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by Ron Kurtus

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Electromagnetism What are photons? USA
Basics of Magnetism What is the repulsion equation of magnets? USA
Magnetism Magnetic lines of force and metals Thailand
Basics of Magnetism What is the basic concept of magnetism? India
Magnetism How to detect the direction of a magnetic field? Pakistan
Basics of Magnetism Calculate deflection of charge India
Moving Charges Create Magnetic Field Find intensity of electric field India
Basics of Magnetism Can you turn off a permanent magnet? USA
Moving Charges Create Magnetic Field When is AC used instead of DC? India
Magnetism Article on magnetism helped me USA

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What are photons?

Topic: Electromagnetism


November 18, 2014

Hello, reading this article helped understand electromagnetism a lot, but I am still left wondering on where and how photons ties into electromagnetism, if you can give me brief explanation it will be incredibly helpful to me to understand what’s being taught in my class.




Electromagnetism ties in electricity and magnetism. However, then they oscillate, the combination of electrical and magnetic waves result in electromagnetic waves, such as light, radio, etc. See Overview of Electromagnetic Waves

In some situations, electromagnetic waves behave as particles called photons. This is part of what is called the wave-particle duality. Likewise electron particles can behave as waves.

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What is the repulsion equation of magnets?

Topic: Basics of Magnetism


September 30, 2014

My name is Jason. I am researching the repulsion of like poles on magnets, and my question: is there a formula that will determine the force of that repulsion or possibly any way to measure it?




The equation for the force between two magnets is F = (mu)(q1)(q2)/4(pi)r^2, where (mu) is the permeability of the air, (q1) and (q2) are the magnitudes of the poles, (pi) = 3.14, and r is the separation.

A discussion and other equations can be seen at Force between magnets.

I hope that helps.

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Magnetic lines of force and metals

Topic: Magnetism


September 28, 2014

Through which material will magnetic lines of force pass the most readily?

- Thailand



Copper has the lowest permeability. Aluminum is next. The lines of force do not readily pass through iron.

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What is the basic concept of magnetism?

Topic: Basics of Magnetism


August 17, 2014

What is the basic concept of magnetism ?

Amit - India



Magnetism is a force of attraction or repulsion that acts at a distance. It is due to a magnetic field, which is caused by moving electrically charged particles. It is also inherent in magnetic objects such as a magnet.

The basic concept is that moving electrical charges create a magnetic field.

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How to detect the direction of a magnetic field?

Topic: Magnetism


August 11, 2014

How the direction of magnetic lines of force is determined? who discovered that lines of force initiate from north pole and end at south pole and how? can the direction be determined without a compass?

naveed - Pakistan



We know that there are lines of force between the north ans south poles of a magnet. It can be verified by sprinkling iron filings on a sheet of paper and putting a magnet underneath. You can also use a magnet to demonstrate the lines of force.

As far as the direction of the lines go, it is a convention agreed upon by ancient scientists, the same way as they agreed that an electric field goes from (+) to (-). There is no real way to detect which way the field goes.

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Calculate deflection of charge

Topic: Basics of Magnetism


July 10, 2014

I wanted to know the method to calculate the deflection of a charge when it enters a magnetic field with a velocity v.

Mousami - India



The equation for the force on the charged particle is:

F = qvB, where F is the sideways force, q is the charge, v is the velocity, and B is the magnetic field strength.

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Find intensity of electric field

Topic: Moving Charges Create Magnetic Field


March 14, 2014

The intensity of electric field at a point 0.5m away from a point charge of 7.2 Nc . Find the magnitude of charge.

Mahender - India



Electric field strength is force divided by charge: E = F/q.

In terms of distance: E = kQ/d^2, where k = 9*10^9 N-m/C^2 and d^2 = 0.25 m^2

Q is the source charge and q is the test charge.

I hope this helps.

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Can you turn off a permanent magnet?

Topic: Basics of Magnetism


March 8, 2014

I have a Question is possible to turn off a permanent magnet like a electric magnet

Gene - USA



A permanent magnet is usually made of materials where the direction of the atoms is fairly fixed. The only way to "turn off" the magnetic field would be to heat the magnet to some high temperature, such that the atoms would be disorientated. Unfortunately, it is then difficult to re-magnetize the object.

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When is AC used instead of DC?

Topic: Moving Charges Create Magnetic Field


January 25, 2014

I am not understanding condition when AC source use in place of dc source.

vishnu - India



In DC electricity, the electrons move directly through the wire. In AC, the electrons alternate back and forth.

In many devices, such as a light bulb, it does not matter whether AC or DC electricity is used. However, there are DC electric motors that only work with DC electricity. Also, some electrical circuits require AC and will not work with DC.

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Article on magnetism helped me

Topic: Magnetism


January 14, 2014

I wanted to e-mail you and say thanks for putting together your web site's Basics of Magnetism page: ...The page has some useful information and resources and I found it to be helpful while creating my article on magnetic fields:

Thomas - USA



Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad the material was useful to you. Best wishes in your work.

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