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Feedback Q&A on Knowledge

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 18 comments and questions on Knowledge issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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General I want to be smart USA
Epsitemology How can we know what we know is correct? Kenya
Epsitemology Relationship between epistemology and education Nigeria
Reading The best way of gaining knowledge Nigeria
Listening Wants to remember what is heard Pakistan
Epsitemology What is the nature and scope of epistemology? Nigeria
Epsitemology How to get success in an exam? India
Epsitemology What about a genius? india

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I want to be smart

Topic: General


January 11, 2011

i want to be smart

alicia - USA



That is a good start to want to be smart. Enjoy studying and look toward achieving your goal at becoming a smart person.

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How can we know what we know is correct?

Topic: Epsitemology


August 23, 2010

my question is: how can we know what we know is correct

emanuel - Kenya



The more evidence there is on something, the closer it becomes a fact. However, it is still an opinion, because there may be some unknown item that is an exception.

For example, everyone you know may agree that grass is green. However, someone can show you some grass that has turned brown or yellow. Thus, it is better to say the the grass is green most of the time.

You can say, "From what I know and the facts I have, this item is correct." That will allow the possibility that there may be some exception.

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Relationship between epistemology and education

Topic: Epsitemology


July 26, 2010

Thanks a lot for the information.I'm a student of philosophy in the faculty of education, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.I was given an assignment on this question-what is d relationship between epistemology and education. pls help me 2 day.

Eunice - Nigeria



Epistemology concerns the theory of knowledge. It is a branch of philosophy concerned with what knowledge is and how it is acquired. On the other hand, education is the practical application of epistemology, using one or more of the theories of knowledge acquisition, such as empiricism, rationalism, or constructivism.

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The best way of gaining knowledge

Topic: Reading


June 27, 2010

i want to know the best way of gaining knowledge upon numerous point of acquiring knowledge

etop - Nigeria



Paying attention and observing is a major way that children gain knowledge. This is also important for adults, where you need to be curious and want to learn more about the things around you.

With this curiosity, you can get more out what you read, because you want to understand it and look further into the information.

The Internet allows you to go beyond reading only books, as it opens up knowledge from others all around the world.

Still, a good teacher--whether in school or a wise person--is valuable in providing you with knowledge.

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Wants to remember what is heard

Topic: Listening


February 10, 2008

i like your website....i appreciate everyone concerned to this site...and also admit that listening to others,radio and making conversation to others is a best way to gain knowledge....but im having a problem...i always does so mentioned in your site ...but my memory is quite weak which is why i am unable to keep all the knowledge in my mind....please suggest me how i should make my memory strong...i shall be grateful...thanks a lot

farhan - Pakistan



Although you can gain information through listening to teachers, listening to the radio and talking to others, you can often forget much of what is said after a short while. It is good to take notes and write down your thoughts about what you have heard.

In school, when watching television or listening to the radio, you can have a notepad available and take notes about important items. You don't have to write things word-for-word, but putting down simple key words can refresh your memory afterwards. Then it is good to review your notes later and elaborate on things you felt were important. In this way, you reinforce your memory, as well as go beyond with creative thinking.

After a conversation with others on a topic of interest, you can sit down and jot some notes about what was said and what you thought was important. This has to be done shortly afterwards, before you forget things.

Taking the action of writing and seeing your words written will greatly increase your ability to remember those items.

Best wishes in increasing your knowledge.

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What is the nature and scope of epistemology?

Topic: Epsitemology


January 23, 2008

please, i want to know the nature and scope of epistemology as an undergraduate student studying philosophy? What are the expectation and figures in epistemology?

Michael - Nigeria



Epistemology is the philosophy concerned with the nature and scope of knowledge. It is the kind of knowledge usually considered as propositional knowledge. Knowledge implies belief such that something will prove to be useful or successful in some sense. A person can believes something he thinks is true but be mistaken. This is not the case with knowledge, where you know it is true or false. Epistemology addresses such issues and the question "What is knowledge?"

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How to get success in an exam?

Topic: Epsitemology


July 19, 2007

Q-How to get success in exam

Moinuddin - India



Look at our section on getting good grades and taking tests. Start at:

There are other lessons that will help you prepare for your exam.

Best wishes to become a champion in your exam.

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What about a genius?

Topic: Epsitemology


March 18, 2005

hi,i don't know if atall my email will be replayed or not... i have always wondered about the exeptional capabilities of genius... can a common man atain those levels of knowledge... by practice and hard work or may be god must have decided that these men r destined to became genius... iam confused can u reply me back.... iam a immature about philosopy... hope u will replay me ..

riaz - india



Some people are blessed with better capabilities in various areas than others. Some can learn easier, some can play music almost naturally, and some can run faster. But that does not mean they will be the most successful.

Many who have exceptional mental capabilities soon become bored in school or are pushed ahead such that they don't fit in socially. The student that is motivated to learn and enjoys the challenge can often move ahead of the genius who does not fit in or who has no ambition.

Also, much success in life comes from getting along with other people. Often a genius has much knowledge but cannot communicate on an ordinary level.

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