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Feedback Comments on Thermal Energy

by Ron Kurtus

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Heat Transfer on Earth Why solar radiation heats the ground Nigeria
Temperature Measurement Types of thermometers Pakistan
Thermal Insulation Teaching 7 and 8 year olds about insulation UK
Thermodynamics Prevent heat exchangers from icing up UK
Heat Transfer on Earth Why doesn't the Earth's temperature go up from the sun? USA
Heat Transfer This should be more fun USA
Heat Transfer Quiz boring for me New Zealand
Heat Why do the floorboards creak at night? Ireland
Thermal Insulation Confused about thernal radiation UK
Heat What is the value of thermal energy India

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Why solar radiation heats the ground

Topic: Heat Transfer on Earth


February 4, 2010

pls kindly sent me the need why solar radiation comes to the land to fall as heat

Abdallah - Nigeria



When light from the Sun hits the ground, much of the light is absorbed in the material, giving it energy and thus heating it up. The same thing happens when you feel the heat from the light of a fire.

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Types of thermometers

Topic: Temperature Measurement


February 3, 2010

types of tamprature thermometer

ADESH - Pakistan



The page lists various types of thermometers to measure temperature.

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Teaching 7 and 8 year olds about insulation

Topic: Thermal Insulation


January 17, 2010

Your information on insulation was very helpful.

I am teaching 7 and 8 year olds about insulation and wanted to role play the effect of insulation and materials that are poor or good insulators, do you have any suggestions on how to show it?I was using the children to be a warm or cold product and then some to be a material and show effect.
Thanks for any ideas you might suggest.

jennie - UK



The role of clothing in protecting you from heat or cold is one good exercise for the children. Putting on a pair pf gloves and then holding an ice cube or getting near to a heater can show the insulation effect. Then try to same thing with a thin cotton cloth wrapped around the hand.

Likewise, holding a paper cup with warm or cold water in it can be compared to holding a better insulating cup.

I hope this helps. Best wishes in your demonstration.

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Prevent heat exchangers from icing up

Topic: Thermodynamics


January 6, 2010

it should be possible to use electrostatics to prevent heat exchangers from icing up in crogenic applications.

I.E, ware a super cooled gas is being warmed to ambient temperatures
using the temperature of the air, if the incoming air is drawn through a wire mesh at high tention and the heat exchager behind it is similarly charged then the water in the air as it condenses should be prevented from lodging onto the heat exchanger by mutal charge repelsion and so maintain the efficency of the heat exchanger.

- UK



Thanks for your thoughts on that topic.

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Why doesn't the Earth's temperature go up from the sun?

Topic: Heat Transfer on Earth


December 14, 2009

If the average temperature on the earth's surface is above 300 K, why doesn't the earth's temperature go above 300 K as it intercepts the sun's energy? Thank you<

Erin - USA



The Earth's surface temperature increases when the sun is shining on it, but then much of that heat is radiated into space during the evening hours. Although the temperature goes up and down between day and night and with the seasons, it still maintains an average temperature, due to radiating the excess into space

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This should be more fun

Topic: Heat Transfer


November 23, 2009

i dont like this i think we need more fun like math class you allow sick me i think cory needs more fun because he is a geek

sam - USA



Sorry that this is not fun for you. It is intended to help you in your studies. If you and Cory do your studies quickly, then you will have more time for doing fun things outside of school.

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Quiz boring for me

Topic: Heat Transfer


November 10, 2009

your quiz is really stupid and boring it needs more questions and abit harder the quiz is too easy to do because you just click each button and see which one is right .you should just be able to click the answer that you think is right and then move on to the next one then you should show the correct and incorrect answers when you have finished the qiuz.

Jesse - New Zealand



I'm sorry you found the quiz boring. It probably is too easy for you. We do have harder graded tests available for most science subjects.

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Why do the floorboards creak at night?

Topic: Heat


October 1, 2009

why do the floorboards creak at night when heat is turned off? why is water not used as a liquid in thermometers?

moll - Ireland



Wood expands when heated and contracts when it cools. A tight fit of the wooden boards can cause creaking as it changes size. You notice the creaking more in the quiet of the night than in the daytime.

Water freezes at 0 degrees C, so it would not be useful to measure temperatures outside in the winter. They rather use red-colored alcohol in most thermometers, because it can be used at many temperatures.

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Confused about thernal radiation

Topic: Thermal Insulation


September 25, 2009

I found you page on thermal insulation very helpful, so thank you but I am confused about how you say that "thermal radiation (heat) cannot pass through a vacuum", but if we receive heat from sun, through space, which I have been told is a vacuum.
Thanks for your help,

Anna - UK



The paragraph where I mention that heat cannot pass through a vacuum was on thermal conduction, which requires matter. This form of heat comes from moving molecules.

The paragraph on "Insulation from radiation" concerns thermal radiation, and that can pass through a vacuum. However, the reflective coatings in a thermos are used to reflect thermal radiation.

Note that heat can be transferred by convection, conduction and radiation.

Perhaps I should clarify the paragraph on heat, so there is no misunderstanding.

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What is the value of thermal energy

Topic: Heat


September 8, 2009

Consider an object with 100 degree celcius ,then what is the value of thermal energy ..?




See Thermal Energy is Total Kinetic Energy at:

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