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Feedback Q&A on Success in Life

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 112 comments and questions on Success in Life issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Designing Your Day Start to forget to plan may day Nigeria
Basic Facts About Your Life I am getting too lazy to get out of bed Tanzania
Satisfying Life Life in Africa is tough Uganda
Basic Facts About Your Life I am always thinking in negative way India
Satisfying Life How can I be energetic in my work? India
Basic Facts About Your Life You helped me put my life in perspective Kenya
College Advice Article for graduating students trying to get a job USA
Satisfying Life I am not happy with myself Pakistan
Satisfying Life Send me an article on how to be successful Nigeria
Ritual I can avoid always failing? India

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Start to forget to plan may day

Topic: Designing Your Day


February 5, 2011

Good Evening Sir/Madam
My question is on the issue of getting my day planed at the night before the day. For me i can do that but it is for a while and then i will no more do it again and i could not be able to figure out what the problem is all about. Pls i will like u to conceal me

Chigozie - Nigeria



That is a common problem that people have. Many people can plan their day, and it works fine, but soon they forget and stop doing it.

Since I said to list only the three most important or urgent items, it makes it easy to finish those three. When you finish the three, celebrate and congratulate yourself. Then you can move on to other things you want or have to do. By acknowledging your success, you reinforce how worthwhile the process is, which encourages you do repeat the process.

After doing it on a regular basis, soon it will become a good habit or routine.

I hope these idea help. Best wishes in have great and productive days.

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I am getting too lazy to get out of bed

Topic: Basic Facts About Your Life


January 12, 2011

i really lazier in getting up at bed, so what can i do in order that i get up quickly from bed?

bukerebe - Tanzania



If you have something to look forward to, you will be anxious to get out of bed. Even looking forward to a good breakfast can motivate you.

Reasons people do not want to get out of bed includes such thing as they have stayed up too late or because they hate going to their job.

A good thing to do is to plan on three things you want to do the next day, before going to bed. In that way, you will be anxious to get up to do those things, especially if they bring you rewards or personal satisfaction.

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Life in Africa is tough

Topic: Satisfying Life


December 4, 2010

am working for a cleaning company and am getting $50 per month but am worried of how to move on life in africa where life is tough and full of tears yet am accompanied by many things to handle like looking for my little sibblings among others.advise.

ssebagala - Uganda



Ideally, you would like to do a job that you are good at an enjoy doing. However, the job must also be one that pays well. Have a dream of what you would like to do and what levels you would like to reach. Always be aware of opportunities to move in that direction.

Even in countries where life is tough, there is a need for various services and products. Companies provide what people need. Workers provide what companies need.

Realize your skills and knowledge and try to fulfill the needs of your employer or some other.

You have ambition, and that is a great start in becoming a successful person who can help support his family.

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I am always thinking in negative way

Topic: Basic Facts About Your Life


October 13, 2010

sir,i am always thinking in negative way. I can not control my negative as a outcome i fell down from the studies.The mainly Dystychi what can i do?please tell me.

sivakumar - India



Dystychiphobia is an intense fear of something that poses no actual danger. If you are always thinking in a negative way, you may be considering things as problems that may not be problems.

If you think of something in a negative way, examine that and ask yourself, "If this is true, what is the worst thing that could happen to me?" Unless something was so dangerous that you could be killed or seriously injured, most things are not that serious. So then you can think more positively about them or simply ignore them.

Also, if you are thinking negatively that you will fail your classes, so you don't do you homework, consider whether you are simply making an excuse because you have set your standards too high.

It is difficult to stop thinking negatively, but it is worth the effort to catch yourself when you do think negatively and remind yourself that there are better things available.

I hope these ideas help. You know you have a lot of potential, so do not let bad thoughts spoil that potential.

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How can I be energetic in my work?

Topic: Satisfying Life


September 24, 2010

How to be energetic in my work?

Ravinder - India



If you your work is something that you truly enjoy, you will tend to have more energy and actually be anxious to go to work. Although it is difficult to find such a job, it is something you should always be seeking, because usually what you like is also what you are good at doing.

However, if your job is really not something you enjoy, you can still find things about the job that are enjoyable. Perhaps, you have some friends at work that you may enjoy seeing. Another thing is to have some activity or hobby outside of your job that you look forward to doing. That anticipation can give you energy.

Finally, being in good physical condition, including eating the proper foods will help you with your energy.

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You helped me put my life in perspective

Topic: Basic Facts About Your Life


August 25, 2010

Thank you so much for this wonderful article, it has really helped me to put my life is perspective.

Having born in poverty stricken part of Kenya, I had for a long time wondered why i was born in Africa, why i was born poor, and why I was struggling to make ends meet. I never hated my life, I just felt that it could be better. I then decided to do something about it.

- Kenya



I am glad that the article as proved useful to you.

Nothing is worse than a person who is born wealthy and then wastes his life. Being born poor means that you have a world of opportunity for improvement in front of you.

Be thankful for the blessings you have, and keep working to improve your life and that of your family.

Best wishes on your success. I know you will be a champion.

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Article for graduating students trying to get a job

Topic: College Advice


June 23, 2010

Hey. Love the site.

Thought I'd send in an interesting article for students freaking out about graduating and not having a job lined up...

A good lesson in keeping their heads up!

Heather - USA



Thanks for the link to the article for graduating students seeking jobs.

I'll post this link, so that they can take the advice given.

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I am not happy with myself

Topic: Satisfying Life


May 22, 2010

i am not happy with myself
i like to be alone all time
i think i am like a loser
i wanna to get success in my life
everybody thinks that i am dull but i am not dull

SAIF - Pakistan



First of all, take stock in what you have achieved in your life, as well as your skills and talents. Make a list of things you have done that you are proud of. Also lists some of the activities that you were good at and enjoy. When you consider these things and look at your list, you can see that you have a lot more to offer than you realize.

Now take a look at your blessings. Do you have a place to live and food to eat? Do you have any family and friends? Do you want access to a computer and the Internet? There are many things to be thankful of. It is good to appreciate the things you have.

One of the most important things in being a success in life is realizing what you really enjoyed doing. If there is some activity that you love, perhaps you can make a career out of it.

Success and happiness in life often requires other people. Someone who only thinks of himself is often not very happy. You do not have to be entertaining to other people, but you should take interest in them. One of the greatest skills a person can have is to be a good listener. Someone who listens and is interested is considered a valuable friend. But also, taking interest in others will result in them being interested in you.

Start this all by listing your achievements, the things you like, and your blessings. It takes a little effort, but it's certainly is better than having an unhappy life.

You can become a champion by helping others become champions two.

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Send me an article on how to be successful

Topic: Satisfying Life


May 18, 2010

Pls send me an article on how to be successful in life and money. Thanks.

Emeka - Nigeria



Although making a lot of money is important to many people, what is more important is to find an activity that you enjoy and find satisfying. If you are doing something you love, the money will follow.

Ask yourself what you enjoy doing and what you are good at.

See our lessons on Advancing in Your Career at:

And Starting your Own Business at:

Best wishes on becoming successful and rich.

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I can avoid always failing?

Topic: Ritual


May 11, 2010

If anyone is getting a series of failure,
but he want to be a winner !
He is not getting concentration.
What should he do?

Rishitosh - India



Not having concentration means you are getting sidetracked by other things that are often not as important. Set aside a certain time to only work on a single subject, not allowing anything to distract you. Do not do anything but that subject during that time period.

Then take a break and later go back to that subject or some other one.

Do not think in terms of failure. They are just setbacks, from which you should learn. It means you are getting closer to your goal. But of course, you must have a specific goal of what you want to achieve.

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