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by Ron Kurtus

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General Electrostatic induction and rice India
Basics Where do charges go? Zimbabwe
Basics of Static Electricity Using static electricity to charge phone Egypt
Uses for Static Electricity References on electrostatic painting Egypt
Static Electric Materials New Triboelectric idea USA
Static Electricity Suggested experiment USA
Electrostatic Induction More electrons than protons Phillippines
Reducing Static Electricity Shocks Reducing static on a trampoline USA
Electrostatic Induction Charge created when rubbing materials together Pakistan
Reducing Static Electricity Shocks Camera acts up from static electricity Canada

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Electrostatic induction and rice

Topic: General


September 5, 2017

Hello sir...

Electrostatic induction or electrostatic generator that can stick with plain dry rice or not ???

daksha - India



An example of rice being affected by static electricity can be explained in Rice grains sticking to a polythene bag.

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Where do charges go?

Topic: Basics


July 21, 2017

where does the charges go when an object losses its static charges.

snobbo - Zimbabwe



Objects usually lose static charges on their surfaces by coming near an object with opposite charges. For example, if an object has negative (-) charges on its surface, and an object with an excess of positive (+) charges comes close, the negative electrons will jump to join with the positive charged ions to neutralize the charge.

Remember that a stable atom has a positive nucleus and negative charged electrons in orbit around the outside.

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Using static electricity to charge phone

Topic: Basics of Static Electricity


February 24, 2017

if i somehow generated this static electricity, how would i use it for turning on something ?
and how much electricity needed to make a phone charger work for example ?

nada - Egypt



Static electricity is static and does not move like DC or AC electricity.

Most phone chargers use alternating current (AC) electricity to charge the batteries. However, there are some new chargers that use the wireless electricity signals to charge the batteries.

Static electricity can be used to generate sparks. That might be able to turn something on. But also, the sparks can cause damage to electrical devices.

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References on electrostatic painting

Topic: Uses for Static Electricity


February 20, 2017

I am Working on A project On High Voltage Engineering and i need any Reference talking about Electrostatic Painting
Best Regards

Mahmoud - Egypt



Some websites explaining the basics of electrostatic painting are:

Electrostatic coating

Electrostatic Spray Painting Basics Explained

How Does Electrostatic Spraying Work?

I hope that helps. Best wishes for success in your project.

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New Triboelectric idea

Topic: Static Electric Materials


February 20, 2017

Good Day to you sir,I have taken an interest on your webpage because I also work on Triboelectric generation techniques of my own that are considered totally outside of the box thinking. If you would be interested, I would very much like a moment of your time. THANK YOU

Benjamin - USA



It is good that you are coming up with some new applications.

I'm not sure if I could help you, but I'd be glad to take a look at your idea.

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Suggested experiment

Topic: Static Electricity


February 18, 2017

In answer to the Cambodia teacher. I taught math/science camp. Retired math teacher. Shred tissue paper up into tiny pieces, use a plastic notebook binder sheet to pick up shreds with static electricity, kids k-12 love the experiment, plus it's cheap. MK BS M Ed. I even had Pre-K students try it.

Martha - USA



Thanks for the suggestion. I'll pass it on.

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More electrons than protons

Topic: Electrostatic Induction


January 12, 2017

what is the overall charge of an object that has 18 more electrons than protons?

jeffrey - Phillippines



Negative ions may have a few more electrons than protons. It would be very unusual to have 18 more electrons than protons. However, since electrons have a -1 charge, the overall charge of the object would be negative 18 or -18.

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Reducing static on a trampoline

Topic: Reducing Static Electricity Shocks


December 23, 2016

My trampoline has a safety net surrounding it.I put my water hose on jet spray and cleaned the net.That got rid of the static instantly. Now the kids can play on it in peace. The accumulation of dust on the screen was the problem.

Ernestine - USA



Thanks you for your information on solving the problem of build-up of static electricity on a trampoline.

I am sure our readers will appreciate knowing about your method.

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Charge created when rubbing materials together

Topic: Electrostatic Induction


October 16, 2016

What charge will be created on following bodies when we rub them against each other
1-metal vs metal
2-insulator vs insulator
3-metal vs insulator

israr khan - Pakistan



Much depends on which metals and insulators are used. See Materials that Cause Static Electricity for a list of materials and how well they attract or give up electrons.

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Camera acts up from static electricity

Topic: Reducing Static Electricity Shocks


October 1, 2016

It seems that static electricity from my body is causing my camera to crash(freeze) and my viewfinder and screen to function abnormally (become pixelated with flashing bands of colour). Does this make sense? If so what can I do? (Photography is my serious hobby).

Lou - Canada



It is unusual but certainly possible that excess static electricity is causing problems with the electronics in your camera. One thing you can try is to ground yourself before trying to take a picture by touching some metal object. Also, try to avoid polyester clothes when taking pictures. Dry skin on some materials can create static electricity in your body.

I hope these ideas help. Let me know how things turn out. And best wishes with your hobby.

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