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Feedback Q&A on History

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 295 comments and questions on History issues. They are listed according to date.

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Lincoln and Kennedy Is it like the Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy? USA
When Cops were Pigs Cops were called Pigs before 1968 USA
Lincoln and Kennedy You should adll O'Reilly's book on Lincoln USA
Lincoln and Kennedy Man who filmed the Kennedy assassination USA
Russo-Finnish War Update on Russo-Finnish War USA
Start the Fire Facts Davy Crockett was also a weapon system USA
General The right to bear arms and defeat the government Canada
Start the Fire Facts Would like pictures of famous people and events USA
Start the Fire Facts Jeb and George W. Bush were also brother governors USA
Failures of Lincoln Legislatures selected the Senators USA

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Is it like the Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy?

Topic: Lincoln and Kennedy


February 3, 2013

Look up the Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy for an answer to these supposed coincidence.

Eric - USA



The Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy mainly concerns gathering a large amount of data and seeing similarities that present a pattern. Usually some conclusions are drawn from the pattern.

The coincidences concerning the assassinations of Lincoln and Kennedy probably don't quality as a Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy, since no real conclusions are drawn.

I guess you could find coincidences in almost every similar historical event. However, the number of similarities in the Lincoln and Kennedy deaths certainly is weird (and entertaining).

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Cops were called Pigs before 1968

Topic: When Cops were Pigs


November 30, 2012

I find that your account of why police are called pigs to be wildly inaccurate. There are roughly 80 accounts, that I could find, where police were called PIGS predating 1968. According to academia the term is actually an abbreviated form of Patrolmen In Ghetto.




Thanks for your observation. I updated the page to include a few references from the 1500s to the mid 1800s where police were called pigs. However, the expression of "pigs" for police fell by the wayside many years before 1968, at which time the media picked up on the expression.

The article is more of an eyewitness view of what happened outside the Convention in 1968 than a history of an expression.

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You should adll O'Reilly's book on Lincoln

Topic: Lincoln and Kennedy


September 3, 2012

You should definately add Bill O'Reilly's book "Killing Lincoln". A comprehensive account of Lincoln's assination & a national best seller, non fiction, for nearly a year.

Clifford - USA



Thanks for the suggestion. I added the book as a resource.

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Man who filmed the Kennedy assassination

Topic: Lincoln and Kennedy


August 27, 2012

what about the man who took the famous film of Kennedy being shot from the grassy knoll? Wasn't his name Abraham Zabruder?

Jim - USA



You were close. His name was Abraham Zapruder.

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Update on Russo-Finnish War

Topic: Russo-Finnish War


June 29, 2012

The second Russo-Finnish war was not started by The USSR, but by the Finns, in an effort to take back the land lost in the first war, 18 months before. Though the Germans, who attacked the Soviets at the same time, urged the Finns on, they stopped when they reached the old border.

Eventually the Finns realized the error of joining Germany, in the attack on the Soviets, and got out of the war, after events turned against them. In the second treaty, the Finns lost more land still.

Richard - USA



Thanks for the information.

Apparently, Finland was the only nation to pay off their war debts after WWII.

PS: By your last name, you must be of Finnish heritage.

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Davy Crockett was also a weapon system

Topic: Start the Fire Facts


January 31, 2012

Yuo mention that Davy Crockett was the TV show with Fess Parker. Some videos have the Davy Crockett as the Nuclear Weapon a tactical nuclear recoilless gun for firing the M388 neclear Projectile that was deployed by the US during the Cold War.
The Davy Crockett was developed in the late 1950s for use against Soviet troops had war broken out in Europe. Small teams of the Atomic Battle Group would be stationed every few km to guard against Soviet attack, using the power of their nuclear artillery to kill or incopacitate advancing troop formation and irradiate the area so that it was uninhabitable for up to 48 hours, long enough to mobilize NATO forces.

Randall - USA



Thanks for the input. Although I'm sure that Billy Joel was referring to the TV show, I still added information about the Davy Crockett weapon system to the page.

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The right to bear arms and defeat the government

Topic: General


January 29, 2012

my name is michael. people have that right to bear arms. seems your government wants to change this. someone sad i dont have the right to speak cause im not american, but i do we share the longest border in the world. it wil affect us.

and anther question: the person that told me so there parents moved romploand to america. im half scottish. my greatgrandfather comes from new york state. look into the keith clans and crawford clans in america. so i do have that right.

i think if it ever came down it, the best way to defeat the goverment is this: hit and run attacks, blow up many building, use rocket launchers to take out helicopters. they are very successful. they worked in the afghanstan russia conflict and resently taking down 31 navy seals. they your government has abonded the people for this elite. i hope there is a revlotution. if there is, ill be fighing to i will do anything what ever it takes for people freedoms. seems in the military thers immigrants that are in the army and deep inside they just have resentment.

michael - Canada



The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states that the right to bear arms is part of a regulated militia. It is meant for the people to organize to defend their communities and not to overthrow the government that allowed that right.

Most revolutions that have overthrown the government have resulted in much bloodshed, often of innocent people. Also, the new government that takes over can easily become a dictatorship. Is that what you are looking for?

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Would like pictures of famous people and events

Topic: Start the Fire Facts


December 7, 2011

Hello! First of all, I just want to say how informative this website is and thanks so much! But, I showed it to my teacher and she said that what would make it EVEN BETTER would be to add pictures to the majority of the people/events in the We Didn't Start The Fire history/facts page. This would give people an idea of who the person looked like (ex. Joseph Stalin) or what the object looked like (ex. Studebaker car). I know that this would attract more people to your website because it adds visual content which everyone enjoys to look at it! :) Thanks so much for considering this.




Thanks for the suggestion. We'll try to get more pictures that would help make the article better.

Best wishes for continued success in your studies.

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Jeb and George W. Bush were also brother governors

Topic: Start the Fire Facts


November 27, 2011

in your entry on the lyrics for "We didn't start the fire" you indicate that the Rockefellers were the only brothers in history to be governors at the same time. This was true until 1998, when Jeb and George W. Bush were governors of Florida and Texas, becoming the second set of brothers to be governor at the same time.

Don - USA



Thanks for the info. I updated the section on the Rockefellers to include mention of the Bush brothers.

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Legislatures selected the Senators

Topic: Failures of Lincoln


October 11, 2011

I would take issue with your statement that "the Illinois State Legislature overthrew the popular vote" in 1858. Before the 17th Amendment, senators were elected by the legislature, not by a popular vote. So it was not "overthrowing the popular vote," because the popular vote was not for Senate, but for the legislators. In the same way, a presidential candidate can win the popular vote but gain fewer electors and thereby lose the election (see Bush & Gore, 2000).

Kelvin - USA



You are correct about the legislatures selecting the Senators in those years. I updated the material and appreciate your feedback.

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