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Feedback Q&A on Mental Health

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 16 comments and questions on Mental Health issues. They are listed according to date.

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General Anxious, stressed and have breathing problem USA
General Can we catch the deepest thoughts? India
Depression Basics Difference between Psychologist and Psychiatrist USA
Depression Basics No treatment for depression USA
General What is mental health? USA
General Has violent temper USA

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Anxious, stressed and have breathing problem

Topic: General


June 23, 2008

Since November, after having a nervous breakdown, and not sleeping for a month, I've had dryness in my nose, and feeling as if no mucus is being produced, sometimes have a small, white, mucusy, stringy thing come out, but no boogers. I feel when I breathe in that the air goes straight into my lungs with no resistance, sometimes lungs burn. I have to use a saline gel to get some relief, but I want to breathe like i used to. Also I smell more intensely than before. I went to Ent dr, and he said my nose was dry and the turbinates were enlarged, and I have slightly deviated septum, but that should make me feel as if I have blockage instead of too much air going in. He told me to cont. the gel, and use Veramyst, if it doesnt work. Could I have damaged the lining of my turbinates somehow, I did have extreme anxiety, no sleep, and lots of xrays, because i kept thinking i was having a heart attack, could all that have contributed to my problem? i also had a bad respiratory inf. 2 yrs ago that I never went to dr for, it took 2 months to get over and went into bronchitis, where I coughed up tannish, green phlegm, but no odor or fever. I had fluid in my ears for a few months, but no infection, as I finally went and had ears checked after suffering through 2 episodes of vertigo. I exercise, have healthy diet, but I do take 1mg ativan to sleep @ night for past 2 months and have taken it on and off since November, I dont recall dry nose being a side effect of ativan though. Thanks,

Sheryl - USA



The first issue is to relieve your anxiety and stress to be able to sleep better. That is easier said than done. Worrying about your health certainly can contribute to your stress. But also, anxiety and lack of sleep can contribute to health problems. At the very least, when you are stressed, your body has lowered resistance and done not heal as well.

Take a look at your lifestyle. Although you exercise and eat a healthy diet, are you constantly in a rush? Do you dwell on your ailments more than your should?

Instead, try to slow down. Even walk slower. Push out negative thoughts and instead picture yourself as a healthy human being. Take 5 to 15 minutes a day to meditate or simply to sit silently, doing nothing without the or music. When you feel tense, take 8 to 10 slow, deep breaths. Slow breathing does wonders for reducing stress. Get a relaxing routine for falling asleep, with no television for at least 15 minutes before you go to sleep. Try to get off the sleeping pills, because they are habit forming.

As far as your health issues go, if you've had a physical and given a clean bill of health, there is no reason to think you will have a heart attack. Often pains in that area are a direct result of stress and indigestion. Learn to tell the difference between the symptoms of a heart attack and stress-related stomach problems.

Look at your environment to see if there is something in your house or place of work that could be causing an allergic reaction. Also check if you are allergic to such things as wheat. Sometimes people start to get reactions to common foods for some reason or another.

Hopefully, these ideas will help.

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Can we catch the deepest thoughts?

Topic: General


March 29, 2008

myself suryakant bhosale ,supposed to be a chemical eng, would like to know whether we can catch the deeeeeeepest thought of the mind ,or the brain.

Suryakant - India



Recent studies have shown that high resolution fMRI brain scans are able to detect a person's thinking patterns and thoughts. Research is continuing in this field to get to the point of actually reading a person's mind.

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Difference between Psychologist and Psychiatrist

Topic: Depression Basics


July 9, 2007

What is the difference between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist?




A psychologist treats behaviors, mental processes, emotional and personal matters. A psychologist may not prescribe medications, although they can work through a physician.

A psychiatrist must also be a medical doctor and can prescribe medications. It is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.

In most cases of depression, a psychologist can suggest treatment. In more severe cases, where there may be a medical condition, a psychiatrist is used.

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No treatment for depression

Topic: Depression Basics


October 5, 2006

there is no treatment




There are ways to relieve the problem, but not necessarily cure depression.

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What is mental health?

Topic: General


May 18, 2004

What exactly is mental health? Spirtual?

Melissa - USA



Mental health mainly concerns the well-being of the mind and emotions. A person who in mentally unhealthy may have extreme fears or doubts, may be always depressed or have other symptoms beyond what a normal would have.

Spiritual health is very hard to define, but it is sort of a peace of mind about a person's spiritual nature.

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Has violent temper

Topic: General


November 22, 2003

I wanted to ask,that y when i get mad i go crazy like i feel like grabing a knife and killing someone or hurting someone y is that.But sometimes when i hurt someone i feel that i didnt do it that somebody made me do it.How would i help my self on controling my actions.Because i was learning a little bit about yalls we site about mental health thats how i decided to read it because i new i needed some help,but please if yall have time to read this ill be happy.Because sometimes i cant control my actions because i cant think like a kid all i think of is war and i would wish i can think like a kid im bearly 13 years old.I hope yall would give me an answer about my question.Thank you

Enrique - USA



Some people get angry easier than others. And when those people get angry, they often can't control their emotions, such that they get too angry and do something violent.

It is like with a dog. You can tease some dogs, and they will growl at you. But others will quickly try to bite you. And some will even go out of control and try to kill you. Perhaps that type of dog has been teased too much.

With humans, some of having a temper is the nature of the person and some of it is upbringing. If there was a lot of violence in a person's upbringing, often he will have a quick and violent temper.

The thing is that you must learn to control and manage your temper. Otherwise you will do things you are sorry for and end up ruining your life. Every time you get angry, even just a little bit, kick yourself and say, "Don't do that. It's not worth it. Cool it."

You've got to remind yourself constantly to be cool and mellow and not let things bother you. The only person you should ever get mad at is yourself, if you're not doing as well as you should. If you learn to stay cool, you will be surprised how good things get. If someone hassles you or argues with you, figure that the person is just dumb and not worth losing your temper over.

I hope this gives you some ideas on handling your temper. Let me know how things turn out.

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