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Feedback Q&A on Success in Life

by Ron Kurtus

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Satisfying Life How does a positive attitude result in success? Uganda
Be Anxious to Get Up Sometimes I feel lazy and not motivated Zambia
Satisfying Life What is success in your opinion? Pakistan
Satisfying Life Try to be social but find it difficult to interact Nigeria
General I am a thief and an orphan India
Be Anxious to Get Up I like to sleep late Cameroon
Attitude I feel like I am in a rut USA
Satisfying Life How I can win the hearts of others? Pakistan
Ritual How can one become reborn in hope? USA
Designing Your Day Should I be limited to only three goals? USA

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How does a positive attitude result in success?

Topic: Satisfying Life


June 4, 2009

Can you please elaborate on how positive attitude transforms into success? Is it because when the success finally comes, you have arleady visualized in your head how you are going to act?

Brian - Uganda



To a degree you are correct and that a positive attitude allows you to visualize the outcome. With a positive attitude, you are accepting the possibilities of what you can achieve. A person with a negative attitude can often feel the he is unable to achieve the goal or that things just won't work out the way he wants.

Instead of thinking of success as an end in itself, such as becoming wealthy, you think in terms of becoming successful. That means being able to achieve your goals and being happy about the results.

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Sometimes I feel lazy and not motivated

Topic: Be Anxious to Get Up


May 6, 2009

When ever i plan to do something constructive sometimes i just fail to do becomes i feel lazy or dnt jst feel motivated do it, so i dont how u can help me. Thank you.

Chilaizya - Zambia



Doing something constructive is well-meaning, but it also may seem like work to you. The starting point must be to visualize the reward or benefit you will get from doing some task.

If you knew you would get a lot of money or something you always wanted, I am sure you would be motivated to do something that was even difficult.

If you wanted to fix a broken lamp so that you would have light at night, you might be motivated to do it. But if you didn't care if there was light nor not, you might just feel lazy and not bother.

Start by being aware of the benefit to you for doing something. Then you can decide whether it is worthwhile or not. But also, dream of the things you would like to get and have. Those dreams give you motivation.

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What is success in your opinion?

Topic: Satisfying Life


December 11, 2008

First of all I'll thank you for providing us with such a nice site.
Everybody has his own definition of success.

What is success in your opinion?

Muhammad - Pakistan



Success is in the eye of the beholder. One may look at a poor person and say how unsuccessful that person is. But if that person is happy and satisfied and feels he has done the best he can, then he is successful in his own eyes.

But also, success is not a destination you want to reach. Success is the journey to what you want to achieve.

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Try to be social but find it difficult to interact

Topic: Satisfying Life


November 11, 2008

please, at times if i try to be social i find it difficult to interact with people around me what can i do to get my self out that mess

ejike - Nigeria



Some people have a natural personality that they enjoy working with people, while others prefer to work alone. Both personalities are acceptable.

The biggest factor in interacting with other people is to take interest in them. find out what likes and dislikes another person has and talk about them. People love to talk about themselves, and will enjoy someone who is willing to listen. Gaining that skill in getting others to open up will allow you to be more social too.

Do not think that you are in a mess. It simply takes the effort to listen and be interested in others that will make you more social.

Best wishes in gaining new friends and improving your social life. I know that you have it in you to succeed.

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I am a thief and an orphan

Topic: General


October 23, 2008

i am thief. i am orphan. everyone treat me as a bad person. i want to die

karthik - India



Of course, no one likes a person who steals from them. Being a thief is not the way to get people to like you. Instead, you must think of ways to help others.

Since you are an orphan, you know the importance of having people like you and to be close to you. Instead of wanting to die, try to make a mark in the world by doing things that are good and helpful to others. Some great people started as orphans and thieves, but they had the desire to become known as a good person and worked to that goal.

People treat you as you treat them and how you expect them to treat you. Look to the best in others and yourself, and you will succeed.

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I like to sleep late

Topic: Be Anxious to Get Up


July 25, 2008

Thanks for all the rich messages on this website. I am just from reading why people get up from bed very early while others feel bored and still others don't want to get up. As for me, i have a job which i love but i like sleeping. so how can you assess that?
Thanks in advance

love - Cameroon



You are fortunate that you have a job that you love.

