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Feedback Q&A on Physical Science Basics

by Ron Kurtus

A total of 41 comments and questions have been sent in. They are listed according to date.

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Jobs Does studying Physical Science result in a good job? Sri Lanka
Jobs Wants to be a space scientist at NASA India
Physical Science Overview Why does physics require so many calculations? Cameroon
Jobs Wants a science job after graduation Sri Lanka
Using Calculator How do I use a calculator with fractions? USA
Using Calculator What does +/- mean? Australia.
Jobs Jobs doing Physical Science India
Physical Science Overview Need help with Science OGT test USA
Using Calculator ' USA
Using Calculator Confusion on using calculator USA

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Does studying Physical Science result in a good job?

Topic: Jobs


July 12, 2010

hai im from srilanka.i'm expecting to study physical science,in srilanka, how much[special top sellery] shell we get in futur.wht are the benifits of physical science,after the physical science what can i do for my knowlege improvment=futur improvement.if i do any special of physical science how much wll expect in srilanka, forien countries also, please give me a good advise

ishan - Sri Lanka



Knowledge of physical science is a start in getting a technical or science job. Most pay well, however, you need special skills for a specific position. Find out what you enjoy doing and what you are good at doing.

It is worthwhile to look through the various job websites for Sri Lanka to see what is available and what requirements they have. Then, when you study, you can focus on an area where you can get a good job.

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Wants to be a space scientist at NASA

Topic: Jobs


June 8, 2010

respected sir/mam
i am an indian student passed 10+2 from isc board in 2010.
i want to become astronaut cum space scientist at nasa,
so in which subject i should complete my graduation and furthur i want to study abroad at texas university.
to be an astronaut at nasa is my aim from class 3rd so please help me.
my high school marks in science subjects are
mathematics 94;computer application 92; science 74 and at 10+2 are mathematics 86;physics 62;chemistry 66.
thanking you.

anurag - India



It is good that you are ambitious and want to become an astronaut and space scientist at NASA in the United States. However, you should realize that India is moving forward with their own space program and has plans for a space mission in 2016.


They will be needing space scientists, and you would have a much better chance with their program.

Keep track of the India plans at the Indian Space Research Organisation website at:

Although some of your grades are excellent, you need to increase your grades in science, physics and chemistry. You need complete understanding of those subjects, so improve your study habits. See our material on getting good grades at:

You can apply for scholarships to universities in Texas, but they are very difficult to get.

Best wishes on attaining your dreams.

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Why does physics require so many calculations?

Topic: Physical Science Overview


December 19, 2009

i do not understand why physics have a lot of calculations

- Cameroon



Equations are used in physics to predict and demonstrate how things will act. Unfortunately, that results in a lot of calculations. Some teachers have more calculations than explanations.

We try to explain how things work without the calculations and then include equations if you want to look further into the subject.

The big thing is to first learn the principles.

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Wants a science job after graduation

Topic: Jobs


October 31, 2009

I'd already sat for local A/Ls in Sri Lanka. Combined maths, physics,and chemistry are the subjects that I choose for that. I want to know about the jobs that I can apply for. I'd like to do a traveling job.can I do it? what are the qualifications that I have to complete? Do I have to do higher studies in other country? I can do my job in another country or in my country. I'd like to do my job in maths field. (I'm a 19 years old girl)

Bhagya - Sri Lanka



One possibility for a job where you can travel is to be a sales representative for a company selling scientific products. You would need to understand the product and be able to discuss its features with scientists and engineers in other companies.

Typically, jobs using mathematics are not ones where you would travel. Also, they usually require an advanced degree. You can work in a lab with physics and chemistry, but also there is little or no traveling with such jobs.

Find out if your school has listings of any companies offering internships, where you can get experience before graduation.

Also, investigate companies looking for people in the sciences. Start near home and work outward. Read their job listings to see what they are looking for. When you are ready, you can contact them.

Also check: lists jobs around the world. Also search under physics, maths, and chemistry. Right now there are none in Sri Lanka, so you can try other countries. and

This site might help:

Best wishes in finding your career.

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How do I use a calculator with fractions?

Topic: Using Calculator


October 20, 2009

The calculator is great, thank you. How do I use it to calculate fractions and mixed fractions so the answer comes out as fractions instead of decimals?

Lisa - USA



I don't know of any calculator that works with fractions.

Typically, you have to change a fraction or mixed number to a decimal and then change it back to a fraction. That is so cumbersome that it is easier to work with fractions with a pencil and paper. Also, fractions and mixed numbers usually are small enough numbers that you can easily do that.

But changing a decimal like 0.125 to 125/1000 = 1/8 is not too easy to do.

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What does +/- mean?

Topic: Using Calculator


September 14, 2009

On ordinary simple mathematical calculators, what does +/- mean and do??

And also TT, if you don't mind. Does it mean Pi? (As I got 3.14 etc. when I tapped it once.)

Vic - Australia.



The +/- key changes the sign of what is displayed. For example, if you show -3, the +/- key will change it to +3.

On some calculators TT is the same as pi.

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Jobs doing Physical Science

Topic: Jobs


May 15, 2009

wat is carrier after doing bsc physical science from delhi uviversity ramjas college ,related to job profile.

harsh - India



You can use your knowledge in Physical Science in many technical jobs and in teaching. You can get a job working in Chemistry or Physics as a technician or use the knowledge in engineering. Otherwise, you would need an advanced degree.

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Need help with Science OGT test

Topic: Physical Science Overview


March 3, 2009





You can get a study guide for the test from:

You can get practice Science OGT tests from the website:

(Copy and paste the web addresses, since they are so long).

I hope that helps.

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Topic: Using Calculator


October 13, 2008


I was just looking over some web resources and I believe you've made a minor error in one of the problems. The instructions for using the memory function on the scientific calculator say: "You want to add 1 + 2 and then MULTIPLY that by the sum of 8 - 3."

The instructions that follow are provided to ADD instead of multiply. No response is necessary, but I thought you might want to correct the error. I believe that has been a source of confusion for a previous poster.





Thanks for letting me know. I corrected the error.

I really want to update that whole section about using the calculator. It can be confusing.

I appreciate your feedback.

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Confusion on using calculator

Topic: Using Calculator


April 27, 2008

On this page:

you multiply 3 x 5 and get 8 because Step 6 is wrong.

Adding to memory exercise: You want to add 1 + 2 and then multiply that by the sum of 8 - 3.

1. Click AC to clear all.
2. Add 1 + 2 and click =.
3. Click MC to clear the memory, then click M+ to add the value to memory.
4. Click AC to clear previous addition.
5. Then enter 8 - 3 =.
6. Click + to add another number.
7. Click MR to recall what is in memory. Then click =.
You should get a total of 8

To see how to add more to memory, click M+ and then MR. The 8 should be added to the 3 already in memory, giving you 11 when you recall memory.




I'm not sure I understand what you are saying. I don't have anything about 3 x 5 in that exercise. It is all addition and subtraction.

Step 5 says 8 - 3 = 5. Step 6 says click + to add another number to 5. Step 7 recalls 3 from memory and = completes the addition.

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