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Feedback Q&A on History

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 295 comments and questions on History issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Failures of Lincoln How could Lincoln be a lawyer and politician at the same time? Zambia
Lincoln and Kennedy Oswald and conspiracy theories USA
Lincoln and Kennedy Was Lincoln a true Republican? USA
Lincoln and Kennedy Higher knowledge may be telling us something USA
Oral History What is the origin of man? Ghana
Lincoln and Kennedy Another interesting fact USA
Lincoln and Kennedy Kennedy had only one right eye SA
Start the Fire Purpose for historical items USA
Start the Fire Can we copy part of the song facts for a contest? USA
Start the Fire Facts Name misspelled USA

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How could Lincoln be a lawyer and politician at the same time?

Topic: Failures of Lincoln


September 24, 2011

How was Abraham Lincoln able to be a lawyer and a politian without dropping one?

Kasoka Joseph - Zambia



Many political leaders start off as lawyers. Once they become elected, they stop their law practice. However, once they are no longer in a political office, they can start their law practice up again.

That was the case of Abraham Lincoln. He went from one to the other and back again.

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Oswald and conspiracy theories

Topic: Lincoln and Kennedy


August 22, 2011

I've always been bothered by this one fact concerning Kennedy - if you look at the history of assassination in America - everyone but Kennedy was shot by a hand held gun, not by a sniper with a rifle.
Lincoln,Garfield, Rutherford, Ford ( 2x unsuccessfully), Reagan were targeted by lone gunmen. Kennedy is the only one targeted by a sniper. Usually, after interrogations, the truth comes out, yet, 12 continous hours of interrogation with Oswald he steadfastly maintainied his innocence, as opposed to all the assassins of US Presidents who reveled in their attempts.This one fact alone always makes me ponder the conspiracy theories.

Michael - USA



That is an interesting observation about the handguns and sniper rifle.

Although Oswald may have maintained his innocence, he did leave his rifle near the window in the Texas School Book Depository building where he worked. He also later shot a police officer with a pistol who confronted him.

However, the life of Oswald and his strange travels certainly allow for some sort of conspiracy. See Strange Life of Lee Harvey Oswald: Adventure Years for information.

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Was Lincoln a true Republican?

Topic: Lincoln and Kennedy


August 9, 2011

Your question number 2 bothers me. Yes, Lincoln was a Republican, but the parties switched ideals after the Progressive Party. So pinning Lincoln as a Republican is, kind of, wrong. Seeing as oncce the ideals were switched for each party, Lincoln would have been considered a Democrat.

Terry - USA



Thanks for your observation.

It is true that the views of the parties have changed over the years. The question wasn't supposed to be a political statement as much as stating party affiliation. Historically, Lincoln was a Republican. However, perhaps his views were closer to those of present-day Democrats.

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Higher knowledge may be telling us something

Topic: Lincoln and Kennedy


July 2, 2011

As a memoir to my earlier inquiry I am inclined to believe that there are significant meanings to the similarities of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. As a young child I had the advantage of learning first hand knowledge from my older relatives from situations and changes related to the life of Mr. Lincoln. As I am not at liberty to reveal any of these analogies to you I can tell you that what they know about about our sixteenth president would be amazing information and news related to this story. This was somewhere around 1955, five years before Mr. Kennedy became president. I believe that a higher knowledge out there somewhere is trying to relate to us in some way, but unfortunately to this day we are not able to grasp or understand what its trying to give to us...

James - USA



It certainly is possible that the similarities are more than pure coincidences.

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What is the origin of man?

Topic: Oral History


June 23, 2011

what is the origin of man.




Many scientists believed that man evolved from lower forms of humans and from apes. However, there are many religions that believe that man was created by God. You can take either or both views.

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Another interesting fact

Topic: Lincoln and Kennedy


June 21, 2011

Another interesting fact regarding Lincoln and Kennedy is that Lincoln was the first President to be assassinated in office and Kennedy was the last.

Mikki - USA



Thanks for the observation. Hopefully, Kennedy will be the last president assassinated.

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Kennedy had only one right eye

Topic: Lincoln and Kennedy


May 21, 2011

Kennedy had only one right eye whereas Lincoln had only one left eye

d - SA



Lincoln's left eye was slightly smaller than his right eye, which may have been a facial defect. I have not heard of any defect to either of Kennedy's eyes.

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Purpose for historical items

Topic: Start the Fire


May 17, 2011

what was his pupose for writing each of the following in that time phrase:
rosenberg('51); dien bien phu falls('54); budapest('56); trouble in the suez('56); chou en lai('57); belgians in the congo('60); eichman('61); berlin('61); begin('64-'89); bernie (bernard) goetz('64-'89)

matt - USA



Each of those items was an important event in the news. A few, such as Chou en-Lai and Bernie Goetz, were people who made news events.

Note that Billy Joel also selected items, such that they fit the rhythm of his song lyrics.

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Can we copy part of the song facts for a contest?

Topic: Start the Fire


May 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. Joel,

Is it okay for me to copy part of your "We Didn't Start the Fire" facts, to be utilized in a HS class contest for substitutes in History classes?


Libi - USA



You have permission to use our material in your class. Also, Billy Joel's material can be used, as long as it is only for classwork.

Best wishes in your contest.

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Name misspelled

Topic: Start the Fire Facts


April 25, 2011

Under "Ole Miss" I believe that the student's last name was Meredith, not Meridith.

Suzanne - USA



Thanks for pointing that out to me. I made the correction.

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