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Feedback Q&A on Success in Life

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 112 comments and questions on Success in Life issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Success Secrets Setting a goal for engineering grade India
Success Secrets Wants to write motivational books Nigeria
General Learn from others USA
General How do I build strong confidence? Ghana
General Plans about my life Canada
Designing Your Day Teaching time management to children India
5 Questions I have definite answers to all the 5 questions India
Intellect Website said I had low intellect India
Satisfying Life Can you help me with an online advice? Cameroon
Attitude I have lost my confidence towards life USA

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Setting a goal for engineering grade

Topic: Success Secrets


July 3, 2013

I have question that my 3 semmester for my engineering is going to start.
So we don't have G.p.a system , we have percentage system .
i had made an action plan.
The question is that when i try to follow that i feel a doubt that if it would work or not
Maybe there is some other good method to achieve it quickly
This thought tense me and demotivates me to follow my action plan
What should i do?

Harsha - India



It is good that you have a goal of the score you want to achieve. Write down that goal and post it where you can see it, as a reminder.

Your action plan should consist of the amount of time you will spend studying each day, a way to verify what you have learned, and methods to study for exams. Note that you also should set aside time for relaxation, so that you don't get stale.

You can monitor your progress with results from homework and tests. Giving yourself congratulations on doing well helps to motivate your further.

If you have some set-backs, such that it may not be possible to achieve your goal, make some adjustments, so that you will continue on your mission to achieve good grades.

Do not get tense during this process. Think of it as similar to an engineering project where you seek certain results.

Best wishes on doing well in your classes. I am sure you will.

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Wants to write motivational books

Topic: Success Secrets


July 1, 2013

Well,sir great jobs you have been doing seems unbetreating especially to someone like me,i love motivational books and i can't tell how it makes people succeed.But i have a question,i want to become an author writing motivational books,please sir, motivate me how would i start?

Ananwude - Nigeria



The best way to become an author writing motivational books is to get write down some inspiring stories of people who have been motivated to improve their lives or to help others.

Look in your own community and ask people questions like: "How did you get started in your business or job?" or "Have you ever overcome some difficulty and what motivated you to do that?" You can think of other questions that will fit.

You can tell then the reason for asking is for a book you are writing.

Also, write down your own thoughts on how you have been motivated or inspired to advance yourself.

Look at our lessons in Succeed in Writing to help you.

Best wishes for success in your book.

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Learn from others

Topic: General


March 25, 2013

Learn from others how to solve your problems <---- A true Champion
Ron good work ! I like that page.




Thanks for your comment. It is a good philosophy.

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How do I build strong confidence?

Topic: General


January 3, 2013

How do are build strong confidence in myself or in whatsoever am doing?

Otis - Ghana



First of all, pick an area in which you want to be confident. Is it in speaking to a group? Is it doing a dangerous task? Is it winning a game?

You have to start with a specific area or goal. Then, starting with easy tasks, complete them and praise yourself for the accomplishment. Soon you will become so confident in that area, that you can build your confidence in another area.

One area of importance is to have confidence in being able to overcome the difficult. That works in all areas.

I hope these ideas help you become confident in things you do.

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Plans about my life

Topic: General


November 13, 2012

Hello Sir, I have my email back and some time and some money to burn
I was thinking about some experiments with aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering most of airflow(camber) and electricity/
electrolysis , light and fuels even biology, I was thinking about maby going back to school its about 15 mins away college/university
having a hard time to make my mind up any ideas on a spot to start and what course would you recommend to someone that is all over the place and is in need of a direction.Thanks for the help and if you need any help with anything ever ask I will try my best ty bye.

- Canada



It is good that you have many ideas about things you would like to do. However, you really need to lay out your priorities and what you think is important and valuable to you and your life.

Write down each of the things you were thinking of doing on a separate sheet of paper and draw a vertical line down the middle. Then list the advantages (pros) and disadvantages (cons) of each item. This will help you decide whether to pursue the activity or to put it to the side.

Best wishes for making some good decisions and then acting on those decision.

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Teaching time management to children

Topic: Designing Your Day


October 4, 2012

Thank you for all the information on the site, it is very useful. I want to know how to teach time management to the kids. So thye won't miss the things they want to do and also complete the things on time.
I have 11 and 9 yrs old boys.
Thank you.

- India



Children often imitate who their parents manage time. Parents who are habitually late usually have children with the same attitude toward being on time. But still many kids will procrastinate about doing unpleasant (to them) tasks.

Being able to do things they want to do is a good motivation to get things done on time. Let them guess how long a task will take, so that they have a goal to achieve with the promise of fun time afterwards.

Let them read Getting Your Homework Done to give them some tips on the subject.

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I have definite answers to all the 5 questions

Topic: 5 Questions


February 22, 2012

Dear Sir, I have definite answers to all the 5 questions.

1.What am I thankful for today? A: I am thankful that I found this site today among so many others!
2.What did I learn today? A: I learnt to ask these five questions!
3.Where did I do a good job?A: I did a good job of reading all the lessons and answering among other jobs!
4.Who was I valuable to today? A: myself?!
5.How did I take care of myself today?A: I practised all that I learnt from this lesson !

Radha - India



I'm glad you found the 5 Questions useful. You are on your way to becoming a true champion in life!

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Website said I had low intellect

Topic: Intellect


February 8, 2012

Today I viewed a site( where the result that i viewed said that my intellect is very low,not even minimum intellect i possess and to some extent it might be true. Can you help me out in becoming like other intellectuals...
This will be of much help to me if you can guide me as iam facing much problems in this regard...can anyone help me...

vijay - India



You need to be careful of websites or people who say they can predict things about you, especially if they charge money to do so.

Since you are using a computer and the Internet, you already have a greater intellect than a majority of people.

Intellect means the ability to come to correct conclusions and to solve problems. A person who uses intelligence is using thought and reasoning abilities. However,knowledge is also very important in becoming an intellectual. This comes from extensive reading in various subjects.

I feel that the people at are really the ones with low intellect for making such judgements.

I am sure that you have great potential, especially since you are interested in improving yourself.

Be curious, read, and observe, so that you are able to talk about various subjects. Others will then think of you as an intellectual.

Best wishes in your success.

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Can you help me with an online advice?

Topic: Satisfying Life


December 27, 2011

please can you help me with an online advicer

mindine - Cameroon



We have a number of articles and lessons on how to make the most out of your life. Feel free to look at those topics of interest. The more you learn, the better you become.

You can ask some specific questions, which I will try to answer.

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I have lost my confidence towards life

Topic: Attitude


September 16, 2011

i have lost my confidence towards life.actually im depressed for i could'nt make a good career .nw that i m married, unable 2 manage my thoughts i have low self esteem .whatever i think unable to workout .no one to share my problems nor guide me no improvement in my personality . i wish to enjoy my life free of mind pls help.




First of all, the fact that you are married means that someone loved you, had common interests, and saw potential in you. These are blessings. Also, you probably have relatives and family. Do not disregard them. Appreciate their existence.

List all the things you have achieved, even small items. You are better than your think. Do you realize all the people who don't even have the skill to use the Internet?

Do people you know have problems? Listen to them tell about their problems. Then, in return, they might listen to your problems.

You gain confidence and esteem by recognizing each thing you have completed and praising yourself for the accomplishment. It slowly build up your confidence to do bigger and better things.

Finally, sometimes depression is caused by a chemical imbalance. Often a doctor can prescribe medication to get you on track again.

I hope these idea help you become the person that you are destined to become.

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