the first time and was defeated.

(I'll update the page to correct the date.)

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Thinks Kennedy was killed on a Thursday

Topic: Lincoln and Kennedy


November 15, 2013

Correction: Kennedy was shot on a Thursday, 22 November 1963 not a Friday




I'm sorry, but it was on a Friday. See Assassination of John F. Kennedy.

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Need to link Lincoln-Kennedy coincidences with solutions

Topic: Lincoln and Kennedy


October 30, 2013

Debunking the Lincoln-Kennedy coincidences is based on opinion with arguments that divide and trivialize the facts. The set, as it now stands, does not prove they are planned, but they are inviting conjectures whose likely probability is proportional to the quantity of facts. To advance the argument for determinism one must elevate the links to solvable problems, which can be done although the audience for such a presentation would likely approach zero.

Paul - USA



Thanks for your analysis.

Although some people might feel there is some sort of determinism in the Lincoln-Kennedy coincidences, I think they should really be looked at as interesting, strange or amusing.

It is said that you could find coincidences and similarities in almost every dramatic event. However, I haven't seen other examples, such as with Lincoln and Kennedy. I'm sure there are other similar cases.

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Thoughts on "Nixon's back"

Topic: Start the Fire Facts


September 26, 2013

For "Nixon's Back" I tend to think of Nixon's speech after being defeated by Kennedy in 1960 that "you [the press] wont have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore". Then, a few years later (1968) he was back.

Other than that, I think you captured the issues mentioned very well.

Janet - USA



Thanks for the comment. Nixon's statement after losing to Kennedy sounded like sour grapes. Then in 1962, he lost his bid to govern California. Finally, in 1968 he truly was back.

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Booth and Oswald were both Masons

Topic: Lincoln and Kennedy


August 21, 2013

Booth and Oswald were both 33rd degree master masons. Lincoln and Kennedy were the only two presidents with no affiliation with freemasonry. Politics and religion had to a lot with the assignation mainly religion the government had connections and did something no one could stop they had the Meir power.

Rudy - USA



Although John Wilkes Booth apparently was a 33rd degree Mason, I found nothing indicating the Oswald was a Mason

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Thinks "cola wars" about drug use

Topic: Start the Fire Facts


June 29, 2013

Largely you are correct about the historical reference....but you completely missed the mark on the last line; "Rock-and-roller cola wars" was not about Coke v. Pepsi, though that was going on as well. Hollywood is rife with cocaine. In 1979, more cocaine got into this country than ever before. Hollywood was loaded with it, and a lot of good people were lost. The war was between the actors and the substance abuse. My take, anyway. Cheers.

Katie - USA



Although it is possible that Billy Joel was referring to a battle between actors and substance abuse, I don't think 1979 was a starting point on drug and cocaine addiction. In fact heroin use had and has been a greater problem. Also, I've never seen any references concerning such a "war" concerning cocaine use. However, it may be possible.

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Review the facts on similarities

Topic: Lincoln and Kennedy


May 25, 2013

You should review the "facts" given on your page, "Similarities Between the Assassinations of Kennedy and Lincoln (1860s and 1960s)", with the information given on the page at snopes.

Go to Snopes dot com and search for Lincoln Kennedy. You will see at the top an entry titled, "Lincoln and Kennedy Coincidences"

Don - USA



The Snopes article did not invalidate any of the similarities in the list. In fact, the author admitted they were true. However, he did question and analyze the value of the similarities, showing that many were insignificant. For example, the fact that both were elected 100 years apart and had seven letters in their names really doesn't mean much.

The whole list of similarities certainly is interesting and even entertaining, but they really have no serious significance. Also, there are no mystical forces behind the coincidences.

The only thing I have to say to the author who spent so much time analyzing the list is: "Get a life!"

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Met Eunice Kennedy while on the train to SB

Topic: Japanese Attack SB


February 8, 2013

Thank you for the article. I happened to be on a blacked-out Pacific coastal train on that particular night. Just after pulling out of Santa Barbara, heading north, the train came to a dead stop for about four hours. During the unexplained wait, I struck up a lengthy, delightful conversation with a chance fellow passenger who told me her name was Eunice Kennedy, that she too was attending Stanford University, that she had a number of brothers, and that her father had been the U.S.Ambassador to England. It was a few days later that the reason for the stoppage was revealed.

Emery - USA



Thanks for sharing your experience. I am sure that it was not only interesting to find out about the reason the train was stopped but also to meet Eunice Kennedy. Little did you know at the time that her brother would become president.

It's good to have some old memories like that.

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