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by Ron Kurtus

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Magnetic Materials What is hysteresis? India
Magnetic Factors When a combination of elements is not magnetic India
Electromagnetic Devices Spreakers ??
Electromagnetism How are electrons and protons affected by a current? India
Basics of Magnetism Names of poles Nepal
Electromagnetism What happens to the needle of the galvanometer? South Africa
Basics of Magnetism Comparing bar magnet and Earth's magnetism Turkey
Electromagnetism Types of electromagnetics India
Magnetic Materials Need help on radioactivity USA
Basics of Magnetism Does south pole of a magnet repel steel? Canada

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What is hysteresis?

Topic: Magnetic Materials


August 23, 2015


- India



Hysteresis is when a ferromagnetic material is magnetized in one direction, it will not relax back to zero magnetization when the imposed magnetizing field is removed. It must be driven back to zero by a field in the opposite direction.

An example is when you magnetize a piece of iron and then remove the magnet, the iron will not relax back to zero magnetization.

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When a combination of elements is not magnetic

Topic: Magnetic Factors


August 23, 2015

If two or more elements are chemically combined to form a molecule, it is quite possible that the compound is not very magnetic because the orientations of the atoms in the molecule work against each other.

- India



Stainless steel is an example of an alloy or chemical combination of steel and chromium. Although steel by itself is magnetic, stainless steel is not because the chromium atoms prevent the iron atoms from aligning to a magnetic field.

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Topic: Electromagnetic Devices


August 20, 2015

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I am sorry but this is an educational website. We do not purchase items.

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How are electrons and protons affected by a current?

Topic: Electromagnetism


August 6, 2015

How the position electrons and protons get affected when a electric current passes through a conductor.

Mohit - India



Typically, only electrons move through a conductor. However, the electric field created can move outside free electrons in one direction and free protons in the other direction.

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Names of poles

Topic: Basics of Magnetism


July 28, 2015

Nagative is called which poll and posative is called which poll?

Zidan - Nepal



The poles on a magnet are named north-seeking and south-seeking. Usually people just say north and south.

The poles on a battery are positive (+) and negative (-).

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What happens to the needle of the galvanometer?

Topic: Electromagnetism


July 26, 2015

describe what happens to the needle of the galvanometer when the magnet is not moving

Phindile - South Africa



A galvanometer measures the current through a wire by turning the wire coil between two magnets, thus moving the needle. There may be a type of galvanometer where the magnet turns when current flows through the wire, but it is not a common form.

In either way, no movement of the needle means no current is flowing

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Comparing bar magnet and Earth's magnetism

Topic: Basics of Magnetism


June 17, 2015

I'm an electronic-communication engineering student.While I very well understand electrical subjects and units, I'm confusing about magnetic units so if you compare, for example a bar magnet versus eart's magnetic properties, I hope, I can better understand (the magnetic units).Thanks a lot for your kind interest,see you again.

Mehmet Alim - Turkey



Magnetic units can be confusing, especially since you don't see them referred to very often. Two reference sheets for magnetic unit are Magnetic Properties and Magnetic Units.

Since a magnet is fixed, its magnetic properties are also relatively fixed. However, the Earth's interior is dynamic and its magnetic field fluctuates

That value of the Earth's magnetic field ranges from 25 to 65 microteslas (0.25 to 0.65 Gauss). By comparison, a small magnet has a field of about 100 Gauss.

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Types of electromagnetics

Topic: Electromagnetism


May 22, 2015

how many types of electromagnet are?
Can we divide electromagnetism/electromagnet/electromagnetics?
Please send the answer..

Ibrahim - India



An electromagnet is a device that creates a magnetic field (or electromagnetic field) from current passing through a wire coil wrapped around an iron core. There are many possible shapes and configurations of electromagnets.

Electromagnetism is the study of the electromagnetic force. Electromagnetics is usually the study of electromagnetic equations.

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Need help on radioactivity

Topic: Magnetic Materials


April 28, 2015

Please I really need more help on will be my honour to receive the reply on this matter.

gsaint - USA



See the lesson on Radioactivity for basic information.

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Does south pole of a magnet repel steel?

Topic: Basics of Magnetism


April 20, 2015

Is it the North pole that attracts to steel and the south pole which repels to steel? Thanks.

Eric - Canada



The atoms in standard steel are randomly oriented, but they realign when a magnet is brought near the steel and cause attraction to the magnet.

If the north pole of a magnet is strong enough, the piece of steel can become magnetized and turned into a magnet itself. That means it would have a north and south pole, and the south pole of the steel would repel the south pole of a magnet.

However, the atoms in a piece of steel quickly get disoriented such that there is no direction preference. Then the south pole of a magnet would attract the steel, just as would the north pole of a magnet.

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