Most people need 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Some even need 10 hours of sleep. If you go to bed too late, your body may not have gotten enough rest to get up early in the morning.

Another factor is if you are a morning person or an evening person. Some people are more active in the morning and ready to go right away. But others are more efficient in the evenings. Those people often want to stay up later and get up later.

Determine how many hours of sleep you need to be refreshed. Also determine if you are a morning person or an evening person. In this way, you can adjust your schedule to be the most effective.

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I feel like I am in a rut

Topic: Attitude


April 22, 2008

While I answered the questions like a "Champion in Life," the real challenge is in implementing these into my daily life. I feel like I am in a rut, and just to survive is a major ordeal.

David - USA



A big problem many people have is they get into a situation where there seems to be no joy in their lives. It could be because of a dead-end job, various problems in life, or simply no direction or meaning in life.

Although having a good attitude is important, it is not easy to attain, unless you change other things in your life.

The ideal situation is to be anxious to get out of bed in the morning, because there are activities you want to do.

One good thing to do is to take stock of your situation and your life. Make a list of things you have really enjoyed doing. List things that you are good at. List achievements you have had in your life. These items can give you an idea of where you want to go.

But also list things that you appreciate each day. Often people overlook such things as having a good friend, enjoying a favorite food, or some other item that you normally take for granted. Count your blessings, and appreciate them.

Once you get the great idea of something that you'd really like to do, you can make the move of getting out of the rut and making your life enjoyable.

Look over the other lessons in our Life section for other thoughts that may apply to you. Best wishes on moving in the right direction with your life.

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How I can win the hearts of others?

Topic: Satisfying Life


April 19, 2008

How i can win the hearts of others? Also how can i be confident.

Khalid Niaz - Pakistan



The first thing to do to get others to like you is to take interest in them and what they like to do. This means allowing the other person to talk about himself or herself before telling about yourself.

This takes curiosity and observation. It works both with men and women.

People love to know that someone is interested in them. If you find some common interest to talk about, you can become dear to each other.

Confidence is sureness about being able to do things. The trick is to start small, with easy successes, acknowledge your success, and then build up to more difficult challenges.

Being friendly and having others respond can build up your confidence in dealing with people, provided you start small and build up your abilities.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you win their hearts and gain confidence.

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How can one become reborn in hope?

Topic: Ritual


January 17, 2008

Can one who has died in hope ever be reborn into it?

Lynda - USA



The only reason a person dies in hope or gives up hope is because she has simply run out of ideas of how to cope and move ahead. Often it is because of a loss or many set-backs.

The first thing to do is to reflect on what you have and appreciate it, no matter how little it is. This can open your eyes to the things in life you enjoy and what is really important to you.

Losses and set-backs are unfortunate, but life must go on. If there is something you enjoy and is important to you, move in that direction. Look for positive people who can help or inspire you. Also, seek to help others. This will give you ideas of how to become reborn in hope, as well as increase your motivation to improve things.

"It is not important how many times a person falls down. What is important is how many times he or she gets up."

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Should I be limited to only three goals?

Topic: Designing Your Day


December 19, 2007

I'm looking at designing my day later in the evening at home and as silly as this might sound I'm wondering; since I'm limited to 3 goals, should the goals be personal goals that I may do at home, or business goals that I may achieve at work, or a combination of both. I can easily have 3 goals both personally and business related. Does it matter?

Troy - USA



Often people will make a To-Do list with many items on it. Some people will then prioritize the list according to importance or urgency. Those items not done one day can be added to the list for the next day. This works for some people, but it also can become overwhelming and not very satisfying to many others.

You really aren't limited to three goals. But I've found that picking three major goals or tasks for the day and completing them can give you much more satisfaction, as well as relieve the burden of having this list of items not completed staring you in the face.

It boils down to asking yourself, "What are the three things I really want to accomplish today?" It can be any mix of items, personal or business.

Note that work projects or goals usually are not done in a day. You need to break a project into smaller pieces, so you can pick something you will be able to complete that day. This gives you closure, even if it is just a small part of a large task.

I hope this helps you.

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