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Feedback Q&A on Physical Science Basics

by Ron Kurtus

A total of 41 comments and questions have been sent in. They are listed according to date.

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Jobs What is the salary in engineering? India
Champion Levels Got questions right USA
Jobs I like Physical Science RSA
Jobs Wants to get into technical work Italy
Jobs Taking A-Level science Sri Lanka
Using Calculator Using scientific calculator for negative exponent UK
Using Calculator Fluid Pressure Nigeria
Using Calculator Writing a problem on a scientific calculator USA
Jobs Wants to become a test pilot and astronaut USA
Using Calculator Algebra problem Nigeria

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What is the salary in engineering?

Topic: Jobs


June 24, 2011

what is the salary in engineering after bsc physical science

karan - India



See Salary Survey for Country: India and Salary Survey For Engineers In India for the typical salaries in various cities in India.

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Got questions right

Topic: Champion Levels


June 6, 2011

I have all three questions right
thank you for this site




That is great. Good for you.

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I like Physical Science

Topic: Jobs


April 24, 2011

Physical science is one of those subjects that I like so much and I would like to continue with it when I am in university next year.




I'm glad to hear that. It is a fascinating subject and is important in many technical jobs after you graduate from college.

Best wishes for success in your studies. I am sure you will do great.

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Wants to get into technical work

Topic: Jobs


March 30, 2011

i am Ahmed 30 years old,
from Sudan and living in Italy,

i have beging in school only up to junior secondary school not more than that, so i do not have any high school certificate, and i like and wish to study very well on magnetic and technology.

according to my friend and people i know .there always say that
i am very sensible, intelligent, clever, smart. sharp,


ahmed - Italy



If you are interested in a subject and have the desire to learn, you can succeed no matter what your age. You seem to be an ambitious person, and that is good.

There is a great need for people who know about magnetism, electronics and related technologies. Continue to study and learn. Once you get your high school certificate, you may be eligible for apprenticeship programs doing technical work. Look at companies that need help in your area of interest.

Of course, it is best to also go to college, however you still may be able to get a good job with the high school certificate.

Best wishes in your education and career.

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Taking A-Level science

Topic: Jobs


March 22, 2011

i have a C For Science S for Maths can i select science for my A/Level 2013

lakshman - Sri Lanka



I'm not sure what the requirements are for A/Level 2013 in your school. You need to check with a school counselor.

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Using scientific calculator for negative exponent

Topic: Using Calculator


December 21, 2010

How do you use the calculator to calculate 2 x 2 ^-3

I can get it to do positive to the power of but what if its something tiny with a negative power of?

Cant seem to do it

Thank you for your patience and help

Derek - UK



On the online calculator we have, you need to do the complex operation first. In other words, calculate (2^-3) x 2.

The way to calculate 2^-3 is: 2 (x^y) 3 (+/-) (=).

The +/- key changes the sign of the 3 to -3.

Then you can multiply by 2.

In the scientific calculator included with Windows, you don't have to do the exponent part first, but the operation is still the same.

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Fluid Pressure

Topic: Using Calculator


December 15, 2010

To Understant Fluid Pressure

Mathias - Nigeria



See our lesson on Fluid Pressure at:

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Writing a problem on a scientific calculator

Topic: Using Calculator


October 28, 2010

yes i wanted to know how i would write such a problem on a scientific calculator


elizabeth - USA



A scientific calculator can perform algebra calculations, but it will only solve problems that have numbers. For example, if you wanted to find the solution of m^-2 w when m = 3, you could use the X^Y key on the calculator, entering 3 for X and -2 for Y.

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Wants to become a test pilot and astronaut

Topic: Jobs


August 12, 2010

I am interested in becoming a space pilot for NASA. While I plan to join the Air Force after college to be a pilot and then later a test pilot, I have a question regarding the educational part of it.

For their requirements, they say that you must have a degree in engineering, mathematics, physical science, or biological science. When they say physical science, do they mean strictly in regards to physics and chemistry? Or do they mean all the subfields of that discipline, including meteorology, geology, oceanography, etc.

I am very excited about my future and I will be graduating high school soon, so I have many decisions to make in the coming months. But no doubt that my educational major in college will be one of the most important. Thank you for your time and reply.

Ethan - USA



Although some schools offer degrees in Physical Science, getting a degree in any of the sub-disciplines should do. The big thing is to pick an area of interest to you that would also be useful in a space flight.

If you want to be an Air Force pilot, it is worthwhile applying to the Air Force Academy. Most pilots are Academy graduates.

Look at the 2004 Astronaut Candidates at:

The two pilots among the candidates went to either the Air Force Academy or West Point. Note that all but one candidate has a Masters degree. Read the bios of each. It will give you insight on the qualifications and education of astronaut candidates.

Note that the astronaut program has been winding down, so there may not be the opportunities in the area for a while. However, the education and experience requirements will take a while to fulfill, so you may be able get into the Mars program or such.

To be a AF test pilot, you need a Masters degree and need to attend the Air Force Test Pilot School. See:

It probably is a good idea to get your civilian pilot's license in the meantime. It will help you get a leg up in this highly competitive field.

Best wishes in your efforts. I should be an interesting and fun trip.

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Algebra problem

Topic: Using Calculator


July 26, 2010

(1) a2xa3=?

Daniel - Nigeria



This is an Algebra problem. a^2 x a^3 = a^5.


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