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by Ron Kurtus

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Friction Causes I don't understand it Malaysia
Coefficient of Friction Tables Can coefficient of friction be greater than 1? Bangladesh
Friction Causes Froces involved in friction India
Friction Uses What is force? Hong Kong
Friction I want know more about friction India
Friction Uses Friction is awesome UK
Friction Uses Do you need friction to jump? Pakistan
Friction Equation Want an explanation on rubber hysteresis Nigeria
Friction Uses What are disadvantages of friction? Philippines
Friction Equation How is friction developed? USA

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I don't understand it

Topic: Friction Causes


May 27, 2011


KANNAN - Malaysia



Read the lessons carefully several times to gain understanding. Also look at the Reader Feedback to see questions from other students.

Friction can be easy, once you catch on to it.

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Can coefficient of friction be greater than 1?

Topic: Coefficient of Friction Tables


May 25, 2011

i was just wondering whether the coefficient of friction can be greater than 1, and then i found from your statistical table it is possible. but i still could not find a reason behind the cause. hope you can help me out in this matter....

Tawhid - Bangladesh



In common situations, the coefficient of friction equals the force required to slide an object divided by the normal or perpendicular force pressing the object to the surface.

This means that if the coefficient was 0.1, you could press the object to the sliding surface with a force of 10 N, while a force of only 1 N was required to move the object. Most of the interest is in low friction.

However, if the surface was very sticky or rough, a 2 N normal force might require you to push the object with 5 N. The coefficient of friction would be 2.5, showing that the value can be greater than 1.0.

Also, if some special glue was used to attach the object to the surface, such that you could not move it no matter how hard you pushed, the coefficient would be infinity.

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Froces involved in friction

Topic: Friction Causes


March 12, 2011

the cause of friction is only the forces present in nature but to every force there is opposing force which helps us or nature to overcome it by increasing quantity on one side.the main cause of friction is gravitation & roughness of body

zafir - India



When you push on an object with a certain force, the resistance of friction will be in the opposite direction.

The resistive force of sliding friction is a product of the weight of the object and the coefficient of friction. Weight is the force of gravity times the mass of the object.

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What is force?

Topic: Friction Uses


February 27, 2011

1.What is a force?
2.WHAT is gravity?
3.What is a friction?

Vic - Hong Kong



We have lessons on Force, Gravity and Friction that explain those terms. Check our list in Physics.

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I want know more about friction

Topic: Friction


February 23, 2011

I want know more about friction. Please send friction documents.

Aswani - India



Feel free to go through all our lessons on friction. Also look at the Reader Feedback in the Friction lessons.

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Friction is awesome

Topic: Friction Uses


January 31, 2011

friction is awesome can you e-mail me saying more things about friction because i think people should know more about it.
love from megan xx

megan - UK



Thanks for the feedback. Feel free to look over all our lessons on friction, and tell your friends about them.

Best wishes for success in your studies.

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Do you need friction to jump?

Topic: Friction Uses


January 25, 2011

is friction required when we are sliding ?
is friction required when we jump from the surface of earth ?
is friction is so needed in our life ?
give me some more points about friction please ?

sagar - Pakistan



When you are sliding, there is only a small amount of friction between your feet and the surface. However, you need more friction to jump, because otherwise you would slip.

Without friction, you could not use your computer or even sit on your seat, because you would slide off.

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Want an explanation on rubber hysteresis

Topic: Friction Equation


January 24, 2011

i want an explanation on rubber hysteresis and it effect on car tyre and the comsuption of oil

inayatullah - Nigeria



As a tire rotates under the weight of the car, it experiences repeated cycles of deformation and recovery. It dissipates the hysteresis energy loss as heat.

Hysteresis is the main cause of energy loss associated with rolling resistance and is attributed to the viscosity and elastic characteristics of the rubber.

Low rolling resistance tires typically incorporate silica in place of carbon black in their tread compounds to reduce low-frequency hysteresis without compromising traction. See: for more information.

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What are disadvantages of friction?

Topic: Friction Uses


November 18, 2010

disadvantages of friction and In what ways are the laws of motion important in daily life?

diane - Philippines



The lesson at: examples the disadvantages and uses of friction. Also see the Reader Feedback for many examples.

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How is friction developed?

Topic: Friction Equation


November 4, 2010

How is friction devolped




See our lesson on Friction at:

It will give you an explanation.

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Hopefully, this reader feedback has helped provide information about Friction issues.

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