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Homework exercises on Acids, Bases, and Salts for a Physical Science course. Key words: Chemistry, bonding,  solutions, education, distance learning, School for Champions. Copyright © Restrictions

Acids, Bases, and Salts -
 Homework Answers

After you have completed the Acids, Bases, and Salts Homework, you can refer to these answers. Although it is better to have known the answer from your reading, the process of writing the correct answer on your homework sheet will help you remember the concepts.

1. How do you identify an acid?

Mild acids have a sour taste. Acids turn Litmus paper red.

2. What is a common acid?

Vinegar, Sulfuric Acid, Citric Acid and others.

3. What is a good way to identify an acid from its chemical formula?

It starts with an H (except for water).

4. How can you identify a base?

A base can feel slippery to the skin. It turns Litmus paper blue..

5. What is a common base?

Lye, sodium hydroxide..

6. What is a good way to identify a base from its chemical formula?

It ends with an OH (except for water).

7. What is the pH scale?

A scale to indicate how much a substance is acidic or basic..

8. Why are salts important?

They are important in biological processes..

9. How can a salt be formed?

By the mixture of an acid and a base..

10. What is the formula for common table salt?


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