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Feedback Q&A on Physical Science Basics

by Ron Kurtus

A total of 41 comments and questions have been sent in. They are listed according to date.

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Jobs Five jobs related to Physical Science India
Using Calculator Using calculator with sin, cos and tan USA
Jobs Want to have a career in scientific research USA
Using Calculator Does not understand e notation in scientific calculator UK
Using Calculator Thanks for the basic "how to" for the scientific calculator USA
Using Calculator Real estate formula USA
Using Calculator Wants a scientific calculator Australia
Using Calculator Author of the calculator India
Careers What do you have to do to be a chemist? USA
Careers What are some careers

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Five jobs related to Physical Science

Topic: Jobs


January 3, 2008

I want to know at least five jobs related to phyisical science with brief detail about the jobs

arun - India



Such jobs as Science teacher, Physics professor, scientist, chemical engineer, and electrical engineer require Physical Science. You will need to find the details on the jobs yourself.

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Using calculator with sin, cos and tan

Topic: Using Calculator


July 14, 2007

how can i use a calculator on sin,cos and tan
can u please tell me everything about as well thank you,and please plase
wright clearly because sometimes i go searching for math formulas and i read it and i come up with nothing.
thank you

mohamed - USA



With the simple calculator on our site, you can enter the number of degrees first and then click on the trigonometric function to get its value. For example, enter the angle 30 degrees. Then click sin to get the value of 0.5 for the sine of 30 degrees.

Likewise, for the tangent of 40 degrees, you enter 40 and click tan to get 0.839.

But note that with this calculator, you must do the trigonometric function first before multiplying. You must be careful with it. In better calculators, you can do multiplication in any order.

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Want to have a career in scientific research

Topic: Jobs


January 22, 2007

I want to know what school to go to, what course to study, with my interest in science, specifically research. I don't know which field, because they have all interested me at some point. I suppose first I need to find a career councilor in my area. Can you help me?
I stumbled on your website by looking backwards, trying to find jobs and then what degree they should have, and then what schools offered that education.
Everyone else has asked for my zip code 47012. But no one offers advice, just "Go to our school" advertisements.
Thank you for taking time to write.

Korina Sue - USA



As you take the different courses in science, you'll find one or two that really interests you. It is a great feeling, because then you want to learn more and more about the subject.

I wouldn't worry about finding a career counselor yet. The big thing is to determine your area of study and then concentrate on getting a degree in that area.

Note that a large portion of scientific research is done in the universities. Technical companies tend to do more applied research and development, because they are interested in producing new products.

Most schools have listings of companies and jobs in specific fields, so you can do we your investigation while at school.

Best wishes on an exciting career.

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Does not understand e notation in scientific calculator

Topic: Using Calculator


November 1, 2006

Using Windows XP scientific calculator I calculated that a population explosion averaging a mere 1.1 people per person, with a generation interval of 20 years over 500,000 years would give us:

2x1.1^(500000/20) = 2.2^(25000) = 3.6899506269153657586250959350449e+8560 people alive on the earth.

But I do not understand the notation and the program's "help" does not help.

Can you explain what e+8560 means?


Allan - UK



Many scientific calculators use either e or E to denote raising 10 to an exponential power. Thus e+2 = 10^2 = 100. 5e+2 = 5*10^2. Also, something like 7e-3 = 7*10^-3 = 7/1000.

Note that since you are starting with 1.1, your accuracy is only 1 decimal point. Thus, your final number should be rounded off to 1 decimal point. Your answer should be 3.7*10^8560.

But this is certainly more people than would ever be on Earth, because there is not enough space for that many people. Estimates that the maximum number of people the Earth can sustain is about 12*10^9 people.

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Thanks for the basic "how to" for the scientific calculator

Topic: Using Calculator


May 23, 2006

Thanks for the basic "how to" for the scientific calculator. I appreciate the help since I had never used one before.

Kay - USA



I'm glad that the material was helpful.

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Real estate formula

Topic: Using Calculator


January 4, 2006

Hello - when using the following real estate formula:
the -360 is smaller than the rest of the numbers
what does this mean and how do i calculate that on my scientific calculator?

Jackie - USA



Something is wrong with the formula you gave. It seems like you are missing some multiplication or division. You have 1 - 1.00583 - 360 = -360.00583. That isn't right.

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Wants a scientific calculator

Topic: Using Calculator


December 28, 2005

this as been really helpfull, i am currently studying optical dispensing and there is a lot of maths which is all based in scientific calculations but except i need to buy one scintific calcultor with exp and inv buttons in it can you reccomend how through internet. lara from australia

lara - Australia



Windows has a calculator that you can use until you purchase a real one. If you open the calculator and click View > Scientific, it will display one with most features.

Most office supply or computer stores sell scientific calculators. I would do that because you can see what it looks like and even try it out. Also, if it is not what you want, you can return in. Sometimes it is difficult to return calculators bought online. sells calculators, if you still want to buy online.

I hope this helps.

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Author of the calculator

Topic: Using Calculator


June 23, 2005


Hope this messaeg reaches to you at the best of your cheer. This is Atul Dabke and you are using my semi scientific calculator on your site. I am working in the eLearning field and have worked extensively on educational courswares - espacially of K-12 level. I will be happy to work for you if you can give me such opportunity and I assure you about quality work with very competitive prices. I can also do a small demo project for you as per your specifications.

Looking forward for your positive reply.

Thanks & Regards,
Atul Dabke

Atul - India



You did a very good job on the calculator. It was one of the better ones that I have found on the Internet, and we appreciate being able to use it.

I would like to help you get more work, if I could. Unfortunately, we are a nonprofit organization with no funds to hire people. Even getting contributed articles and lessons is difficult, because of the extra time they take.

What I can do is to add some sentences stating that you are available to work on e-learning projects and to tell people to contact you. That may help.

If you have some other ideas of ways you can promote your services through our site, we may be able to help there too.

Best wishes in getting more work. E-learning and Flash development are highly competitive fields, so the more you get your name out, the better it is.

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What do you have to do to be a chemist?

Topic: Careers


September 27, 2004

What do you have to do to be a chemist. Like how many years in collage? or do you have to go to a special school? etc.

Billy - USA



Usually, you need to major in chemistry in college for 4 years. Some will specialize in certain areas like bio-chemistry, orgranic chemistry, chemistry of plastics, etc. Many people go on for a Masters or even Doctors degree in chemistry, in order to specialize more.

But you can get a good job with a 4-year degree. You can also get a 2-year degree in chemistry to become a chemical technician.

Most colleges offer degrees with a major in chemistry.

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What are some careers

Topic: Careers


August 12, 2003

What are three careers that deal with physical science? How is Physical science involved in these careers.

Sabrina -



Scientists, engineers, weather forcasters, and science teachers all use physical science in their jobs.

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Hopefully, this reader feedback has helped provide information about Physical Science basics.

Science in amazing!

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