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Feedback Q&A on ISO 9000

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 104 comments and questions on ISO 9000 issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Reasons for ISO 9000 Would like to take ISO 9000 course USA
Documents Needed Should TQM be before ISO 9000? UK
Required Records Auditor issued a corrective action USA
Sample Manual Give me samples of quality policy Philippines
Compliance vs Certification Does ISO 9000 have standards on salary? India
Required Records Wants ISO 9001 certification in Pakistan Pakistan
General Can lean manufacturing be used before ISO 9000 USA
TQM Comparison Why there is no definition of TQM in ISO 9001:2000? Malta
Required Records How do I prepare records for ISO 9000? INDIA
TQM Comparison Pros and cons of compliance RSA

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Would like to take ISO 9000 course

Topic: Reasons for ISO 9000


March 17, 2008

My company would like me to take a ISO 9000 course A.S.A.P.

lorraine - USA



I'm sorry but we do not offer a course on ISO 9000. You're free to use our material to help you with your studies. Perhaps you could check with your local college on courses they may offer.

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Should TQM be before ISO 9000?

Topic: Documents Needed


January 10, 2008

For you what are the advantages and disadvantages of implementing TQM as a precursor to ISO 9000 and vice versa.
What is the best specific industry sector which should I focus on in your opinion ?
Thank you so much.

ghali - UK



See the comparison between TQM and ISO 9000 at:

The argument is that ISO 9000 should be implemented before TQM. That latest versions of ISO 9000 also have many TQM features included.

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Auditor issued a corrective action

Topic: Required Records


January 4, 2008

We were recently audit for recertification and were issued a corrective action for..."Not all system documentation (records) identified and maintained per control of records procedure"...specifically machine maintenance records. I know ISO9001 fairly well, I am the Quality System Cooordinator and for the life of me I cannot understand or figure out where this falls under best guess would be under 7.1 d) but does that mean that auditors are now allowed to tell companies the types of records they need to retain or am I just not understanding the requirements? Any help is greatly appreciated. BTW, nice website, I like using it to help train my internal auditors. Thanks.

Joe - USA



Your ISO 9001 documentation should give the procedure of how you will control your records. Certainly, you should keep records concerning machine maintenance. Now if your procedure states that all you have for machine maintenance is a check-off sheet, then that would suffice, since you are following your procedures.

Section 4.2.4 is Control of Records in ISO 9000:2000. It sounds like your procedure states you have maintenance records, but you don't. But also note that some auditors get over-enthusiastic and try to tell companies to do things beyond what the company has documented.

I'm glad the material has been useful to your people. I really should update the manual to the latest ISO 9000 version.

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Give me samples of quality policy

Topic: Sample Manual


July 31, 2007

Can you give me samples of quality policy of at least 3 specific companies.

jane - Philippines



I am sorry, but we only have the one sample Quality Manual available.

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Does ISO 9000 have standards on salary?

Topic: Compliance vs Certification


July 7, 2007

What minimum benefits including salary , must be given by a company that is iso certified? and what can be done to complain about the company not adhering to the standard?

- India



ISO 9000 mainly concerns how a company documents its procedures. They usually have documentation on salary ranges and benefits that they give to their employees. But ISO 9000 does not state minimum benefits nor minimum salary.

A problem for workers is that most companies keep the salary of employees secret, and most workers do not care to tell others how much they are making. You can't talk to your supervisor about your salary and benefits, or you can go to the company Human Resources Department to find out their policies. But ISO 9000 will not solve the problem.

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Wants ISO 9001 certification in Pakistan

Topic: Required Records


April 19, 2007

Sir, we are manufacturer and fabricator of oil tankers ,we want ISO 9001 Certification . pls send us list of companies which are able to take certificat in pakistan.

Mehboob - Pakistan



Check ISO Pakistan at They have a listing of ISO 9000 certified companies and consultants in the area.

Best wishes in getting your certification.

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Can lean manufacturing be used before ISO 9000

Topic: General


August 30, 2006

Hello. My name is Harsha and I am a masters student at Wichita State University. I intend to implement some of the lean manufacturing concepts at a local company in such a way it also help them in ISO 9000 certification process. I would like to know if the approach is right. My professor argues that it is usually so that the company gains ISO certification and then implements lean since the process is stable by now. Please express your opinion on this. It would also be greatly beneficial for me if you could give me more sources to refer on this issue.

Harsha - USA



I'll have to agree with your professor.

ISO 9000 provides a framework for effectively running a company. An important aspect is maintaining good documentation of what the company does. At the very least the company should comply to the ISO 9000 standards before starting TQM, Six-Sigma or other program for lean manufacturing.

Look at it this way: if a company started a lean manufacturing system but they had no standards for what was being done or how it was done, it is very possible confusion would take over. It is difficult to control quality or costs if each worker does the job differently. That was a major weakness in the Total Quality Management efforts of 10 years ago.

See: for more on this idea.

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Why there is no definition of TQM in ISO 9001:2000?

Topic: TQM Comparison


June 11, 2006

I would like to know why there is no definition of TQM, in ISO 9001:2000. Is this because the two are not so related and have evolved into two different disciplines?

Thank you

Matthew - Malta



It is unusual and unfortunate that ISO 9000:2000 does not recognize TQM. When ISO 9000 was updated to the 2000 version, they added a number of TQM concepts.

My guess is the ISO organization wants to keep things within their control instead of recognizing various other disciplines that have similar aims. It is somewhat like politics or protecting your own turf. It is also short-sighted.

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How do I prepare records for ISO 9000?

Topic: Required Records


May 31, 2006

how do i prepare records and forms for a company who is going for ISO certification?




Upper management must decide what records they want and need to keep in order to run their business effectively. That includes personnel records, financial records, and documentation that products have been inspected and delivered, among other things.

ISO 9000 requires that you list the documents and records the company is going to keep and a procedure to control those records. Then, they want verification that the company is following what it says it will do.

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Pros and cons of compliance

Topic: TQM Comparison


May 31, 2006

I would like to know the prosand cons of quality compliance and non compliance to a business


Fana - RSA



Compliance to ISO 9000 means your company runs smoothly. Implementing TQM helps improve profits. Certification in ISO 9000 is official acknowledgment that your company is in compliance.

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