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by Ron Kurtus

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Basics of Magnetism Why do atoms have a magnetic field? India
Magnetism Difference between magnetism in iron and steel Zambia
Magnetism Resources Good resource on magnetism USA
Basics of Magnetism How to understand magnetism Uganda
General How much i Physics textbook? Nigeria
Basics of Magnetism Can magnetic field be increased? India
Magnetism Could you shoot a bullet with magnets? USA
Magnetism Could magets be a perpetual motion machine? USA
Magnetism Direction of magnetic fields is incorrect Cyprus
Magnetic Materials Classification of magentic materials India

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Why do atoms have a magnetic field?

Topic: Basics of Magnetism


May 9, 2013

i just wanna ask that why do magnetic field arrises inside the atoms? well when i looked up for it it waz due to the motion of electron around its axis and around the orbital but am confused that if thats the case then from where do they originate ???

well I was guessing if thats due to their sum of all the magnetic fields like canceling and adding up or something that sort of. And why do the magnet have only two poles??

When i read the article it was mentioned that the field is concentrated in the two poles but if the magnetic field is really like the electric field then shoudn't the ends of all the magnets be steep than the other regions and regarding that if we consider it then saying that earth is a big magnet and then saying that its two opposite poles are flat isn't it too contradictory????

well guess so its really a stupid question but thanks for looking up !! and the best thing that i liked about the article was the explanation of attraction and repulsion particularly the diagrams it was really amazing and thanks again !!!

Priyanka - India



Electric fields and magnetic fields are interrelated. When a charged particle such as an electron is moving or rotating, it creates a magnetic field.

An electric field has two poles: positive (+) and negative (-). Likewise, a magnetic field has two poles: N and S.

Electrons and protons can be considered tiny magnets, with N and S poles. Likewise, if the particles are aligned--such as in an iron atom--the atom itself can be a tiny magnet.

A magnet consists of magnetized atoms lined up. Thus the field is concentrated at the ends, while the middle of the magnet shows little or no field.

Your questions weren't stupid, since the subject is somewhat tricky to understand.

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Difference between magnetism in iron and steel

Topic: Magnetism


April 25, 2013

Hi? I have a problem on differentiating between "magnetism of iron and steel". Send me full notes about this. plz help

Yobe - Zambia



The big difference between magnetism in iron and steel is that iron is ofter than steel, which is an alloy or iron and nickel. Thus, when iron is magnetized, it will soon lose its magnetism. But steel will stay magnetized for a much longer time. See Magnets for more information.

Iron is used in electromagnets that allow it to turn the magnetic force on and off. See Electromagnets for more information.

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Good resource on magnetism

Topic: Magnetism Resources


April 18, 2013

I would like to bring your attention to a free website on Magnetism, called: Encyclopedia Magnetica. (Due to the limitation of this message I am unable to give you a direct link, but you should find it with ease in any search engine by simply searching for "encyclopedia magnetica").

I would be obliged if you could add a link to Encyclopedia Magnetica to your resources.


Stan - USA



Thanks for the resource. I added a link from Basics of Magnetism and Magnetism Resources.

Best wishes with your website.

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How to understand magnetism

Topic: Basics of Magnetism


March 6, 2013

what are the major basis to understand in this topic?

MUNIAN - Uganda



The basic items for understanding are that magnetic materials or magnets have north and south poles, where like poles repel and opposite pole attract. This is caused by the magnetic fields.

Try experimenting with magnets to see the properties.

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How much i Physics textbook?

Topic: General


March 1, 2013

Please how much is the Douglas Giancoli book(The University physics)?

Which is Equivalent to Nigeria money? Thank you. From George (at University of Ilorin, Ilorin. Nigeria).

Adeyeye - Nigeria



Unfortunately, Physics textbooks by Giancoli are fairly expensive in U.S money -- around $70 through I don't know what that would be in Nigerian money.

With such books, it is often best to try to find a used book through the University or a professor.

Best wishes in finding the textbook at an affordable price.

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Can magnetic field be increased?

Topic: Basics of Magnetism


February 22, 2013

can the magnetic field of an object be increased?

Ananthi - India



The magnetic field of a permanent magnet can be decreased by heating it. The magnet will increase back to normal when it cools off.

The magnetic field of an electromagnet can be increased with added current through its windings.

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Could you shoot a bullet with magnets?

Topic: Magnetism


February 3, 2013

could you shoot a bullet with magnets




Yes, the military has perfected what they call a Magnetic Rail Gun. There is even a toy called a Magnetic Accelerator Cannon.

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Could magets be a perpetual motion machine?

Topic: Magnetism


January 27, 2013

If you placed two magnets in a position to repel each other, and put them on wheels and in a close position would you achieve perpetual motion.

Or if you put them in a position to attract, would the results be the same.

murph - USA



The magnets with wheels on them would push apart. However, the magnetic decreases rapidly with distance. At some point, the vehicles would stop, because the force pushing them apart would be less than the friction on the wheels.

Another factor comes into play. One of the magnets would tend to flip around, so that you have opposite poles attracting each other.

Try it with two magnets on a slippery surface.

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Direction of magnetic fields is incorrect

Topic: Magnetism


January 20, 2013

In your article, 'The Basics of Magnetism', your illustration of the earth's magnetic field is the wrong way around. The magnetic polarity of Magnetic North is south, and the magnetic polarity of Magnetic South is north. The terms, 'Magnetic North' and 'Magnetic South' are used to distinguish these LOCATIONS from 'True North' and 'True South', and do NOT describe their magnetic polarities. Therefore the lines of magnetic flux should be shown leaving the southern hemisphere and entering the northern hemisphere.

Adrian - Cyprus



Thanks for pointing the discrepancy.

There are conflicting views on the convention for the direction of the Earth's magnetic field. However, most agree with your viewpoint.

I've added a page to reflect that convention at: Confusion About the North Magnetic Pole.

Note that the circular images in The Basics of Magnetism represent charged particles, so the direction of the fields is correct.

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Classification of magentic materials

Topic: Magnetic Materials


January 8, 2013

how the materials are classified on the basis of magnetic properties?

vimal - India



Diamagnetic, Paramagnetic, and Ferromagnetic Materials should give you the information you need.

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