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by Ron Kurtus

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Wave Motion What are longitudinal waves? Singapore
Wave Motion Why do clouds block electromagnetic waves? Pakistan
Wave Motion Waves traveling in a vacuum Pakistan
Wave Motion Waves reaching the beach India
Wave Motion Is there a way to make a car propelled by sound? USA
Waveform Noise Wants to create electricity from noise pollution India
Wave Motion Difference between longitudinal and transvese waves Tanzania
Wave Motion Examples of various waves Nigeria
Wave Motion Had 7 answers wrong and don't understand the concepts India
Wave Motion Waves in undergroungd earthquake Kenya

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What are longitudinal waves?

Topic: Wave Motion


December 1, 2009

1.What are longitudinal waves and transverse waves? Examples?
2.Differences between light waves and sound waves.

qing - Singapore



A longitudinal wave is also called a compression wave. In a transverse wave the material moves sideways back and forth. The lesson of the wave motion shows illustrations of both waves.

Light waves concerned vibration of all electromagnetic fields, while sound waves are vibrations in matter. See our lessons on both subjects.

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Why do clouds block electromagnetic waves?

Topic: Wave Motion


November 2, 2009

what is electromagnetic waves? why there is no need of medium in electromagnetic waves?if there is no need of medium in this waves then in cloudy day why the sun waves cannot arrived on earth. please tel me earlier. my English is weak sorry.

Mubashar - Pakistan



See our lesson on Electromagnetic Waves at:

It is uncertain how the waves travel through space. Perhaps it is a distortion in space, acting like a material.

Clouds block visible light, but other electromagnetic waves pass through clouds, such as infrared, radio and television waves.

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Waves traveling in a vacuum

Topic: Wave Motion


August 10, 2009

dear sir,
tell me what are the waves in vacuum either transverse or compressional

yusra - Pakistan



Sound waves to not travel in a vacuum, but light or electromagnetic waves do. Those waves are transverse waves.

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Waves reaching the beach

Topic: Wave Motion


May 12, 2009

Q1 There is a series of waves reaching to a beach.If the two waves are at a distance of 40 meters and they are reaching at a 20 seconds time apart .Then:
1. what is the speed of waves
2. time period

surbhi - India



If you mean that the waves are 40 meters apart and they reach the shore 20 seconds apart, then their velocity is v = d/t = 40/20 = 2 m/sec.

The period is the time between waves = 20 sec.

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Is there a way to make a car propelled by sound?

Topic: Wave Motion


April 17, 2009

Is there a way to make a sound car? A car that can be fueled by sound?

Kalvin - USA



The big problem is that normal sound transmits very little energy. If you stand near the loudspeakers when a band is playing loud music, you can feel the pressure from the sound waves. But it wouldn't be enough to propel a car. On the other hand, the sound of an explosion would have enough energy to move a car, but it lasts for only a fraction of a second.

But it is a worthy goal to try to fuel or propel a car with something other that gasoline.

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Wants to create electricity from noise pollution

Topic: Waveform Noise


March 19, 2009

I am trying to prepare a project to convert noise pollution into electricity. I would be grateful if you could help me doing that.
thank you.

jaisleen - India



Noise is simply unpleasant and unwanted sound. You can use the vibrations from the sound waves to create electricity, similar to how a microphone creates electricity, except on a larger scale.

Sound will cause a large loudspeaker cone to vibrate, creating electricity. It is using the loudspeaker in reverse. If you placed a loudspeaker near some loud noise pollution, you will get an electrical signal or current. Use a voltmeter to verify that.

The big problem is to create enough electricity to be useful. Noise pollution is annoying, but the energy from noise pollution is low and thus the amount of electricity would be low.

But it is a worthwhile project. Just getting started on it, you may find better ways to create electricity. Best wishes in your project.

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Difference between longitudinal and transvese waves

Topic: Wave Motion


March 17, 2009

what are difference between longtudinal wave and transivese wave

emma - Tanzania



A longitudinal wave moves back and forth, while a transverse wave moves side to side. A water wave has its crests moving up and down, or side to side. A sound wave created by a loudspeaker that vibrates back and forth.

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Examples of various waves

Topic: Wave Motion


February 4, 2009

give 10 example of mechanical wave and 10 examples of electromagnetic wave

michael - Nigeria



A water wave, vibrations from a fan, an earthquake are examples of mechanical waves. Radio waves, x-rays, and visible light are examples of electromagnetic waves.

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Had 7 answers wrong and don't understand the concepts

Topic: Wave Motion


December 7, 2008

I have given a test on this site regarding sound waves . My 7 answers are wrong I dont know the concepts in those questions how can i learn it .I want to sugest that please try to give explanations for all questions after finishing the test.

rajesh - India



Did you take the graded test at:

For incorrect answers, the test gives the correct answer. You can refer to the list of lessons to review the material and the explanations.

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Waves in undergroungd earthquake

Topic: Wave Motion


November 4, 2008

If a massive rock fractures underground & sets of tremors how would one rep the longitudinal waves moving to the surface and what happens to the movable bodies at that point?

Richard - Kenya



A good animation of how the land moves in an earthquake can be seen at:

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