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by Ron Kurtus

A total of 189 comments and questions have been sent in. They are listed according to date.

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Noise Cancellation Can we implement noise cancellation using software India
Noise Cancellation Live on noisy road in Bombay India
Noise Cancellation Hospital has unhealthy noise levels USA
Sound Detection Using high frequency sound to detect explosives USA
Noise Cancellation Hearing vibration noise constantly Canada
Noise Cancellation Trying to cancel noise of running water in the walls USA
Noise Reduction Why can't noise be eliminated? India
Noise Reduction Why can't noise be eliminated? India
Sound Waves Can we produce electricity from sound? India
Noise Cancellation Trying to develop noise reduction for mobile phone India

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Can we implement noise cancellation using software

Topic: Noise Cancellation


February 10, 2011

can we implement noise cancellation using software(java). so people need to purchase only the software, which is more cost effective than ear buds or noise cancellation ear phone..

- India



I am sorry, but noise cancellation works by creating a sound wave that is opposite of the noise and thus cancels it out. The software can reverse the wave, but you still need a way to physically eliminate the sound.

However, it is good that you are thinking of new ways to solve the problem.

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Live on noisy road in Bombay

Topic: Noise Cancellation


February 3, 2011

I live on a road with very heavy traffic in Bombay. The roar is deafening. I keep the doors and windows on the road side closed. Still considerable sound filters through.
Can you suggest ways of eliminating this sound/noise. Thank you, Perin Notani

Perin - India



It is s difficult problem. That is why many people try to avoid living near busy roads.

You can reduce some of the noise by having thick drapes over the windows. Although some noise goes right through the walls. Some houses place a high fence in front to reduce noise, but that is not always possible.

You can try some noise reduction insulation, but I'm not sure it would help much.

Best wishes in solving your noise problem.

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Hospital has unhealthy noise levels

Topic: Noise Cancellation


January 17, 2011

I work in a hospital a place where noise is unhealthy. Is there any research being to to help hospitals with their noise problems

Christopher - USA



Noise reduction in hospitals is difficult, because of the necessity for hard, clean surfaces that unfortunately reflect sounds instead of absorbing them. However, there is no excuse not to muffle heating and cooling systems, as well as many of the larger medical instruments.

Your hospital administration should be aware of the problem.

Some websites to check include:

Best wishes in helping to solve the problem.

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Using high frequency sound to detect explosives

Topic: Sound Detection


October 26, 2010

We are in an engineering design course and are considering making a device that can detect explosive devices buried beneath the ground. We are fairly certain that these devices are non-metallic and we believe there must be a way to detect these objects. The detector should not be touching the ground and therefore the sound must travel through air as well as the ground. Would a high frequency sound be a good starting point for detecting the reflected signal?

David - USA



Ultrasound can be used to detect objects in a fluid environment, such as underwater, but using sound is not effective for underground devices because of the variations in the soil.

Most devices used to detect non-metallic explosives use radio waves or radar. Some devises detector molecules from the explosive materials.

One article on the subject is at:

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Hearing vibration noise constantly

Topic: Noise Cancellation


October 4, 2010

I am Gnana and living in a detached house. we bought this house almost four years and since then we have noise problem all day and night. it is a noise with some vibrating noise. I tried to solve this problem since then however, I could not find the source any where in the house. I went to attic area and searched for any clues but nothing found. we living in hell like atmosphere all day and night.

I tried couple of things to find out the source which were shut off the main power, shut off water, and gas line and checked whether we can hear any sound and still we heard it. I have no idea how to solve this hell problem. please help us to solve this matter if you can.

I can do anything if you suggest any kind of solution to solve the problem so feel free to help us.

Thank you for your time.


Gnana - Canada



It seems that since you have checked your house thoroughly, as well as such things as electrical power and water for vibrations and noise, that the sound must come from some outside source. Some people live in locations where they can hear busy highway noise from a great distance away. Another possibility is noise coming from some nearby building or machinery.

Start looking outside your house by walking around to see if you can tell what direction the sound is coming from. Try cupping your hands by your ears to enhance your hearing in a specific direction.

You can also ask your neighbors or people living nearby if they also have been hearing the vibration sounds. Such a noise can be annoying, but the first thing you need to do is to find the source.

Once you find out where the sound is coming from, you may be able to insulate the source or do something to insulate your house from noise by some acoustic materials.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes in solving your problem.

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Trying to cancel noise of running water in the walls

Topic: Noise Cancellation


September 17, 2010

Using noising cancellation software, how would one cancel out the sound of running water through pipes in the wall of an apartment and the sound of rain through the walls of an apartment building?? I'm a real novice at this stuff, but need to pull the conversation/voice audio out of a recording being made into a computer from a wall microphone for legal purposes.




Although noise canceling can use software, the major way it works is through hardwired circuitry. There are places that provide circuit design, but I am sure that is more than you want to get involved in.

Noise of water running can be caused by poor insulation of the piping or lack of noise insulation in the walls. Unfortunately, owners of apartments usually have a "take it or leave it" policy toward such things.

You might be able to record the sounds as part of your complaint.

One solution is to get a white noise generator that produces random noise to mask out annoying sounds. Some people use them to help fall asleep when the neighbor has the TV on too loud at night.

It is a tough problem. Best wishes in getting a solution.

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Why can't noise be eliminated?

Topic: Noise Reduction


September 10, 2010

noise can be reduced but can't be eliminated.Justify this statement

simranjit - India



If the sound or noise is a pure sine wave, it can be eliminated through an electronic device. See:

However, noise is typically highly complex, thus all the waveforms can not be completely eliminated.

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Why can't noise be eliminated?

Topic: Noise Reduction


September 10, 2010

noise can be reduced but can't be eliminated. Justify this statement

simranjit - India



If the noise is a pure sine wave, it can be eliminated 100%. There are devices that can eliminate most of the noise. See:

Noise is usually a highly complex waveform, thus it is difficult to completely eliminate it. In such a case, much of it can be reduced.

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Can we produce electricity from sound?

Topic: Sound Waves


August 24, 2010

can we produce electricity from sound, as because it may be a good suplement for our energy insufficence and also we know how sound are produced automobile.

swrang - India



A microphone produces a small electric current from the sound waves. You can make a similar device on a larger scale, where the sound vibrates a loudspeaker cone and creates the electricity.

Since sound does not have much energy, the amount of electricity created is small and must be amplified to be used.

However, it is good to think of various new sources to create electricity. Wind and water waves have more power and can do a better job at turning an electrical generator.

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Trying to develop noise reduction for mobile phone

Topic: Noise Cancellation


August 10, 2010

Sir, I am trying to develop a device which when connected to a mobile phone reduces the noise and only the spoken words are heard. I am unable to know how to start with. please give me an idea. Device has to cancel the outside noise like noise in traffic etc

- India



There are devices available that help cancel noise when using a mobile phone. Usually, a headset is necessary. See:

The headset is usually necessary, to prevent outside noise from entering the ears.

Best wishes in your efforts.

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