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Feedback Q&A on ISO 9000

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 104 comments and questions on ISO 9000 issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Steps How to find out if company is ISO 9000 certified? USA
General ISO 9000 and TQM Ireland
Resources Wants school to be certified Nepal
Manual Sample How can small companies follow ISO 9000? United Kingdom
Manual Sample Describing traceability France
TQM Comparison Is an ISO certified company a TQM company india
Manual Sample Do you have an updated sample of Subclause 4.4? USA
Manual Sample Dfference between procedure and work instruction? USA
General Studying independent auditors Palestine
Manual Sample ISO 9000 for canning peaches Iran

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How to find out if company is ISO 9000 certified?

Topic: Steps


February 6, 2005

How can you find out if a company is ISO 9000 certified? What agencies have the authority to serve as ISO 9000 Registrars? Three

hunsaker - USA



You can ask company officers if they are certified.

International Organization for Standardization at would have a listing of authorized registrars.

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ISO 9000 and TQM

Topic: General


January 6, 2005

information on how the new ISO 9001 is closely allied to the principles of TQM.

Trevor - Ireland



I know that ISO 9000-2000 has integrated some TQM principles in it. Unfortunately, we haven't updated the material to include that.

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Wants school to be certified

Topic: Resources


November 30, 2004

Dear Sir,
We've been running a school & want it to be ISO certified. Please forward guidlines and procedure for the same.

Sunil Kumar Gupta
City Public School [CPS]
(A co-educational, Residential & Day Scholar School)
Pasang Lhamu Marg, Nepalgunj-14,
Banke (Nepal)
Tel: 00977-81-520409, 521427
Fax: 00977-81-521152

Gupta - Nepal



Usually companies become ISO 9000 certified because their clients or customers demand it. Also, it may be used as for marketing. I am not sure why you would want ot need to have your school certified, because of the cost involved and lack of advantages.

If you want to be certified, it would probably be at the ISO 9002 level.

Note that you can use our sample ISO 9000 Quality Manual to help your school be ISO 9000 compliant without actually becoming officially certified.

I hope this information helps.

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How can small companies follow ISO 9000?

Topic: Manual Sample


November 15, 2004

hi, I am researcher student in london south bank university and i am very intersted in controlled documentation. my question is how could small companies which are too small to afford full time quality staff controll documentation and meet the needs of ISO 9000 series accreditation.
i will be very grateful if you give some examples from your experience.


y - United Kingdom



Organizing documentation in a small company is easier, because there is less to control and it is relatively easy to organize. A major philosophy in ISO 9000 is that you "say what you do and then do what you say." A small company can list their important processes and then keep records on them to verify work is done as stated. Many small companies have no quality departments but yet still can follow the ISO 9000 standards, as they apply to such a business.

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Describing traceability

Topic: Manual Sample


October 28, 2004

i want describe traceability in my system.
can you to advice me some article about decribing and implementing traceability.
Thank you in advace.
Nesrine yahiaoui

Nesrine - France



There aren't many articles on implementing traceability related to ISO 9000 requirements. may give you some information.

Best wishes in your efforts.

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Is an ISO certified company a TQM company

Topic: TQM Comparison


October 15, 2004

Dear sir,

Can we call an iso certified company as tqm?

ramaswamy - india



If you are working at continuous quality improvement, customer satisfaction, heling suppliers and workers improve their quality, and some other TQM methods, you could call yourself a TQM company. Since there is no TQM certification, anyone could call themselves a TQM company, but customers and clients may ask what programs you have in place to improve your quality and reduce errors.

Being ISO 9000 certified means you are implemeting many TQM items. But it is possible that an ISO 9000 company can produce low quality goods, if that is what they document.

A more popular phrase now is a "Six Sigma company" that means the company has only a few errors per million units.

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Do you have an updated sample of Subclause 4.4?

Topic: Manual Sample


October 15, 2004

Do you have an updated sample of Subclause 4.4. Design Control that incorporates the changes made in the 1994 version of ISO 9001?

Dale - USA



We've been planning on updating to ISO 9000-2000, but haven't done it yet. You might be able to get the information from one of our resources listed at:

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Dfference between procedure and work instruction?

Topic: Manual Sample


October 14, 2004

You defined work instructions as step by step details of a certain task. To what level of detail should a WI achieve? What is the difference between a Procedure and a work instruction?

Bill - USA



A manager will tell you the procedure, while the worker will give you the work instruction. A procedure is the general process of how to do something. The work instruction consist of the details.

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Studying independent auditors

Topic: General


October 12, 2004

Hi, i am a student in Birzeit University in Palestine, i have a seminar course and would like to perform an experiment study regarding auditor independence in palestine so i need more information about this methodology, so can you help me.

- Palestine



Usually companies hire outside auditors to verify their finances, policies, ISO 9000 procedures and such. But often the companies also use internal auditors to check things over before they spend money on the real auditors.

Obviously, the auditor must be independent and not prone to bias or bribes.

To perform an experiment, you must be very specific on what you want to study or prove. Verifying the independence of an auditor is difficult, because it borders on illegal or immoral activities. People do not want to admit that.

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ISO 9000 for canning peaches

Topic: Manual Sample


September 22, 2004

thanks for the information in your site,
i have requested a quality manual on canning peaches therefor, i want to know how i can start to write quality manul preferably (9001)for my own orchard.
in addition, i want to know what is the different between ISO 9000 and 9001.

many thanks,

farshid - Iran



ISO 9000 is actually a set of standards, consisting of ISO 9001, 9002, 9003. ISO 9001 is for manufacturing companies. You may be able to use ISO 9002, which eliminates paragraphs related to manufacturing.

Although ISO 9000 standards help a company run better, you must decide whether it is worth actually getting certified for your business.

You can use our manual as a guide and format.

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