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Feedback Q&A on Success in Life

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 112 comments and questions on Success in Life issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Ritual How do I improve my math? INDIA
Satisfying Life My daughter is lazy and angry India
Satisfying Life What qualities should I consider it a possible wife? Nigeria
Basic Facts About Your Life Wants questions that can be answered India
Spiritual My wife left me USA
Ritual Not all people can realize things Germany
General I love school New Zealand
College Advice How can I give up alcohol and cigars? Kenya
Relations What are the five elements of emotional intellignece? Phillipines
General How can I implement on my plan? India

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How do I improve my math?

Topic: Ritual


May 11, 2010

I am a student of 12th class.With PCM as my subjects.I want to be an engineer but my maths is very weak.
I am not getting focus on math.
What i do for improve my math.




Mathematics is important in engineering. You can improve your abilities by starting with simple books on the subjects.

Also, look at our sections on Arithmetic and Algebra to help you get started.

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My daughter is lazy and angry

Topic: Satisfying Life


April 25, 2010

actually problem has to my daughter. now she is 16 years old.she is always lazy,getting angry with others(mostly with family)no hobbies at all. I think she don'have any positive attitude.she is brilliant but she will not work. what to do? In her mind life is like a film. very easy and cool.she don't know what she is loosing.What I will do?

- India



It is not unusual for boys and girls around the age of 16 years old to be lazy, bored and even angry. Also, some children in the teen years rebel against their parents and try to do just the opposite that their parents want. I guess it is just part growing up and making the transition into becoming an adult.

One thing that is important is that she does not have friends who can be a bad influence on her. Often children will imitate their friends.

It does not pay to criticize her or try to get her to do things, because that will only cause more resistance. Although, there is one thing you should be strict about, and that is that she does her required chores.

When she does good things -- especially in school -- complement her and encourage her. Also, it is good to set a good example with your own positive attitudes. Some of that will rub off on her when she gets older.

When you get a chance, talk with her and asked her what her favorite things are. Does she have any special things she likes to do or movies she likes to watch? Ask her what she plans to do when she is through with high school. Already it is good to make plans for college.

But it is important when you ask these questions that you do not put her on the defensive. You are just curious, and it is good to find out things about your daughter that you may not know.

It is often difficult bring it up teenagers, but I am sure she will turn out fine.

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What qualities should I consider it a possible wife?

Topic: Satisfying Life


March 30, 2010

What are the qualities i should concider in a lady before entering in a relationship that could lead to marriage?

Frank - Nigeria



Certainly, you should look for a woman who has good character traits, such as being honest, caring and not lazy. Another positive trait to consider is her attitude toward money. You do not want to marry someone who will carelessly spend all of the family's money.

Of course, what initially attracts you to a woman is that she is appealing to your eye. You want to have some common interests and similar personality traits, such that you get along and enjoy the persons company.

However, there are certain areas where you should have opposite strengths and weaknesses. This is so you can help each other out.

It is good to evaluate yourself and the type of friends you have, in order to improve your judgment on the type of woman you choose. But also, remember that you must have good qualities that will also appeal to her.

Best wishes on finding a good wife.

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Wants questions that can be answered

Topic: Basic Facts About Your Life


January 15, 2010

My question is the program is very okay but, is not a question per say is observation, why can't you set a question in objective way for us to be answer. thanks.

Hammed - India



I am not sure I understand what you are asking. Were you having trouble accessing the answers to the Mini-Quiz. Or was there some other problem?

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My wife left me

Topic: Spiritual


January 11, 2010

my wife left me, she go with the other guy, is she know his doing

eduardo - USA



I am sorry to hear that your wife left you. That was not nice of her or the other guy. Although you are probably sad and even angry, there are some things you need to do.

First, make sure that she is not able to get any of your money by cashing checks or using your credit card. Also be careful if she has a key to your home.

You also need to move on with your life. It is like starting anew for you.

On a spiritual sense, wish them well. Your good thoughts will help you feel better about the situation.

Best wishes, and I hope these ideas will help you get over this unpleasant situation.

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Not all people can realize things

Topic: Ritual


November 20, 2009

We think your web-site is not really a great thing because not all of the people can realize these things.
Your site is a bit like "non-sense". See all people have to find their own way to be successful in life. Maybe some of them will think if they cannot handle your 5-powers-of-a-champion they are not good enough for our world! You understand my point of view?

So, if you are interested you can send me an answer.

Lovely greetings,

Ashley - Germany



Thanks for your feedback and views. Our website can be a like a pair of glasses that helps a person see things differently. Few people become successful in life without the help of others--either those who are good examples or from material they read. To try to do it on your own can be very difficult.

Everyone does the best they can. A person who tries but fails is better off than the person who has greater skills but does not try.

Best wishes on becoming a champion in your life. And help others to be successful too.

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I love school

Topic: General


October 27, 2009

I love school. I love to learn.

Nicole - New Zealand



You sound like a person who is going to be a true success in life. It is good to love things, especially learning and knowledge.

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How can I give up alcohol and cigars?

Topic: College Advice


August 1, 2009

How can I give-up alcohol and cigars without a pinch of struggle?

Joseph - Kenya



Since both alcohol and tobacco are addictive substances, it is difficult to give them up. They also are sometimes part of social interactions, making them even harder to give up.

But thinking of the effect they have on your general health, you can be motivated to quit both of them. One way is to get into better physical condition through regular exercise. when you are in good shape or in training, your body doesn't accept those pollutants as well. It then helps to quit.

Since drinking and smoking are often considered part of college life, they are difficult to quit unless you have a support system of friend who also want to quit.

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What are the five elements of emotional intellignece?

Topic: Relations


July 5, 2009

1.what are the four (4) selves than represent each human person?
2.what are the five (5) basic element of emotional intelligence ?

john ray - Phillipines



I'm not sure what you meant by four selves.

In the Sufi religion, there are four selves or states of being:
1. The commanding self - the one who will not let go. 2. The doubting, self-reproachful self - the dawning of conscience, questioning and self-investigation - the one who questions the one who will not let go. 3. The believing, inspired self - the one who no longer questions. The beginning of Surrender. 4. Self-realized - the satisfied, illumined, enlightened and fulfilled self. The one who knows, and is, Unity.

The five elements of emotional intelligence are: self-awareness, motivation, self-regulation, empathy, and adeptness in relationships.

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How can I implement on my plan?

Topic: General


June 24, 2009

How can I implement on my plan or my thoughts? Actually I am good planner, but I cannot execute my plan. I want to be successful in life....but how could I ?????

Sanju - India



Often a plan is too complex or too vague to allow successful implementation. Some people also will get so caught up in the plan that they never get started. Either they worry too much about details or use it as an excuse, because they are afraid of failing.

If you have a long term plan, consider your desired outcome. Write down that long term goal to look at every day as a reminder of what you want to achieve or obtain.

Then think of short term activities that can be easily achieved but that may ultimately lead to your long term goal. Achieve those simple goals and congratulate yourself on them. It is a method of taking thin slices out of a large project, such that you get closer and closer to your objective, but yet prevent yourself from getting discouraged by the enormity of the task.

In wanting to be successful in life, you need to define what success means to you. Ideally, it is a good income, a good family and friends, and good health.

Best wishes in your success,

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