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Feedback Q&A on ISO 9000

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 104 comments and questions on ISO 9000 issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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General Why is ISO 9000 certification a necessity? India
Manual Sample Looking for an example of a quality manual USA
Manual Sample Looking for ISO 9001:2000 manual india
Compliance vs Certification Should we get a registrar just when ready? USA
Required Records How many companies in Pakistan are ISO Certfied? Pakistan
General What colleges are ISO 9000 certified? USA
TQM Comparison Define soft skills Pakistan
Manual Sample What is a nonconforming product? USA
Manual Sample Please email me the ISO 9000- Manual Sample USA
Manual Sample Can be unmanagable Mexico

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Why is ISO 9000 certification a necessity?

Topic: General


January 17, 2006

the necessity for organisations to go for iso certification

mani - India



ISO 9000 certification is necessary if it is demanded by customers, especially in business-to-business commerce. Sometimes it provides an advantage in advertising that your business is certified. Following ISO 9000 is good business even if you don't get certified.

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Looking for an example of a quality manual

Topic: Manual Sample


January 16, 2006

I am new to quality and was looking for an example of a quality manual and I found the quality policy manual for Kurtus Technologies. May is use this manual as a model/template for my quality manual??

Gary - USA



Feel free to use the material as a model. Note that the Quality Manual is for ISO 9000 1992, which is the old version. We are updating that manual to be for the latest version, ISO 9000 2000.

The new version has most of the 1992 paragraphs, but they have re-organized them and trimmed down some of the issues. It is still good as a starter. I'll contact you when we have the new version up.

Note that our approach is to add a rationale for doing the various activities in each paragraph. That is not a requirement, but we feel it makes the system more meaningful to a company's bottom line.

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Looking for ISO 9001:2000 manual

Topic: Manual Sample


November 18, 2005

do u have a sample specimen of quality manual based on iso 9001:2000?
I would be glad if u could guide me on that.

prashant - india



I'm sorry but the manual we have is ISO 9000 1992. A person should be able to use the old manual and simply update the new sections.

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Should we get a registrar just when ready?

Topic: Compliance vs Certification


November 15, 2005

Firstly good job on your website I found it informative and easy to follow. Just wanted to confirm as per your 'steps to achieve ISO 9000 Registration" once completed all steps and held internal audit is it then just obtaining certified register to approve your ISO 9000 standard?




It is often good to find a registrar while you are in the process. Often they can give some useful pointers or recommendations. You want to make sure you are on the same page in the process.

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How many companies in Pakistan are ISO Certfied?

Topic: Required Records


September 21, 2005

How many companies in Pakistan are ISO Certfied?

Khalid - Pakistan



I am sorry, but we do not have that information. You might check with the International Standards Organization (ISO) at

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What colleges are ISO 9000 certified?

Topic: General


August 31, 2005

I am currently enrolled in the MBA program at Fayetteville State University in Fayetteville NC. For my class "Total Quality Management" our class project is to research and develop what it will take to get ISO 9001 certification. One of the questions concerns what universities are currently certified under ISO 9001. Do you have this information or can you point me in the direction to find it. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated by myself and the class.


Cathy - USA



Since ISO 9000 is a standard is Europe, many U.S. companies have become certified to facilitate doing business with European companies. That has been the primarily motivation for spending time on money on the process. A few others have become registered or certified because they feel it is good for their business.

ISO 9001 is typcially for manufacturing companies. ISO 9002 and ISO 9003 are for other companies, such as those in the service industries.

I seriously doubt there are any colleges that have gone through the certification process. I'm not sure why they would do it.

Look through our articles and resources for a better understanding of the ISO 9000 process. Also check our section on TQM.

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Define soft skills

Topic: TQM Comparison


June 17, 2005

what does it mean that TQM has problems in Soft areas?the term soft is not clear to me when i read several articles please explain?

Sophia - Pakistan



I should have explained it better in the article.

Hard skills concern things that are done in the workplace. Soft skills concern the ability to deal with other people, as well as personal performance.

For example, workers may have good hard skills in making a product, but if the boss does not communicate well with them (soft skill), work is not done well.

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What is a nonconforming product?

Topic: Manual Sample


June 3, 2005

What does the product in "nonconforming product" refer to? Only the final product that is sent to the customer or does it include raw material and work-in-process as well?

Scott - USA



It is a product that does not conform to specifications. It may have been sent to the customer or flagged by quality inspection.

An example is clothes that are marked down because of some small sewing defect. Also often returned products are considered nonconforming. They can then be sold "as-is", reworked, or scrapped.

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Please email me the ISO 9000- Manual Sample

Topic: Manual Sample


May 7, 2005

Please email me the ISO 9000- Manual Sample.

Christiane - USA



There is a link on the page to download the PDF of the manual. Click and then save.

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Can be unmanagable

Topic: Manual Sample


February 15, 2005

It appears that many organizations have many processes, and sometimes it seems that there are processes to monitor etc processes. If all of these processes must be controlled and demonstrat effectivity, it seems that simply controlling process becomes a huge, near unmanageable task.

Ed - Mexico



One of the purposes for ISO 9000 is to make sense of it all. My apporach emphasizes stating a rationale for the various things a company does. Often there are processes that are performed because they always have done it that way.

The Quality Manual is supposed to simply define what they do and why they do it but not get into the details. Then the Procedure Manual gives some details and says who is repsonsible. Finally the Work Instructions tells what the worker should be doing.

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