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by Ron Kurtus

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Wave Motion Can sound be converted into electricity? India
Waveform Noise Doing noise research USA
Waves Are their sound dead spots in a sanctuary? USA
Wave Motion Wants to know about water waves for a project USA
Waves Why is surfing better in some places than others? USA
Waves Wants to do project with waves USA
Waveform Noise Can we convert noise into electricity? India
Wave Motion What is the frequency of the waves? Philippines
Wave Motion Human cells vibrating and resonance USA
Wave Motion What is the frequency of viruses? USA

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Can sound be converted into electricity?

Topic: Wave Motion


February 21, 2007

Can sound be converted into electricity

sunil - India



When a sound wave strikes a microphone, the sound is converted into electricity, which then can be played back to re-create the same sound.

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Doing noise research

Topic: Waveform Noise


February 5, 2007

My we have permission to use your graphic "Random waveform of white noise" from as a thumbnail illustration to go with a web page we are building on noise research? Please advise ASAP.

Many thanks, Joseph Blumberg,
Manager of Science Communications,
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Joseph - USA



Yes, you can use the graphics from our webpage. Let us know when you complete your material on noise research, so that we can use it as a resource link.

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Are their sound dead spots in a sanctuary?

Topic: Waves


January 24, 2007

In a sanctuary that uses speakers located at each front corner to convey sound is there a difference (other than a decrease in loudness) if one sits in say, the 4th row versus the 14th row? Are there such things as 'dead spots.'

James - USA



Many rooms, such as sanctuaries, worked well designed for having loudspeakers. What happens in such a rule is that sound is reflected off the walls, such that certain areas will have increased intensity of sound, while in other areas there may be dead spots where the sound waves cancel each other out.

Of course, the sound quality is different when the room is full of people as compared to an empty room.

Drapes, rugs, and other sound absorbing materials will reduce reflections and improve the sound quality.

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Wants to know about water waves for a project

Topic: Wave Motion


December 13, 2006

I am a student in the seventh grade and have to do a science fair project. My project is, "Does the amount of water affect the size of a wave?" I can't find many resources on that exact topic. Your website could be one of my sources, but I was wondering if you could add anything about the topic I choose or maybe email me some information on the topic. I would really appreciate it and I hope you can response.




It is not the amount of water that affects a water wave. Instead, it is the depth of the water. You have seen how water waves will get higher as they come closer to the shore. That is because the water is getting shallower.

You could do an experiment with a pan of water that gets more shallow on one end. But it is not easy to show that in a small pan.

See: for an explanation.

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Why is surfing better in some places than others?

Topic: Waves


October 30, 2006

I really like your website it has given me a great opportunity to learn more about science. I would like to know, when you are surfing why is the surf or why are the surface waves better in some places than others?

Marnie - USA



Surface waves change with the rate of the inclination of the ground at the bottom of the water. They get higher as the water becomes more shallow. Another factor is the direction of the waves with respect to the inclination.

Some places have just the right combination of factors to make the waves better for surfing.

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Wants to do project with waves

Topic: Waves


October 1, 2006

I want to know about wave like how to do with science fair what do i need or
any things that you think can help me to do science project.
Thank you very much

sara - USA



What sort of waves do you want to have for a project? Sound waves, light waves or water waves?

Then consider whether you want to demonstrate or show something happening or if you want to make some measurements to prove an idea.

A simple experiment with water waves is to take a large baking pan and put some water in it. When the water is still, you can dip your finger in one end to show how the water waves travel in circles from your finger. Then put some object in the water, half way across and show how the waves are reflected off the object.

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Can we convert noise into electricity?

Topic: Waveform Noise


July 25, 2006

can we convert noise into electricity? if yes then how? which equipment is used? give me the basic information about this plz...

pankaj - India



A microphone converts sound into electricity. This would include the irregular sound of noise.

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What is the frequency of the waves?

Topic: Wave Motion


June 12, 2006

A boat tied to a post is rocked by waves 12 m. apart and with a speed of 3m/sec.
a. What is the frequency of the waves?
b. What is the period of the wave?

Rona - Philippines



Frequency = velocity/wavelength. The wavelength = 12m and velocity = 3m/s.

Period = 1/Frequency

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Human cells vibrating and resonance

Topic: Wave Motion


May 5, 2006

1. When human cells are vibrating and healthy is the wave travelling back and forth continuously or is the wave going in one direction only??

2. If one object resonates with another substance what does that exactly mean? Does it have the same frequency and amplitude of wavelength as the other substance? What exactly increases when something resonates with another?

thankyou for your help!!

David - USA



The walls of some cells seem to vibrate when it is producing energy. But I am not aware of human cells vibrating or having a waveform in them under normal conditions. If they did vibrate, it probably would be a fluctuation in size, with a waving moving inward toward the center from all directions and then outward.

Resonance is when the wavelength is the same length as the object. This causes the waves to reinforce and increase the sound at that wavelength. Blowing across a bottle with different levels of water will cause resonance of different sound frequencies.

Other vibrations can also cause a resonance or building up at the given frequency. Bridges have started to vibrate at a resonant frequency that build up so much that the bridge fell apart.

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What is the frequency of viruses?

Topic: Wave Motion


April 25, 2006

Assuming everything on earth has it's own wave form, hertz, or frequency, has anyone isolated the frequencies of viruses that cause diseases such as anthrax, smallpox, or bird flu? If so where can I acess this information?

Larry - USA



At the sub-atomic level, particles can be described as waves. But for normal objects, they do not have a single electromagnetic waveform or frequency. Some items will mechanically vibrate at a resonant frequency of sound.

It is possible to kill viruses with certain electromagnetic wave frequencies, such as microwaves or x-rays. Also, ultrasonic waves can destroy viruses.

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